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The Daughter Of The Sun And The Flower by OverLord_Venus69
The Daughter Of The Sun And The Fl...by Irl Levi ackerman
Phina Papadopoulos is the daughter of Apollo and Hyacinthus. 15 years ago Hera and Aphrodite 'accidentally' made her with the petals of one of the original hyacinth that...
Orphanage Memories (Voltron x TPN) by Springla
Orphanage Memories (Voltron x TPN)by HolaSoyRarito:3
An AU where Keith is Ray from the promised neverland. (fic inspired by ChildofApollo on Youtube)
Voltron (Percy Jackson edition)  by BlowingYourMind
Voltron (Percy Jackson edition) by BlowingYourMind
The Voltron and Percy Jackson crossover we all needed (Starring Jason as the black paladin, Percy as blue, Annabeth as green, Nico as red, and Grover as yellow + Altean...
Crossed paths (Voltron/Beyblade burst crossover) by Snowfur20000
Crossed paths (Voltron/Beyblade bu...by Snowfur20000
Valt, Shu, Rantaro, Ken and Sora have been attending the Garrison for a few months before the disappearance of Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Shiro. What happens when a p...
Beyond    (Voltron - Sheith Fanfiction) by bubblepink34
Beyond (Voltron - Sheith Fanfic...by Adira Ramirez
There is more to the universe than meets the eye. Althea, an orphan who watched the horrors of war finally decides to take her role in the war, can she prevent this war...
A Hero's Space Journey by RoseATron17
A Hero's Space Journeyby RoseATron17
A 'Voltron: Legendary Defenders' and 'Boku No Hero Academia' crossover. Experience awesome fight sequences, horrible choices and crazy changes, with the cast of BNHA bec...
Voltron Princess Mononoke AU by Heikesanna
Voltron Princess Mononoke AUby Heikesanna
I WILL PROBABLY CHANGE THE NAME, please message me any ideas! Princess Mononoke Voltron AU. And of course, it is Klance. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It will be multi-chapter, I ho...
Voltron: Defenders of Peace by Lotor_of_Voltron
Voltron: Defenders of Peaceby Prince Lotor
Voltron Legendary Defender and Defenders crossover that has romance, terror, feels, and surprises at every turn. ---------------------- "So long as the Hand control...