Hello! I'm Rift, proud member of the Warrior Lovers Team. I am currently doing one book at a time, so I will have a minimum amount of books for now! Thank you for reading my book. 'Nothing Can Change'. I've had quite the feedback that has made me so happy. If you like my books, feel free to follow me, or message me! Sorry if I don't respond though, Internet isn't exactly my life! Here are some cool copy and paste stuffs!
Normal People: Say Months
Warriors Fans: Say Moons
Normal People: Call them autumn, winter, spring, summer
Warriors Fans: Call them leaf-fall, leaf-bare, new-leaf, greenleaf
Normal People: Think black cat's are a sign of bad luck
Warriors Fans: Think black cats are brave warriors
Normal People: Say we are humans.
Warriors Fans: Say they are Twolegs
Normal People: Say Milky-Way
Warriors Fans: Say Silverpelt
Normal People: Think poor kitty if they see a cat missing an eye
Warriors Fans: Think BRIGHTHEART!!! if they see a cat missing an eye
Normal People: See a bold orange cat think WOW!
Warriors Fans: See a bold orange cat think FIRESTAR!!!
Normal People: Would Ignore This
Warriors Fans: Would Re-Post This On Their Profile Pages
тrυѕт yoυr leader wιтн all yoυr нearт
ғollow yoυr depυтy wιтн reѕpecт and loyalтy
love everyвody lιĸe a мedιcιne caт, ready тo нelp and lead
learn lιĸe an apprenтιce wнo doeѕn'т ĸnow everyтнιng
proтecт oтнerѕ aѕ ιғ yoυ were a qυeen proтecтιng yoυr ĸιтѕ
wonder lιĸe a ĸιт, wιтн advenтυre waιтιng aт every тυrn...
тнaт ιѕ тнe way oғ a warrιor.
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Wow. A year later and here i am. Thank you guys for bearing with angsty 12 y/o me? haha what the fuck. Some updates about me and social medias where you can reach me :) -- I write @/PeacefulPeko now...
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