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The Queen Is Not Dead (cringe but ppl like it so it's here) by CastChance_Tried
The Queen Is Not Dead (cringe Starface
READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION OR YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THE STORY!!! (I'm pretending that the Pantalan Stuff didn't happen because we don't even know how it ends.) Ther...
The Designs Of Change by LunarDelta
The Designs Of Changeby -_/|PulsarRay|\_-
(The Design of Change, an Upon wings of change fanfiction. Thank you to crystalscherer for writing such an amazing original work.) ~~~ dear journal, Something big is hap...
Silenced Voices {The Story of Fennec} by LaurenABlack
Silenced Voices {The Story of Misha Trash
Prickle was known for his cruelness and his leadership. Coal was known for his bravery and his betrayal. But what about Fennec? The quiet middle brother, always at the r...
Jade Mountain High. by WingsOfFire-Stories
Jade Mountain Addie Mote
This is wings of fire in high school! Tui T. Southerland owns all characters except for new ones. Thanks! -WingsOfFire-Stories
Wof oc generator! by GalacticmangopopsYT
Wof oc generator!by Arowen Rose Johnson
Hello! Are you an artist who has an art block, or do you want to make a story but have no ideas for any characters? Well, look no further! In this book you can generate...
Shifting Sands by HaloIsHereWP
Shifting Sandsby Halo
Taking place a few years after The Flames of Hope, Qibli and Winter find an odd-looking Sandwing egg, about to hatch during a blood moon. Naming the Dragonet Sandspinner...
_-/Wings of Fire\-_ the heir of stone; (WoF fanmade ark four) by LunarDelta
_-/Wings of Fire\-_ the heir of -_/|PulsarRay|\_-
(disclaimer: this is a work of fanfiction. I do not own these characters or Wings of Fire.) (Thank you everyone at Noipen, 'The Fourth Ark' for helping this fanficti...
_-/Wings of Fire\-_ Fight or Flight by LunarDelta
_-/Wings of Fire\-_ Fight or Flightby -_/|PulsarRay|\_-
apologies. this is simply a book placeholder for this book. Sometimes, I will start posting chapters. but for now, this is a placeholder
Scroll of LeafWings by CatPersonAtHeart
Scroll of LeafWingsby Festive YEET
The Record of LeafWings and their existence.
My Opinions on WOF Ships by sad_littlegay
My Opinions on WOF Shipsby ꧁༺ 𝓐𝓷𝓲 ༻꧂
Read the title :) Note: There are occasional spoilers but they're not super detailed.
Share WoF OCs! by Pharohwingqueen
Share WoF OCs!by Pharaohwing
Ok, so I know that there's a lot of these. But I want one of my own! Here you can share your OCs and talk to others about theirs. THIS IS FOR WINGS OF FIRE ONLY! More de...
WoF Roleplay by WingsofFandoms_
WoF Roleplayby (Not) Back at it again ;0 (((...
This is a roleplay book where you can roleplay as a dragon from the wings of fire books. ~ Kate Have fun!!!! Rules, form, and introduction inside! ~ Ray
The Color of Rain by MythicTheBookWyrm
The Color of Rainby 🎇 𝕄𝕪𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕔 🌃
There is no way that Rain is normal. She doesn't feel normal. She doesn't look normal. She doesn't act normal. And no one else acts like she's normal, either. Every...
A Girl With The Heart Of A Dragon by Lightnightfury07
A Girl With The Heart Of A Dragonby Agent 9
What a young girl named Eclipse suddenly gets transported to a new place, she getsa rude awakening that the world isn't as peaceful as she remembers. with a new friends...
My book as N22340 by AmberThompson68
My book as N22340by Amber Thompson
This book is like the same one on my home Wattpad account N22340.
Wings of Fire Quotes by jspielman
Wings of Fire Quotesby Nightblossom
What is the best Quote in Wings of Fire? What did Glory say in book 3? Who called Darkstalker SinisterFace? Find out here!
{DISCONTINUED}Freshman year(wings of fire as humans) by Elf_girl2007
{DISCONTINUED}Freshman year( Moonflower
Come on an adventure with Cricket, Blue, Sundew, Willow, and Luna while they explore there the first year in high school while Swordtail help. By the way, this is my sto...
WOF: Time Travel by redapple302
WOF: Time Travelby David Taylor
In a world of Dragons, 10 nations are finally at peace, but that will soon change. (Book 1 of 3)(complete)
QWERTY's Guide to Wings of Fire by DontKallMePrincess
QWERTY's Guide to Wings of Fireby prince
Okay, these are my opinions. You don't have to agree with them. I dunno why I'm doing this. I just thought it would be fun to try out. I guess it's complete..? But I'll...