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Chase me Down by VickKern
Chase me Downby Vick
Chase is a prostitute in Los Santos until a night with a tired Trevor turns her around. She has left the life that was dragging her down and started anew, but will she s...
Risk ➸ Simon  by HailTheFreakShow
Risk ➸ Simon by AA
You've been knocked out for a couple days due to a previous Walker situation. You end up wakening unaware of your surroundings nor remembering the events from before. Y...
Trevor Philips x Reader: "Lifeache." by aspendesu
Trevor Philips x Reader: " aspen !!!
A fanfiction between you, the reader, and Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V. A story which will take you through the journey of the friendship and romance of you...
Crazy Lover (Trevor x reader) by TEEErevor
Crazy Lover (Trevor x reader)by TEEErevor
"Crazy Lover" is the story about you and Trevor Phillips from GTAV. You're gonna met him in weird place, weird situation and not good time, but lastly you'll s...
PAPER PLANES by queen_hoya
PAPER PLANESby bithoejee
All her life, Taylor only wanted to be noticed and loved by everyone as much as they love her twin brother, Trim. She found that love to the most unexpected person she c...
Just Like You (Trevor Philips x Reader) by milowrites-
Just Like You (Trevor Philips x Milo
🦋 Sequel to Trust & Love 🦋 Settling down in the Vinewood suburbs was something Trevor hadn't expected ever doing in his lifetime. Let alone raise his own daughter, Pen...
GTA Preferences  by chloe12801
GTA Preferences by ChloeeAlexiss
A book dedicated to preferences, headcanons, imagines, oneshots, and other styles of that nature about the Grand Theft Auto series characters! I write for Trevor, Michae...
Jaune De Santa by R805943
Jaune De Santaby Carolina York
After Jaune was expelled from Beacon, he along with Pyrrha and Blake left beacon together and vanished. In Los Santos, Jaune and Pyrrha have been living a happy and grea...
I'm Sorry. (Furry!Trikey) by livvysenpai
I'm Sorry. (Furry!Trikey)by Oliva OhWell
This was written purely for fun. Warning: Gore and Heavy topics.
The Time's Come by frigadoe
The Time's Comeby Dani
The 2004 heist actually works- Trevor's got a bullet buried in him, bleeding out, while Michael is left to decide if this is what he really wanted. A life where he escap...
Furball [Trikey] by trevwrites
Furball [Trikey]by Trevor Rhys
Trevor brings home a surprise and Michael isn't too happy. Super fluffy, like literally.
PULP FICTION (Trevor x Oc ) by frankoceania
PULP FICTION (Trevor x Oc )by Babsi Ocean
A stop by the beach makes Trevor realize one or two things about Barbara, as she references one of the most impactful movies ever.
Twisted Relationship by Sk3tchbab318
Twisted Relationshipby Nikki_Torres
This story takes place were Trevor and the gang finished off their last mission and killed off all their loose ends. Trevor went back to his normal life taking control o...
Rebel yell//gta80s ff au// by POnline05
Rebel yell//gta80s ff au//by POnline05
The 1980s los santos times for partying , fastcars, fame but most of all the money , everyone wants it , the ls life , for Ava her life will change mainly in the grand s...
Rekindling the Flame by yikescowboy
Rekindling the Flameby Rhys
Trevor can never forget the past and the fact that Michael has already moved on without him. But can the old flame between them spark up again?
Yo Hood Ain't Hood Enough by FiveCent00
Yo Hood Ain't Hood Enoughby FiveCent00
Y/n, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor get stuck in an explosion and are sent into Remnant, de-aged down to 17. How will these four criminals change the story of RWBY and w...
A Messed Friendship - Gta V. Michael x Trevor (Trikey) by JustABasicIdiot
A Messed Friendship - Gta V. JustABasicIdiot
credit for cover art to @shabawdy on tumblr!!
Favorite Place by xtrobedisonx
Favorite Placeby a
Trikey one shot BOOK 2 - Trevor's POV How Trevor deals with the loss of a friend. Heavily based on the song Favorite Place by All Time Low ft. The Band CAMINO.