Lover of Snarry, Shameless, cats over dogs, Kit Kat bars, Gourmet Makes on YouTube, and hot chocolate, among other things. While not British, most of my stories on here are based across the pond, and I myself have been studying that particular country since the age of ten.

I am 28-year-old, left-handed, American Democrat, who is from Washington State, born and raised in Seattle, and living in Port Townsend. My Hogwarts House is Gryffindor, while my Ilvermorny House is Thunderbird, my Patronus is a Calico Cat, and my wand is Ash wood with a Unicorn Hair core, 10 ¾" and quite bendy flexibility, all four stated by Pottermore. Belle is my favorite Disney princess, with "Beauty and the Beast" (live action and animated) and the "Frozen" saga being my favorite films from that company. My favorite Pixar film is likely a toss-up between "Brave" and "Ratatouille". I am a SpongeBob fan, but it is plain to see that season one was the strongest season, although seasons two, three, and four were also enjoyable.

I also like - in no particular order - Wes Anderson films; Tudor and Plantagenet history facts and information; the paintings of Hans Holbein and John William Waterhouse, with oil being my favorite medium (what else?); snowy weather; collecting Russian nesting dolls (I have over two dozen, including some boys) or going antiquing; Cheerios; baked macaroni and cheese; red roses; novels by Philippa Gregory; and my favorite painting is The Lady and the Unicorn, which decorated the Gryffindor Common Room in the "Harry Potter" films (I even have a copy of the tapestry).

My YouTube profile is under the username Originella, just like on here, where I make Harry Potter music videos, movie trailer spoofs, and several other video genres.

If you want to know any more information about me, feel free to ask! Happy reading and writing, my lovelies!
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