The Viking's Bride by NikkyMaxwell
The Viking's Bride by NikkyMaxwell
Valin is a young girl who lived peacefully, that was until she was ripped away from everything she knew and tossed into a world of love, lies, lust, heart break and betr...
  • viking
  • lust
  • violence
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My viKING by jendestinee
My viKING by jendestinee
Iona is a princess who dwells in the spoils of life, considering her simplicity yet ravaging demeanor. One day, everything changed when a group of vikings step foot on t...
  • historicalfiction
  • hiddenidentity
  • slavery
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The Scarred Viking's Bride by Bookworm_Beauty96
The Scarred Viking's Bride by Kass🌹
The ruthless Jarl of the rumored cold-blooded Dahlsten clan. A young maiden of the southern Haraldsson clan. Two individuals from very different worlds. One night that...
  • possessive
  • marriage
  • historicalfiction
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Viking's Tribute by JVernis
Viking's Tribute by Jany Vernis
At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Vikin...
  • forced-marriage
  • wattys2017
  • viking
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A Viking's Catch (Book One of the Sogn Series) by foreverhopeful
A Viking's Catch (Book One of the... by Savannah K. Vining
When Vikings are seen off the shore of a small town in Ireland, seventeen year old, Clare, is determined to drive them away. Being clever and strong-willed, she makes a...
  • clary
  • brave
  • mystery
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Priestess by AmberArgyle
Priestess by Amber Argyle
For decades, Ara's kingdom has suffered from a bloody invasion. Generations of gifted men and women have been murdered by assassins in order to cripple their armies. One...
  • fantasy
  • sword
  • paranormal
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Viking Summer by greerbooks
Viking Summer by greerbooks
Elsbeth already knows what life has in store for her, and it certainly doesn't involve Taran. He must've proposed to her a hundred times, but no matter how she feels ab...
  • norse
  • history
  • slave
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The Viking's Witch (girlxgirl) by Bre3tt
The Viking's Witch (girlxgirl) by Bre3tt
The first time Thorn saw her she was clad in nothing but the moonlit mist and the midnight cloud of her lustrous hair. From that moment Thorn the Relentless knew she had...
  • fanfic
  • medieval
  • magic
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The Beauty and the Boneless by Mitikiwostky
The Beauty and the Boneless by Milady Zafiro
After becoming a prisoner to the invaders who sacked her home, a girl is taken overseas to be sold as a slave. There she finds refuge at the arms of ruthless Ivar the Bo...
  • romance
  • ragnarlothbrok
  • fanfiction
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Her Viking by Jalisha_Love
Her Viking by Jalisha Vega
Mariana moves from the U.S. to Norway, wanting to leave her old life and start a new one. Just like the mountains in Norway, love has a way of vining itself into your he...
  • viking
  • distant
  • shy
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A Viking's Hope by MadH07
A Viking's Hope by MadH07
Hope Davis è un 17enne che per per festeggiare la fine dell'anno scolastico si fa trascinare dal suo migliore amico in un locale gay il "Roxette" Devon Mil...
  • gay
  • sculacciate
  • bigfamily
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Calanthe by emu_on_the_loose
Calanthe by emmaoxo
When she was only six summers old Calanthe was orphaned and taken as a slave to Lord Hereric in Britian. She was partially adopted by two workers that managed the Lord's...
  • warrior
  • saved
  • banished
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Weaknesses Can Be Strengths (Ivar The Boneless Fanfiction) by Sydney3027
Weaknesses Can Be Strengths (Ivar... by Sydney C
Halfrid was a bit different, maybe that's why she got along with Ivar The Boneless. She couldn't feel fear, making her family having to protect her from harm. But they c...
  • lagertha
  • sigurd
  • hvitserk
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Httyd : The Stolen Boy by Not_So_Cute_Kittycat
Httyd : The Stolen Boy by Not_so_cute_kittycat
When Hiccup was just a baby, he was kidnapped. He grew up with dragons and has never had human contact. Because of this ,he has lost his human side and can only talk wit...
  • httyd
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • dragon
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Knight Male Reader X For Honor by QuantumDrifter
Knight Male Reader X For Honor by QuantumKing
(Name) Jonathan was born in a large kingdom life was peaceful until a legion in black attack it destroying everything and everyone he love. Now he shall search for the p...
  • forhonor
  • love
  • fiction
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Stranger To Me by AnonymouslyAussie
Stranger To Me by AnonymouslyAussie
Imagine being traded to a man who has been said to ruin a women so much in one night that she could never have another. Freya didn't have to imagine She had been. I DO...
  • ruthless
  • dominant
  • strong
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The Vikings Wife by SFHBill
The Vikings Wife by SFHBill
Clare O'Brien has always lived a sheltered life in her parents castle, in Ireland. She's only ever gone as far as the gates. So what happens when in exchange for the saf...
  • love
  • danes
  • norwegian
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Once Upon A December ➳ The Vampire Diaries by -thecousinmiguel
Once Upon A December ➳ The Vampire... by Barnes & Noble
"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another." [Season One - Season Five] ...
  • kolmikaelson
  • elenastwin
  • damonsalvatore
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Hell In Her Soul - Elijah Mikaelson - by Nanuri
Hell In Her Soul - Elijah Mikaelso... by Nanuri
A thousand years ago the story of a family that would become legendary began. But also the story of a girl named after the goddess of death - Hela. Being abandoned by he...
  • viking
  • past
  • klaus
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