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His Little Flower by monica_sofia
His Little Flowerby monica_sofia
"In a garden full of flowers, the beast chose her. Amongst the roses she was and although her petals Were tinted with blood, to him, she was the prettiest of them...
ARIYA SS - YAHI HAI ZINDAGI..... by sana1819786
ARIYA SS - YAHI HAI ZINDAGI.....by Sana Tabassum
This story is about two childhood freinds SAMEER RATHORE and ARJUN RAWTE whose freindship is unbreakable but something happens in their lives which breaks the inseparab...
My Mother's Obsession by SarthakSays
My Mother's Obsessionby Cutestories.4u
Close look on the story : Moms have a difficult time letting go of their sons, when it is time for them to mature and break out in the world on their own to explore who...
Friendship and Bonds| Haikyuu Version. by Toruu_Oikawa
Friendship and Bonds| Haikyuu Vers...by Toruu_Oikawa
❝People come and go bruh, but you know i will always stay. ❞
Wolfpup by Eavie_Moons_21
Wolfpupby Lauren Nicole💙😘
its around 12:30 midnight and Lilliana hears rustling coming from the bushes outside, she shakes her head thinking nothing of it, when she goes to get a glass of water s...
Destati(Updated Every Week) by ShadowFlareVG
Destati(Updated Every Week)by Shadow
Death, a lonely God goes about his life reaping the souls of the dead in the mortal realm and guiding them to their Fate, till one day he finds a girl who is always on t...
Breaking Dawn by perabethsuperfangirl
Breaking Dawnby cXXh
Silver Jackson ran away from her pack when she was 15, wanting to have the freedom her pack couldn't give her. She lives on her own till she turns 16, then she meets a s...
He Is With Me by KalpnaSoni676
He Is With Meby KalpnaSoni676
A guy on her mind.. Waiting for him.. Inseperable part of her life!!
A Boy, A Horse, A Life Story by __skye10__
A Boy, A Horse, A Life Storyby __skye10__
When Starlet Mare, a beautiful young women, with a love and passion for her horse a buckskin mare, finally gives birth to a gentle, strong and gorgeous baby boy, so does...
This is us (Wattys2018) by ImTheGeek_79
This is us (Wattys2018)by ImTheGeek_79
Marie Smith is a regular school girl living in Paris, France in the times of the slave trade, Marie risks her freedom by adopting a slave girl around her age and raising...
Raven by KT-Marie
Ravenby KT Marie
[ON HOLD!] Rejecting modern society and culture, eighteen year old Sam lives alone in the Alaskan wilderness. Survival is the the only thing that matters and ALONE is ex...
Nothing I wouldn't do by Dawny087
Nothing I wouldn't doby Dawn Berry
Two best friends who were more like sisters, they did everything together. Until one day their world's fell apart by a bombshell neither was expecting!
Unbreakable Bond by dequeenofqueenz
Unbreakable Bondby dequeenofqueenz
Kyle Smith thought he had gotten over the heartbreak delivered to him by his first everything...the heartbreak that led to him completely changing. Now the self made bil...
Never Ending by juju361
Never Endingby juju361
When your mind runs a thousand thoughts a second, when the world seems to stop for a minute and when there is a reason behind the after affects of the never ending.
Shadows by mas167
Shadowsby mas167
"You were born to be the shadow, leo" she says "there's no turning back from destiny" "Then I don't want to live, take me back" I scream at...
Damaged  by Natoyaaa
Damaged by Natoyaaa
Trying to overcome tragedies will Aaliyah be able to catch her break through or continue to be damaged?