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Do You Still Love Me ? (Completed) by Aishwarya5007
Do You Still Love Me ? (Completed)by Aishwarya5007
"I'm coming directly to the point. I'm not interested in this marriage. I'm only here because of the pressure from the elders. At the moment, I'm dating a girl call...
Doctor Who: The Revenge Of The Rust by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Revenge Of The Rustby Jacob Thomas
England October 22nd 1285 Strange Aliens Made Of Rust Invade England In The 13th Century Dark Grimalkin Can't Fight These Rusted Metal Creatures Alone He And He Won't Ha...
AniMage: Star Dust's Story by ElizaMerl
AniMage: Star Dust's Storyby Eliza Merl
Lily started her life out rough, but she tried to not let it stop her from being happy, unfortunately with her unique qualities she is always haunted by those that want...
Forever with you - Kim Taehyung  by Swaeg_Gucci
Forever with you - Kim Taehyung by Sw@eg_Gucci
"But how will we be together forever, for that we will have to get married." boy replied while smiling cutely. "Ok so promise me that you will marry me...
Doctor Who: The Aqwellian Bounty by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Aqwellian Bountyby Jacob Thomas
The Doctor And His American Companions Marissa Fletcher And Jake Holloway Land Near A Strange Castle Where They Meet A Whole Bunch Of People They All Have A Wonderful Ti...
Skystal Oneshots by AkinaGarmadon
Skystal Oneshotsby Akina Garmadon
Requests are open! This book is full of SkyxCrystal. Sky : Son of Kai and Skylor Crystal : Daughter of Lloyd and Harumi Hope you enjoy the cute moments of the two Jadefl...
Doctor Who: The Sadness Syndrome by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Sadness Syndromeby Jacob Thomas
The Year Is 2023 And The Doctor Has Recently Regenerated And Gabriel Agreste Is No Longer Hawkmoth But Someone Else Is Adrien And Marinette Are Now Married And They Know...
my 'enemy' by byyouridiot
my 'enemy'by 愛杰克
a enemy called PGHL and Ominous they both "hated" each other but on day Ominous and PGHL work too together..
Doctor Who: Lullaby by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: Lullabyby Jacob Thomas
April 16th 2419 Planet Hextius 10:35 AM A Fierce Blizzard Arrives At Teskia Base Several Crewmembers Of The Alliance Of Earth Witness A Flying Creature That Moves Incred...
The Two Unknown Hearts by kushawrites
The Two Unknown Heartsby Kusha_writes
"And in his eyes, she was the prettiest girl he ever saw" So, there's always a rule about one-sided love, so let me tell you, it's like you're pouring your hea...
Doctor Who: The Venom Of The Lokar by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Venom Of The Lokarby Jacob Thomas
The TARDIS Lands In New London On February 9th 2100 Where They Discover Finders Keepers Inc. Who Is Run By Lloyd Bishop The Doctor And Rose Are In Awe At Everything They...
The doctor's rose ( Completed) by tenxrose10
The doctor's rose ( Completed)by Caitlin Logan
Before doomsday __________________ It's about Doctor Who's very own Ten and Rose it tells you the story of thier love and the heartache of loving. This is taken place b...
Doctor Who: Future Shadows by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: Future Shadowsby Jacob Thomas
The Doctor's Past Incarnations Are Trapped So The 9th,10th,11th,12th And 13th Doctors Must Find A Way To Free Them Without Getting Captured Themselves But Can They Save...
His broken girl by Hannah_290
His broken girlby Hannah_290
She just wanted to keep her head down and get out of town. He saw her one day and was not able to get her out of his head. What happens when the bad boy meets the brok...
INTIMACY by VaishnaviManchanda
INTIMACYby Vaishnavi Manchanda
If you have ever loved someone from all your heart N if you ever felt the pain of a broken heart you will surely love these poems from all your heart
Doctor Who: The Crimson Kingdom by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Crimson Kingdomby Jacob Thomas
5 Years Have Passed For The People Of Xadia And Katolis In The 11th Century But For The Doctor It's Only Been 60 Minutes He's Regenerated Once More But This Time Into A...
Two Hearts (BTS FF) by mrsangel_lokis_wife
Two Hearts (BTS FF)by Daddy, Sorry?
Two girls, two hearts, who will win in the end? MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE STORY!!
Doctor Who: The Ghost Pirates by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Ghost Piratesby Jacob Thomas
1664 A Strange Alien Device Is Discovered On A Beach By The Doctor They Discover A Ghost Ship On The Water's Horizon The Doctor And Bethany Decide To Investigate The Str...
Doctor Who: The Steel Terror by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Steel Terrorby Jacob Thomas
A Size Manipulation Virus Affects The TARDIS Causing It To Crash Land In Paris In 2013 A Year Before The Doctor Meets Marinette And Adrien In 2014 Resulting In The Docto...
Doctor Who: The Doctor Prince by UnearthlyTimelord
Doctor Who: The Doctor Princeby Jacob Thomas
Something Strikes The TARDIS Causing The Doctor To Make An Emergency Landing Inside What Looks Like A Dungeon In A Very Big Castle Called Katolis And The Doctor Journies...