2000 characters, but I have a lot to say.

Okay, one my name is Devolution I go by nothing else.

I have had an interest in writing storys and poetry since my school years but have never really pursued it.
I have read alot of Steven King books and appreciate the film adaptations of them, I also really like the story's told in Tim Burtons film. I guess you could say I like the darker side of writing.

As for my personal experiences, I do have an old wattpad account with some short story's on it as well as some poetry, if you do find it bare in mind it's really old now.

I like to write from other people's perspectives on subjects that we don't see often, these can be dark or joyful, but I write like this to help people better understand personal and psychological issues that may arise in everyday life.

As for the poetry aspect, I draw alot of inspiration from rap artists, the ones who are good at what they do are capable of using English literature techniques in there works, I really like this subtle aspect they achieve when using, entendre, alliteration and homonyms in there pieces.

If you did take the time to read all of this please comment on my wall 'Redrum' and I will do my best to reply to everyone thanks.

I have a story in the works at the moment, it's a time travel concept story so bare with me while I get my head around any paradoxes and Loop holes I need to fix. I will try to get each part out around a month apart from each other, as well as that I will post poems these will be posted individually and them made into collections after a while.

If I miss a set deadline the piece that's meant to be out isn't finished to a standard I'm happy with so please be patient with me for that.
I may release a prologue before Xmas but only if I get followers from my current works.

(This bio will be updated regularly please check for any updates I will also post notifications onto my wall)
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