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My veela mate by Hermiones_twin
My veela mateby Hermione's_twin
What if Draco was a Veela? What if the Gryffindor princess was his mate? Velas are known to be protective of there mates, especially when other males are around. Let's s...
The Forgotten Weasley by Pandacorn2004
The Forgotten Weasleyby Pandacorn2004
We all know the story of the Weasley family. The 7 children that are placed in Gryffindor. The Weasley twins that cause havoc or the best friend of the boy who lived. Bu...
Faded Love by hananhiraya
Faded Loveby Kristel
"Everything isn't permanent, everything was made to exist but also made to fade" 🍒 highest ranking in donina fanfics : #1 🍒 highest ranking in pangilinan tag...
found you at childhood by Ima_nugget
found you at childhoodby sammy
Severus Snape has finally been able to take his son, Harry, away from his abusive relatives. He takes the boy to meet his best friend Lucius Malfoy along with the rest o...
Canta Y No Llores by nicedeeskillz
Canta Y No Lloresby nicedeeskillz
My book of rants because no one wants to listen to me...
Pétalas de Sangue by MathLDT
Pétalas de Sangueby Denki_Talk
- Está doendo... - Dizia entre lágrimas grossas o garoto elétrico. - Ka-Kaminari? Está bem? O que está doendo? - Perguntava o bicolor surpreso, nunca havia visto o loiro...
Bestfriend [ Mark lee ] by nct23bujang
Bestfriend [ Mark lee ]by La
"Ketika bertahan denganmu malah menyebabkan luka, bukankah lebih baik kita berpisah satu sama lain." -mark lee Ini hanya kisah klasik antara Zyvela Aurora deng...
Combattere per il mare è combattere per tutti by edoardofivizzoli7
Combattere per il mare è edoardofivizzoli7
La storia del pirata del opera precedente (a story of king) che sfida a duello il re Giorgio, scopri le sue motivazioni e il suo punto di vista sulla libertà uniti a un...
vela mates by Ima_nugget
vela matesby sammy
Draco goes into his inheritance and discovers he is mated to the boy who lived. PS: I suck at descriptions.
inconceivable - anakin skywalker by blxcksaturns
inconceivable - anakin skywalkerby Laura
Jedi padawan Anakin Skywalker along with his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi has returned to Coruscant to be given the assignment of protecting Padme after a mysterious attempt to...
The Shadow Nether by renpet
The Shadow Netherby renpet
Danielle thought she was going to be the hero in her story. That was until chasing the villain sent her falling into a strange new world. Nothing was familiar and it see...
Castalia's Assassins by SableMui
Castalia's Assassinsby SableMui
In a world that is already teeming with psychics, Rheann doesn't understand why Anthony is still so afraid of people finding out that she is one as well. To prove to he...
SOMEWHERE BEHIND BLACK EYES_PART 10by Salome Alfdis Lokidottir
Escaped from the government, Tyler finds a human girl who is harboring a Black Eyed Kids.
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Beauty Without Brain by pearlius
Beauty Without Brainby pearlius
Meet Akiro Vela, ang babaeng mapagkakatiwalaan ang hitsura ngunit hindi ang utak.
On by Boomstic_MN
Onby Boomstic_MN
La vela está encendida, no veamos como se derrite, busquemos la salida de este pozo oscuro... Apaga el fuego, esa vela no durará para siempre.
It started with a break in by Ima_nugget
It started with a break inby sammy
Tyler never had it easy but what happens when one day he breaks into a house with full intentions of robbing them, only to find someone who will make everything 10000000...
Slytherin's Griffindor by HPforever12
Slytherin's Griffindorby Slytherclaw
When you are born to a family of a long line of slytherins what happens when you are a Gryffindor? I am Aurora Malfoy and this is my story