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The Rebellion Of Raptors (Yugioh Zexal x Male OC) by Thatboihee
The Rebellion Of Raptors (Yugioh Z...by Thatboihee
Ren is an adopted sibling of Yuma taken in by his family. On a trip they were on they found him all alone. Not wanting him there by himself, they took him in and raised...
Rio Kastle x Brom Noble by ValenciaCooper
Rio Kastle x Brom Nobleby Valencia Cooper
For those of you who know the show Yu gi oh Zexal this is a love story between my own character Brom Noble who is one of the Barian emperors and Rio Kastle I don't own Y...
The 4th Arclight  by more071
The 4th Arclight by more071
Twilight is the fourth sibling of the Arclight family. Her story is definitely not Cinderella. With strange powers and her soul on the line, Twilight must fight for her...
A New Friend #1 (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal) by BarianGirl107
A New Friend #1 (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal)by Teagan Cox
Yuma and Astral meet someone new. They aren't the only unusual people anymore. But is his new friend keeping secrets? Will he ever find them out? Book #1
yu gi oh zexel the cyber kid (oc) by dand77812
yu gi oh zexel the cyber kid (oc)by dand77812
draxel was your average quiet kid who never liked conflict he stayed out of everyones way and never dueled or duels the rumour is he doesn't have any extra deck monsters...
Faith:Book One (ON HOLD) by Inklingarch4603
Faith:Book One (ON HOLD)by InklingArch Productions
(Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Reader insert) (Y/N) is Yuma's childhood friend, who always supports him along with Tori and Bronk. They both had dreams to become the best duelists, (Y...
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: Depths Of The Heart (Male Reader X Rio Kastle) by CiphrMan
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: Depths Of The Hea...by CiphrMan
As an aspiring Duelist, Y/N has always taken each and every Duel seriously. While it may seem that he's just another resident of Heartland, there's much more to him that...
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal boyfriend scenarios by metanoiaphic
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal boyfriend scenariosby metanoiaphic
A collection of scenarios and headcannons for Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Guys and gals.
Yugioh Zexal x Male Reader by Banepower2
Yugioh Zexal x Male Readerby AnimeSensei
Y/N Arclight was very happy and friendly young boy who loved his 3 older brothers Michael, Thomas and Christopher, and father Byron Arclight very much. That changed when...
Yu-gi-oh Zexal Dark Photon by TsukiXKite
Yu-gi-oh Zexal Dark Photonby Tsuki Shiro Arclight
Tsuki a girl with everything on her shoulders starts to fall in love with the enemy. With her own family burdens she starts to feel stressed out and chained to this dest...
Cipher entity (male reader x yugioh zexal) by ChristianCalo22
Cipher entity (male reader x yugio...by ChristianCalo22
(Y/N) Tsukumo adopted brother of yuma, no memories of his past but when he and his adopted brother yuma meet Astral and promise to help him to recover the numbers and ma...
Yu-Gi-Oh Crossing Field New Generation Moto (male reader) by Lightningstorm12
Yu-Gi-Oh Crossing Field New Genera...by Lightningstorm12
Step into the New Generation of the Yu-Gi-Oh series with rise of ritual summoning.
Book 1. Changes for good or worse?! A Yugioh Zexal story. by Lumaking7
Book 1. Changes for good or worse...by Lumaking7
It's about a homeless girl who get's her life changed dramatically, when she meets Yuma and the gang! She is gonna have adventures, surprises, and even friends and famil...
Child! Yu-Gi-Oh x Reader One shots by Kloplove63708
Child! Yu-Gi-Oh x Reader One shotsby Kaylove 62108
This book is inspired by the ones who made their own. But if not, I might as well be the first one to write this book! This story will be about you having fun with your...
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(Old) Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal One Shots x Reader (Completed) by AyakoShizuka
(Old) Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal One Shots x R...by Lycoris_FALLEN
Hi, next one shot after my other one! Hope the last part wasn't too sad, anyway here's a new one so hope you enjoy! A/N: Yugioh Zexal is not mine, it belongs to their ri...
Yu Gi Oh -Oneshots- REQUESTS [CLOSED] (X Reader) by kastleofshark
Yu Gi Oh -Oneshots- REQUESTS [CLOS...by v͎i͎n͎n͎y͎
A collection of Yu Gi Oh oneshots- REQUESTS CLOSED! (X Fem! Reader only, please) I don't mind writing Fem! Reader X Fem! Character. PLEASE SEND REQUESTS THROUGH DIRECT M...
Galaxies Across|Yuma x Astral by xxlanii_shedararixx
Galaxies Across|Yuma x Astralby xxlanii_.xx
When Astral reunites with Yuma, he feels warming feeling growing in his heart. The more he hanged out with Yuma and his friends, the stronger the feeling grew. Ever sinc...
Intertwined (Vector x Reader) by WisteriaWriter
Intertwined (Vector x Reader)by Hibernating
When it was revealed that your crush was some maniacal Barian Emperor trying to destroy your friends and world, you thought your life couldn't get any worse. But fate se...
YuGiOh x Reader Oneshots/Preferences  by kalyn_kaz
YuGiOh x Reader Oneshots/Preferenc...by Kalyn Kaswell
So, I'm trying an x reader story for the first time ever. Should be fun. I'll be writing imagines for the following characters: Yami Yugi Seto Kaiba Marik Ishtar Bast...
Yugioh One Shots *Requests Accepted* by GenZ_Marauders_C_J
Yugioh One Shots *Requests Accepte...by GenZ_Marauders_C_J
As the title suggests this is a one-shot most of which are x reader. I do not own any of the Yugioh characters that are in this I have to give credit to creators of Yugi...