They say~"And like the moon we must go through phases to become whole again"

The boys teach me there's no end to giving, be it respect, love, care, support, we can always give more.
They taught me to soar higher than the eyes can see, to get our wings strong enough for our dreams, to get lost sometimes and then find our way back home.

Welcome to my profile, I write bts TaeJin fanfics, although I've no sour feelings for all the other ships and actually enjoy all of them!

***But they are just ... too adorable to not write about***

Avid reader, I read almost everything and anything that catches my attention...So you'll find loads of bts ffs in my reading lists!

So....thanks for stopping by I guess!

á na márië
(It's elvish meaning~ I wish you well)


#I do not allow any translation of my works#
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