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Genshin Impact X BNHA by hirai_yuko
Genshin Impact X BNHAby 平井 優子
"What the fuck" Aether says, which is appropriate for the situation as they just crash-landed from the sky and into this weird-looking world that he and Lumine...
Our Thorned Fate by SacielArakawa
Our Thorned Fateby Saciel Arakawa
Childe, the best mystical creatures hunter in Harbinger spent his youth to kill vampires, especially the uncontrollable one who love to hunt innocent people. Zhongli, th...
ChiLi omegaverse fanfic🌶 Childe x Zhongli. by SoniTheAlbinoBat
ChiLi omegaverse fanfic🌶 Childe x...by SoniTheAlbinoBat
just some random shitty writing Art arent mine credits to artist Genshin impact omegaverse high school AU. Nineteen years old omega trasferrer student from Liuye Zhongl...
Divinity in mortal | Childe x Zhongli by zesanako
Divinity in mortal | Childe x Zhon...by zesanako
Zhongli decides to plan the demise of Rex Lapis in order to pass the command of the national order to the humanity, especially to Liyue Qixing. For this purpose, he deci...
Bitched by sunnugget0
Bitchedby sunnugget0
Childe was known alpha who took a strong liking to trouble especially with omegas. He viewed himself as more superior than them. He slept around here and there. Diluc an...
Genshin Impact Chatfics  by haikyuuluvs
Genshin Impact Chatfics by haikyuuluvs
yeah um I created cause I did a line of coke 😁 but here are the ships being featured in this chaotic asf fanfic 😶 if y'all have a problem with my ships then please jus...
3 Archons In MHA by Random_Cassidy
3 Archons In MHAby Cassidy
During their annual archon meetup Venti decides to bring him and his friends on a little trip whilst being unable to maintain his curiosity. Ships: No ships for MHA char...
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia x Zhong Li) by ShaShlichoG
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia...by dilf228
...- A-ah~,- moans echoed through the bedroom.- Zh-zhong Li...~ The brown-haired stopped for a while. He slightly pulled out his d!ck, from which Tartaglia quietly, but...
truth serum (oneshot) by raidenshogunishot
truth serum (oneshot)by raiden shogun
zhongli x childe oneshot
Pre-identity reveal Zhongchilemon  ZhongliXChilde by RNBugui
Pre-identity reveal Zhongchilemon...by 小心大愛
pre identity reveal, zhongchi lemon. possesion, branding, precum, cum, sex, smut,
⊰爱⊱ by uhwhatis_sosus
⊰爱⊱by uhwhatis_sosus
"am I your wallet"~💧 . . "yes"~🔶 . . . . Childe is top im sorry top Zhongli wanters (this is my fav ship in genshin btw) 爱 = love in chinese (ài)
Where Water Meets Rock by TheTravellerGaming
Where Water Meets Rockby The Traveller Gaming
Genshin story in which the characters are in high school. All the characters (excluding teachers) are 17/18 years old. I hope you enjoy!
Arranged Marriage * Zhongli x Childe* by Yourlilteehee
Arranged Marriage * Zhongli x Chil...by Yourlilteehee
Childe being the prince of Snezhnaya, was at the age to marry. He had to find a partner as soon as possible for it's forbidden for a King to possibly rule alone. So, he...
Two Queens in a King-sized Bed (Beiguang Royal AU) by LeGays
Two Queens in a King-sized Bed (Be...by Urlocal messed up family
A Royal AU, where Crown Princess Ningguang of Liyue has to marry King Zhongli in order to become Queen, but little does her family know that, Ningguang just wants to mar...
Childe X Zhongli (smut!) by xonnixangel
Childe X Zhongli (smut!)by xonnixangel
This is my first time writing a Zhongli X Childe fanfic and I don't write a lot of smut, so I'm sorry if its bad😒 Tell me what you think of it, I might wanna delete it...
Chopsticks | Genshin Zhongli x Childe FanFic PEGI18 by bigbangburger
Chopsticks | Genshin Zhongli x Chi...by ✮✩BigBangBurger ✩✮
A short smutty-ish story between Zhongli (Schlongli) and Childe. And yes, it's Genshin Impact characters. By Kimchi :>
Till death do us part... by Adeptus_Xlao
Till death do us part...by Adeptus_Xlao
Childe is inflicted with the Hanahaki Disease, a rare disease which is highly dangerous. (Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-s...
And they were teachers (HAha get it?) by Toyaaaa24
And they were teachers (HAha get i...by Lol.
Hi! I wrote a little note on the first chapter, so make sure you read that before you continue to read. I also realized I never mentioned ages SO Zhongli- 29 Childe- 2...