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Sweetmilk                                                        {Arcane Viktor} by GhostInBlue
#1 ghost
My hands were itching to caress his pale cheeks and as I admired his features in the dimly lit room, I found nothing but pure adoration in his expression. The heartbeat...
League of legends - memy || ZAWIESZONY by moonxen
League of legends - memy || anders
memy z Ligi Legend, czy cos
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Les poings peuvent aussi caresser by EcraserUnChat
Les poings peuvent aussi caresserby EcraserUnChat
Le rapprochement entre une jeune femme ingénue, déterminée et courageuse, et une femme forte, tourmentée et endurcie par la vie. Le rapprochement entre Caitlyn et Vi. Un...
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The Lighthouse by Enchantra35
The Lighthouseby Enchantra
Vi arrives at New Meadow, unaware of the local legends that surround Serene Bay. Little does she know that these legends carry an ounce of truth. Before she knows it, sh...
Te encontré / I found you. (Esp/Eng) by Leczi_Rives
Te encontré / I found you. (Esp/ Leczi_Rives
Vi va a buscar a Powder al ver la señal. "Donde sea que estés, alumbra hacia arriba y te encontrare". Vi goes to look for Powder when she sees the signal. &quo...
Xả ảnh đôi nam au sans by Pinshino
Xả ảnh đôi nam au sansby Seni (Pin)
Mình thích thì mình làm thôi
Alternative [Esp/Eng/Ger] by Leczi_Rives
Alternative [Esp/Eng/Ger]by Leczi_Rives
Esp: solo quería escribir mi versión de los hechos del capitulo 8. Eng: I just wanted to write my version of the events of chapter 8. Ger: Ich wollte nur meine Version d...
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love really is blind | Violentine modern AU by Cr4zytangerine
love really is blind | Cr4zytangerine
Violet, a girl who became blind because of an accident at her old school, was sent to Ericson's boarding school for troubled youth After a few years of suffering the psy...
BTS Escenarios.『Se aceptan pedidos』 by KoreanGirrl
BTS Escenarios.『Se aceptan pedidos』by KoreanGirl
『BTS Escenarios』 【Diferentes escenarios con estos 7 chicos】
Questions [Vi x Caitlyn] One-Shot (Traducido) by ILoveCaitlynThighs
Questions [Vi x Caitlyn] La Vi Con Pishula
"Vi siempre ha sido conocida por hacer preguntas ridículas. Sin embargo, una visitante poco común hace su aparición en la oficina de Caitlyn, dispuesta a preguntarl...
Revenge or Justice (discontinued) by shafarizDoido
Revenge or Justice (discontinued)by o gamer br
This fanfic is a parallel world or another route of the arcane series in which the sparkle came before the magic stone HexTec, however, you will follow the young Hug Mar...
The Gossip of Piltolver by WillTheDilfRatTrash
The Gossip of Piltolverby Man I Love Fishing
A Jayvik story where Sky and Vik gossip alot about everyone. (badly written cause im too lazy to actually make sure this is well written) After everything in the series...
TỬ VI TUỔI 1960 NĂM 2019 by tuliem03
TỬ VI TUỔI 1960 NĂM 2019by Trần Tứ Liêm
-Destiny- KaynxZoe xLeague of Legendsx by -PerfectZero-
-Destiny- KaynxZoe xLeague of -PerfectZero-
Por un lado tenemos a Zoe Miller, una pequeña chica que a pesar de los problemas que hay en su vida, decide siempre mostrarse positiva. Y por el otro lado tenemos a Kay...
I LOVE by sekini
I LOVEby sekini