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JAUNT by Vlv1128
JAUNTby Vlv1128
Ria..a 20 year old girl goes on a trip with her family and finds a book and here the story begins..
Beneath The Skin by Jonathan-Hope
Beneath The Skinby Jonathan Hope
Are they too cold, too numb to see the lifelong effects of the pain they inflict? Is our generation too blind to see true beauty lies beneath the skin?... Can you see th...
I wish you were telling this story by childofthesol
I wish you were telling this storyby Andrea Hernández
This a story about ordinary people and ordinary events, and how all of us have a little story to tell, and how we must write it by ourselves. After her brother's death...
THAT WHICH HURT (ONE-SHOT)by Sam N. de la Rosa
Life is not always real. This is a story of a guy named Beau who's trying to escape something from his past. Living alone, he ended up hurt when the season of fall came...
Unrequited Love Pairs Nicely with Merlot by JessicaNhear
Unrequited Love Pairs Nicely with...by JessicaNhear
Full Title: Unrequited Love Pairs Nicely with Merlot (Among Other Things Serial Killers Believe) *********** Trigger Warning: There is talk of suicide in this, so please...
The Bloody Winter by Zabrine2813
The Bloody Winterby Zoe Zabrine
Heroina's grandparents have long been waiting for the right time to find out her true origin. There was a promise made by her grandparents that when she turn 18 there wi...
How the Wyn beat the Windsor part 3 by radesouza
How the Wyn beat the Windsor part 3by Rafael Souza
The Wyn survive and bow-in-love utter to the british dinasty. The cheeky elf appears and say: "For eternity, no way, I'm a freakin' scribe." The elves in mass...
The Mysterious Boy In Hoodie by -mrschu-
The Mysterious Boy In Hoodieby :3
"Something's off with that guy..." Garcia muttered placing her fingers on her chin. "Yeah.." i thought. From his walking style, growning his nails...