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Dorming With The Jocks by xxthecookiexx
Dorming With The Jocksby xxthecookiexx
Because high school isn't hard enough. Sadie Michaels got into the best high school in the country, excited to start her junior year and make the most of it. But no one...
Mahabharata - I Wish This Lasts Forever.... by PrettyyAmazingg
Mahabharata - I Wish This Lasts Fo...by Prettyamazingg
Her love and devotion towards the epic history of Mahabharata made her travel to past,era of Mahabharata Dwapara Yug. Being sister of our krishn Our Dhaksha is here to f...
Black Butler Oneshots [DRAFTS] ON HOLD by XAuthorSenpaiX
Black Butler Oneshots [DRAFTS] ON...by Author-Chan
This is a book of oneshot drafts for my other oneshot book for the characters of Black Butler
pashmina dhago se bandhi ye zindagi. (A Royal Saga)😍😍 by whisperedaura
pashmina dhago se bandhi ye zindag...by whispered aura
story is full of royal life and show their life style betrayal and war in modern era. It's about children of royal families ,how they miss love,care,pampering from thei...
Jeff The Killer X Reader by ThePerfectBlur
Jeff The Killer X Readerby Baka
Secrets. Some are best hidden from the world and from other people. Although, the more secrets that build up, the angrier a person may get.
Tease//h.s au by harryslate
Tease//h.s auby tehe
they always leave each other needing more - Highest ranking: #1 in #harrystyles est. 12/17/17 lowercase intended. {smut, cursing, kinks, age gap (kinda)} ((this lowkey...
The Badboy And The Basket case by im_quasimodo
The Badboy And The Basket caseby im_quasimodo
Willow Kennedy was a basket case to strangers but to her three childhood best friends she is a carefree girl who loves to live life to the fullest but everything around...
Samantha Swan 🦋 •Twilight • by BlasianCHUU
Samantha Swan 🦋 •Twilight •by GoldenBih
Older sister Of Bella Swan , What if Bella never spoke about her older Sister Sam Because it was a Touchy Subject . What if Sam Got a Call saying Bella Is getting Marrie...
Unaware ( COMPLETED) by jessicah42
Unaware ( COMPLETED)by Jessica Asare
What will you do when your family blast a joyful news to you? NOTE THE SARCASM!! Here is Cherry Wilson, a young beautiful girl who just graduated from college and is not...
Don't Leave Me, Again. (BTS X BLACKPINK)                             by aphroditeM_
Don't Leave Me, Again. (BTS X BLAC...by urjoyce
PURE FICTION!!! ~When we've given a chance, don't lose me the second time around. Please love me endlessly, like when we start. Don't HURT me AGAIN. Cause love start wit...
Imperium by ZaniaLeerose
Imperiumby Zania Leerose
"Didn't you say that you were utterly disgusted by Gangsters? ", Katherine asked. "It's hard to resist a gangster who is a good man", I replied with...
Loving Justin ✔️ (Will Be Taken Down To DREAME) by xxinloves
Loving Justin ✔️ (Will Be Taken Do...by Victoria . C . Onyedumaju
(THE BILLIONAIRE'S SERIES BOOK ONE) VICTORIA CAMPBELL the ever forgiven heart of a maiden found herself toss into an arranged marriage to THE SMITH'S family. With hope t...
Sin and Amethyst 2: My baby daddy's homeboy by PrettyLittleWriter22
Sin and Amethyst 2: My baby daddy'...by Tammy
Three years ago Sincere broke things off with Amethyst all while breaking her heart in the process. She moved away to Atlanta to get a new start. She never got over him...
Victoria's Secret (GirlxGirl) by ToastyWasteland6
Victoria's Secret (GirlxGirl)by Chaotic Evil Lesbian
Victoria, a high school ice queen known for her firm hatred in nerds, geeks and losers alike, finds herself falling for a new girl named Lily. A nerd at heart, but fine...
**The Gang's Stutter Girl** by fictionlover20040228
**The Gang's Stutter Girl**by fictionlover20040228
"Why the secret?" "Secret? More like secrets. And why do you care anyway?" "Because secrets are like lies, and I always find the truth..." ...
KM I : CIK MUDA ERYN (COMPLETE) by aireena_eryn
🌲[First story]🌲 Genre : Action-Romance Keluarga Mafia I : CIK MUDA ERYN ---------------------------------------------------- "ERYN? HAJAR? chup chup chup, bukan k...
Truth Then Dare #TheStar2020 #TheIron2020 by Azhblack
Truth Then Dare #TheStar2020 #TheI...by AZ
✔!!COMPLETED!!✔ "They play TRUTH THEN DARE, and their lives change." Date Started: October 31, 2019. Date Ended: November 11, 2019. Highest Ranks Achieved in T...
-The New Girl From The USA-   {Chat Noir X Reader} -!-COMPLETED-!- by Author_J_
-The New Girl From The USA- {Cha...by ..Clouded Author J..
I just got to Paris after a long flight from the USA all thanks to my dad's work. Back in America I was a pretty well known superhero and they called me Angel. My super...
h.s. imagines by hellohhannah
h.s. imaginesby - h.
requests are open! --a collection of short one shots all surrounding you & harry. --
My fighter Man by varshachindam
My fighter Manby varshachindam
He is a dream which never going to happen. Even though I want him to be mine. His eyes look so dangerous and deadly that it scares me. I never wanted to see that in his...