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Banished (SasuNaru Fan Fiction) by FanFicMaker101
Banished (SasuNaru Fan Fiction)by FanFicMaker101
"You Naruto Uzumaki, are here by banished from the leaf village, for the safety of the people!" Those are the last word Naruto Uzumaki heard as he ran from th...
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His Sister• Zach Herron by whydontwesmiles
His Sister• Zach Herronby WhyDontWeSmiles
Your Daniel Seaveys sister. Yes the one and only Daniel Seaveys sister. What will happen when you meet his band mates and one develops feelings for you? Read to find out♡
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pornstar | e.d by tayadolan
pornstar | e.dby tayadolan
pornstar © 2019 as soon as harper turned 18, she wanted to get away from her abusive family. she needed a way to get money so she went into the porn industry. a boy, who...
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Let The Games Begin by pollysecrets
Let The Games Beginby Polly Secrets💗
Sofia Kingston had always been at the top of Bridgetown Prep's social hierarchy. Everyone wanted to be her friend, especially after she was chosen to become queen for he...
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Unforgettable Promise {complete} by CeruleanBlues
Unforgettable Promise {complete}by CeruleanBlues
...."I’ll come back for you, after all, no matter how many years we are separated from each other, I’ll always be your knight. That’s my promise to you,”....... Man...
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Getting To Know The Bad Boy by missindependent_
Getting To Know The Bad Boyby missindependent_
**ALTERNATE VERSION in process of being written!! Posted under this profile as A Cinderella Bad Boy Story! Check it out :)) ** Hayden Marvel. Trey Parker. Total opposite...
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Unforgettable Second Chances (editing) by CeruleanBlues
Unforgettable Second Chances (edit...by CeruleanBlues
When Raine was just a child, someone had promised her that he would one day come back for her and they would marry someday. Somehow, as time passes by, the promise she k...
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She who belongs to the Beast by fiftyshadesofbabes
She who belongs to the Beastby I like shmoney :)
She wasn't one who loved the spot light on her, she was on to keep to herself and stay home, just be a regular adult. Sure her father was a multi-billionaire with a boom...
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Love And Revenge✔️ by arummees
Love And Revenge✔️by arummees
What happens when everyone sees you the same way, a self absorbed, egotistical, spoilt, arrogant person even though you're not? But then you meet the one person who...
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A Gangleader's Weakness by DeathDreamer7
A Gangleader's Weaknessby 💞 Emilia 💞
Gangleader's are said to have no mercy, Of course, according to stories, gangleaders don't have a weakness, if they do, they show no signs of it. Alec Walker; He's a g...
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Unforgettable (Draco/Harry triangle) by somniare_spiritus
Unforgettable (Draco/Harry triangl...by Just a Girl
Isabella Whitestone has been best friends with the Golden Trio since first year, she even has a thing for Harry, but lately, a certain blonde has been working her way in...
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Our Perfect Love Story.✔️ by arummees
Our Perfect Love Story.✔️by arummees
Picture a situation were two people live together although they hate each other. Why? Because he is forced to marry a girl he doesn't know even after he loves someone...
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The Destined Day  (Eternal Love) Bai Feng Jiu & Dong Hua by Jil_Austero
The Destined Day (Eternal Love) B...by Ate Jelllllll
How can you have a bright future if your love is ill fated? Feng Jiu is the only girl in Fox clan alone with her aunty Bai Qian. Feng Jiu has a childish attitude, and ve...
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Jungkook ff 21+ My Stalker Is A Yandere by OnlyTakeBubbleBaffs
Jungkook ff 21+ My Stalker Is A Ya...by OnlyTakeBubbleBaffs
Recreation of the story I wrote on my old account SeeYaInHellYouHoes Description: Jungkook is a 22 year old man who fell in love and became obsessed with a girl at first...
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BROKEN  by cupid_dazzle
BROKEN by cupid_dazzle
And to her uncle, she wrote: Dear Uncle, I'm an adult now. You must be happy with your new life. And your wife, hope you're treating her well? I heard you now have...
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I Fall Apart | Post Malone  by unionamerican
I Fall Apart | Post Malone by unionamerican
Jasmine was your average introverted 20 year old college student. What happens when her best friend Allie drags her to a celebrity party, and she bumps into Post Malone...
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1 Night ✔️ by whatsupnikkie
1 Night ✔️by N
In which Jeon Jungkook had a huge crush at the girl who's living across their house and then one unexpected night? Lisa came knocking at his window asking if he want to...
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Sarcastic comebacks by omgizdatgurl
Sarcastic comebacksby omgizdatgurl
A random idea I thought of in history And started in history And updated in history Because history class makes you want to hibernate :)
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Always.....[#wattys2019] by celenamerrimus
Always.....[#wattys2019]by Celena Merrimus
[Ranked 2]You guys may ask me, ugh.. Yet another dramione story? But this one's gonna stay in your heart forever. And ever. So don't miss this. Also, this story isn't f...
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Unforgettable  by Reader_for_life_46
Unforgettable by Zoey
Hi my name is Claire. I have lived in this town in Maine for as long as I can remember but, recently everyone seems to think I'm crazy. They think this because I think t...
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