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Disturbing Poems and Tales by Vanilla_Bear
Disturbing Poems and Talesby mister cellophane
Here is a collection of creepy and/or disturbing poems and short stories, all written by me. Some of them may reflect on real life, others may be purely spooky fantasy...
Supernatural Chicken Nuggets by Drenette__
Supernatural Chicken Nuggetsby Drenette__
Dark, unsettling, and altogether misunderstood stories involving demons, vamps, and a wide arrange of Lovecraftian and Glukhovsky inspired monsters. Hope you enjoy poop...
Unsettling Stories by xxweddehxx
Unsettling Storiesby joyce
perfect for when you are ready to sleep.... Highest ranking 19
Bedtime Chills - Two liner horror stories by quixote_chic
Bedtime Chills - Two liner horror...by Quixote.Chic
Two sentences horror stories. The plots and characters are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ALL of the stor...
The Umbran Gothic by EmptyAstronaut98
The Umbran Gothicby EmptyAstronaut98
A collection of short stories and narratives from the dark and deceptive. Within these pages lies the unsettling and the unseen. That which lurks in the night and that w...
Don't Look Away by a-non-taken-username
Don't Look Awayby theguywhowantstowrite
Don't look away. Keep your eyes right here. On these words. On this sentence. Don't skip ahead. Don't blink, you might miss something...
Along Came a Spider (Retro Spider Horror Story) by retro_boy_
Along Came a Spider (Retro Spider...by retro_boy_
ARACHNOPHOBES BEWARE! A single father with a severe case of arachnophobia must confront his ultimate fear after a highly venomous spider suddenly surfaces and terrorizes...
My Best Friend, Forever by arose4you
My Best Friend, Foreverby katie
Her best friend died and she couldn't bare to lose her soulmate. So she decides to dig under ground to find her coffin and relive their friendship. But make sure the nei...
A DEATH FETISH by ishika2413
A DEATH FETISHby ishika-jain
The Evil That Lives Here by Crazyturtlemama
The Evil That Lives Hereby BrandyQ Lane
This is a true event that happened to us. After looking everywhere for a rental we settled on the perfect house that met all of our family's needs. Only catch was.. Ther...
Unnerving Short Stories by Pretendimnothere
Unnerving Short Storiesby Lolnope
Unsettling stories from people around the world. [Not so] Perfect for bedtime stories!
Poems: Just A Piece Of My Heart by Phaserprime
Poems: Just A Piece Of My Heartby Prime
An Anthology of love, hurt, pain and a few short stories I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. #4 in unsettling #1 in lovinglife #1 in darkminds #2 in darkplaces
Music 🎶 by Ruckis-Rookie
Music 🎶by Ruckis
Music to listen to
Subliminal Truths by zERoNamE2298
Subliminal Truthsby
An ever growing collection of poetry where I, the author, will share my art. I hope you enjoy.
Short Stories by Keria_Wonders
Short Storiesby Dreamingwonders
This is full of many stories. Each differing from the other. Some are horror some are sorrowful. (Keep in mind these are written on a whim, so some have grammar errors)...
Sienna's Legacy by Thefantasticmissfox
Sienna's Legacyby Iman 🦊
In the small, unassuming town of Sierra, three young girls are having a sleep over. Candice, Lucy and Willow are soon caught in the clutches of catastrophe when fun and...
Stories of the Untold... by Good_Night_Lullabies
Stories of the Untold...by Rosie Scarlet
Stories of the Untold is all short stories that could be based off a true story or not. Please note some are scary and should not be read if scared to easily.Please in j...
Ephemeral Chirp by RuchaTrivedi1
Ephemeral Chirpby Trivedi Rucha
Laughter echoes with words, Tears flow down cascading in verses, Warmth of kisses blended in stanzas. Love every way, speaks in the poems. A carcass of words I failed to...
Short stories for a rainy night. by pinkpuffypants
Short stories for a rainy night.by pinkpuffypants
I will immerse you in some in some unsettling stories from the darkness that in my mind. If I think anything is inappropriate or a trigger for some I will display ⚠️ t...
It All Started With Potatoes by HotTeaCocoa
It All Started With Potatoesby HotTeaCocoa
Dinnah started out with a normal day. She ate her normal breakfast, went to her normal work, and ignored her normal neighbor on her way. She went back to her normal home...