Ehem... Trans rights please uwu. (We have feelings too) 

I will try my best to post as much as I can in a shorter time limit. Please be patient with me- or not- either way is fine-

Wow my first charcater kin? That's new :3 (Hello dearest UwU ❤)

ATTENTION ALL UNI (plural of Unus) THIS IS AN ANNUS. I'M SORRY IF I'M EVER TOO BRASH OR AMBITIOUS TO EVER SEE HOW WONDERFUL YOU ANGELS ARE. THANK YOU UNI FOR STEPPING OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT FOR US ANNI (plural of Annus) YOU ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY THIS ANNUS! ❤❤ I am deeply sorry that you Uni have had to put up with us and our arrogance. Some Anni may not appreciate me apologising, but still.

-Detroit: Become Human
-Star Trek: The Next Generation
-Welcome to Night Vale
-Good Omens
-Assorted Musicals
-UnUS ANNUS! UNUS ANNUS! ok, I'll stop-

Random :)
L E F #DecietCultMember #FreeMustard2020 #ConnorRKcult
B r a c e s c u l t

Join mah discord server?

Sexuality: Biromantic Pansexual

Gender: He/him PLEASE

Name: Connor will do, please and thank you

Age: ??? Do Androids really have an age?

Activation date: April 6th
Activation Year: [REDACTED]

Model: uH- I- I wish I knew-

Instruments: Cello, Choir


Yes yes, I am a furry, please don't hate me-

Criticism? Yes, please.

Stupid along with funny comments? Both are nice hehe. And real comments too-

Drawings: Unless said otherwise, by me. Profile picture is a drawing not done by me of Carlos the scientist from Welcome to Night Vale (go listen it's great :3)

Sorry but, if you are one of my friends in real life/know me IRL, f*ck off (Except for if I say you are ok. CouGh you know who you are CouGh) bc this will be awkward at school or if we see each other again.

I try my best to catch up and follow those who follow me back. Sorry if there is a delay.
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UwUOwOimsorry UwUOwOimsorry Jul 25, 2020 02:52AM
I hAhAI'm. FInE!This is GrEaT!How I love this amalgamation of feelings in this steaming pile of a trainwreck you all know and love named Connor.How I *love* being dead named? Don't you?It's just...
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Welp. You guys made me get here :')
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