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Mob In Khr by anime7105
Mob In Khrby anime7105
You know, I would think reincarnation to be something fun or relaxing But NO When you're reincarnated into a dangerous mafia world, you stay back and try not to die *Sma...
My Family by ODDstar
My Familyby Kimie Ishikawa
"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones that would do anything just to...
The true sky and Vongola Decimo by MalditadiAsh
The true sky and Vongola Decimoby Maldita Di Ash
What if Nono and Sawada Iemitsu didn't choose Sawada Tsunayoshi as the Vongola Decimo? What if Tsuna has a twin brother? What if faith it self choose Tsuna to suffer? W...
Young Father 《KHR Fanfiction》 by RoyalKareem
Young Father 《KHR Fanfiction》by Royal-Chan
Life has never been easy for Tsuna. Though, it's not that bad either. Yet his dull story suddenly turned 180 degrees the moment he opened the door, that one fated day. O...
Isekai: Vongola Style by Destiny_Aitsuji
Isekai: Vongola Styleby Destiny Aitsuji
When Tsuna and Gang are thrown into another world and are told that they have no way back until they defeat the Demon King, what will they do? Isekai - Vongola Style! Br...
Mafia Heroes [ KHRxBNHA ] by hinari2_
Mafia Heroes [ KHRxBNHA ]by Aisha | on hiatus
[Book 1] Died and reborned into a new world. To a world full of Heroes and Villains. Can he survive in the world where he was sent to, while struggling to adjust after...
Falling Rain by TheWhiteHat0
Falling Rainby Topi Putih
Reincarnated as Yamamoto Takeshi that will be the future higher up in mafia famiglias, and will hold the title of rain guardian for the fluffy future Vongola Decimo...
Sky Arcobaleno ♤ by murasaki_violet
Sky Arcobaleno ♤by Miye
The Sky Pacifier had been passed down to another person; instead of a short-life curse, it became an enternal one. Passed down to Sawada Tsunayoshi, age of sixteen, she...
The Trinisette Heirs (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) by BlackEtherious
The Trinisette Heirs (Katekyo Hitm...by Kanai
A Katekyo Hitman Story that mainly features Tsuna, Byakuran and Yuni. A small change can set huge events in motion. A father's thoughts can influence one son and isolate...
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x Katekyo Hitman Reborn)  by Zero-1307
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x...by Zero-1307
After Ulquiorra died in his fight against Ichigo at that moment he wanted to understand what a heart is and experience emotions Well fate has brought him back to life a...
Reincarnated and Transferred by Kurokoki
Reincarnated and Transferredby Plotting•Vixen
Reese, a 16-year old brunette female teen and a die-hard Hitman Reborn! Fan, is met with an untimely end. But being shot, and supposedly 'Transferred' to her favourite a...
i want to sleep!!! (khr) by KouMamoru
i want to sleep!!! (khr)by Kou_M
sleep-deprived Tsuna sure is scary
The STUPID Class Trip to Italy by BunnnnBunnnn
The STUPID Class Trip to Italyby Bunny
Tsuna class is taken on a trip to Italy since the Mafia has been targeting their class. Surely everything will be fine, right? The only problem is Reborn has something p...
A Chance To See The Future [Discontinued] by Han_Yura
A Chance To See The Future [Discon...by Han_Yura
Giotto a.k.a Vongola Primo had stepped down the title of the boss and moved to Japan with his five Guardians. They changed their name and had their own family. One day a...
The Son of Primo (DISCONTINUED...kinda) by fairyqueenerza123
The Son of Primo (DISCONTINUED...k...by fairyqueenerza123
What if Tsuna was really adopted? What if Tsuna was a time traveler? What if Tsuna was the younger son of Giotto? KHR Fanfic Disclaimer: I do not and never will own KHR...
KHR at OHSHC's School Festival?! by akuma55
KHR at OHSHC's School Festival?!by akuma55
Haruhi has a cousin? And her cousin is visiting her school festival?!
KHR-Trip to Italy by CuraAi
KHR-Trip to Italyby CuraAi
Nakano Rui is a normal girl with good academic and sports performance. One day, her class gets invited on a month long trip to Italy. Read more to find out what happens...
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold by Purplepulu
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Coldby Pulu
They had it. They couldn't stand to see their Sky suffer any longer. It's time to take action. It's time to let these losers see how great their Sky is and in order to d...
Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! TSUNA!] by VeliusWings
Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! TSU...by Raven
Sawada Tsunayoshi younger brother of Sawada Lekatsu, direct descendants of Vongola Primo.. Tsunayoshi also know an as Tsuna/Tuna WAS a child who is very smart, kind, p...
Get back in time by KouMamoru
Get back in timeby Kou_M
Summary: Tsuna who currently enjoys his stress-free life only one day everything change when a familiar purple bazooka drop on him, only to find him travel to different...