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●A Silent Detective● by LCC808707
●A Silent Detective●by LCC808707
Shinichi, or Conan as he is now called by the people close to him, has been a child for the past 2 years and was having trouble expressing his feelings to other people e...
The Current Me [Detective Conan] by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
The Current Me [Detective Conan]by Royal-Chan
He might be as smart as him He might looked exactly like him He might be as 'Holmes' maniac as him But there is a major difference between him and Shinichi... And now Co...
Kazuha vs Black Organisation  by TanteiSan1
Kazuha vs Black Organisation by XconanX
I see a lot of conan fanfics but never see much focused on kazuha, hands down she's one of my favourite character sadly she's like a side character (wait she is a side c...
Growl || Reed900 ✔️  by CarmenKB
Growl || Reed900 ✔️ by 𝟑
"Get the fuck away from me," I growl. Started December 2018 - October 27th, 2019
Kaito Oneshots - Magic Kaito by BerryBerryBlitz
Kaito Oneshots - Magic Kaitoby BerryBerryBlitz
Oneshots involving Kaito, some happy, some sad, some fluffy, some funny, some heartbreaking~ Multiple shippings~ All parts 1K+ Words~ EXCLUDING (A/N)
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots by CarmenKB
Detroit: Become Human Oneshotsby 𝟑
Read the fucking title, meat bag.
Different blood same feelings (Reed900 fanfic) by Ladybug_fox
Different blood same feelings ( Ladybug_fox
Detective Gavin Reed is partnered with a newer model of the RK900, after success of the android revolution. The android slowly develops feelings for the smartass moron k...
The Wall Between Us by GINgoldstein
The Wall Between Usby GINgoldstein
Shiho had been inlove with her childhood friend, Shinichi, for as long as she remembered. Shinichi, on the other hand, was oblivious about her feeling for him. Will they...
I Reincarnated In Detective Conan  by cv02_1412
I Reincarnated In Detective Conan by Atsuko
I never thought this would happen to me, you know. But I don't regret or anything because I never feel all their love or characteristics is a fake. To me, this isn't an...
Kaitou Kid One-Shots by NoraHanson1
Kaitou Kid One-Shotsby NoraHanson1
I already completed two stories of my favorite Phantom Thief below the Moonlight! Since I still have too many ideas roaming around in my brain which are impossible to br...
Kaitou KID One Shots 2 by NoraHanson1
Kaitou KID One Shots 2by NoraHanson1
(Isn't that cosplay the best of KID ever?!) Here I shall continue to post various one to three shots. All of that is either daily funny ideas I have or ships with Shin-c...
Watson detective of the East Conan / Jimmy X reader by nana21287
Watson detective of the East nana21287
y/n l/n has been friends with Jimmy Kudo and Rachel Moore since childhood and best friend's ever since. You and Jimmy got inspired by his fathers mystery books an...
"We sit there, laughing after that. I lay on his shoulder, watching the sunrise line the blue water. The warmth from his body transfers to mine, he plays with a sta...
Addiction (KID×Conan/Shinichi) by NoraHanson1
Addiction (KID×Conan/Shinichi)by NoraHanson1
*Completed* He woke up, surroundings swimming in his eyes. Not long after, finally a dark and empty street materialized itself in front of him. What had happened? All he...
Shrunk?! Detective Conan and Magic Kaito 1412 by lxnaticaei
Shrunk?! Detective Conan and lxnaticaei
Kaito Kid gets shrunk during one of his heists. Little does he know that soon he will have to adopt a new name, and a new home! And he even has to act like his rivals tw...
When Pandora bleeds... (Shinkai) by NoraHanson1
When Pandora bleeds... (Shinkai)by NoraHanson1
Sequel to KID's Drastic Methods A few years have gone by since the disappearance of Kaitou KID. Kuroba Kaito, worldfamous magician by the age of 27, kept his half of Pan...
The lonely bird (Shinkai) by NoraHanson1
The lonely bird (Shinkai)by NoraHanson1
*Completed* Thanks to a slip up of his, Kaito was forced to take the APTX 4869, yet just like the famous Kudo Shinichi shrunk into a child of merely 7 years. His mother...
Thirium Heart//Reed900 by phandomdevotee
Thirium Heart//Reed900by my spirit animal is bdg
You know the drill. ... Gavin Reed is assigned to work with RK900. He's less than happy, but he's surprised to discover that the RK900 hates him too. As the relationshi...
Detective Conan X Reader by OliviaCloe
Detective Conan X Readerby Olivia
Just what the title said *I do not own any of Detective Conan character nor the plot. I'm just adding a few of my touch just to include the reader in* I'm still new in t...
Connor & RK900 by Meme_Sphere
Connor & RK900by Meme_Sphere
Just a Story about RK800 (Connor) and RK900 (Conan)