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Owned By Mr. Malhotra [A BDSM Erotica] (18+) by SatansOnlyMuse
Owned By Mr. Malhotra [A BDSM Erot...by Satan's Muse
⚠ Hardcore BDSM ⚠ ⚠ Strictly 18+ ⚠ If you're not comfortable, stay away. No basing allowed. You've been warned. . . . Avantika Dubey hated everything that was vanilla...
Angel Of Darkness by HappilyMotionless
Angel Of Darknessby HappilyMotionless
A Vampire Rockstar and A Human fall for each other.. what could go wrong?
Tasukero ya Red Riot    by bakubottom420
Tasukero ya Red Riot by bakubottom420
This is hardcore yaoi sex manga between kirishima and bakugou dont like harfcore dont read please Art is not mine credits go to SCO.LABO shoco On myreadingmanga Enjoy
Being a Good Girl.  by qkaikai0
Being a Good Girl. by qkaikai0
Story deleted at 100k. MOST OF THIS ISNT BASE ON TRUE STORIES, so you can relax. CeCe is living a weird ddlg life with her boyfriend, and she is trying to learn what ple...
TIED Kambe Daisuke X Reader (LEMON) by WCwriteslemons
TIED Kambe Daisuke X Reader (LEMON)by WHITE
How can things be great and worst at the same time? No, wrong question. How did you ended up being in the room of a rich billionaire, tied on his bed?
reddie smut  by Commite_stanly_uris
reddie smut by Commite_stanly_uris
reddie smut idk what else there is to it some canon storys some very fanon mature content warning aged up
Levi x Reader Oneshots (and others) by KiraSilverstrike
Levi x Reader Oneshots (and others)by Kira
I've never done oneshots so I decided to try it out and here I am. Anyways, I'll be open for any requests and they may take time sometimes but feel free to comment and p...
Theory Of Love [English Retelling]  by rxxxome_
Theory Of Love [English Retelling] by 너굴제롬
What kind of situation or time that makes you want to swear "Damn it!" the most? Is it when you're walking on the pavement and suddenly getting splashed by a c...
Love is pain (creepypasta × reader Lemon) (Not Completed) by proxydemonlover
Love is pain (creepypasta × reader...by proxydemonlover
Creepyapasta.... Horror.. Hehe sorry... Anyways!!!!!! What happens when a "human" girl meets creepypastas? U might be thinking "they will kill her duh!?&q...
The Shake Down(bakudeku Mafia Au) by Bossbreazzea
The Shake Down(bakudeku Mafia Au)by Bossbreazzea
An elite mafia group took over hosoka city. This band of highly skilled misfits searched for mafia gangs and rouges to defeat.The leader soon found himself in love with...
No more waiting (yaoi) by ZoroxLuffy
No more waiting (yaoi)by ZoroxLuffy
The story is about .... SasuxNaru to be honest this story is not for non-hardcore readers. In the story Naruto is tired of waiting for Sasuke to come home so he tries to...
"Truth or Lie?" {Kokichi x Shuichi} by RinMeiWang
"Truth or Lie?" {Kokichi x Shuichi}by RinMeiWang
Shuichi Saihara has an fever who beg to miu the medicine,Miu DID I give but it's the WRONG ONE. Wanna know what happen next? READ THIS *lenny face*
•HardcoreBoyHalo•  [Skephalo] by Does_a6d_aprove
•HardcoreBoyHalo• [Skephalo]by Does_a6d_aprove
Darryl has never been the type of person who likes other people. [It's Skephalo, but is going to be really different compared to other stories of them] {ALSO: There isn'...
Homework📚 Vinnie smut by Vinni3sCumSlutt
Homework📚 Vinnie smutby Vinni3s.bby
Vinnie is your sex Ed teacher and you start to get a bit curious how to do this so mr.Hacker guides you and shows you how it's done😏📚
Swing [Assassin's Brother Book II] by roytiti
Swing [Assassin's Brother Book II]by roytiti
Second part of Assassin's Brother. It's a continuation. 🤫 (Assassin's Brother with an alternative ending. Hope this is a 'better ending' and more love) Dark matter will...
sangbum smut and fluff by Wolfie61
sangbum smut and fluffby •Wolfie• 6
it's just a sangbum fan fiction! ♡♡ btw this is 18+
My New Master by hardcorestuf
My New Masterby BDSM
Jenna reached 19 witch is the age where girls of her status get sold at. She started her slave training at the age of 15 and since she was one of the best at her trainin...
Hidden Love (Bleach- Ichigo x Hichigo) by me_animefan
Hidden Love (Bleach- Ichigo x Hich...by me_animefan
Shiro finally tell Ichigo his true feelings for him and why he has been evil up until now. Will Ichigo accept Shiro? When Ichigo needs help desperately will Shiro come t...