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It hurts to love you (Billie Joe Armstrong) by Music__Junkie
It hurts to love you (Billie Joe Billie_hoe
sky was your typical punk teenager. Ever since she met Billie Joe they have always been close and she considered him as her uncle that she never had. They were oddly clo...
A Night of our Lives {Slash Fanfic} by Sweet_Eden666
A Night of our Lives {Slash Fanfic}by Lola P
A young girl named Angel, with hair that changed more then her music taste bumped into one teenage boy that would change her life forever.
Sinning like a saint // BJA by BilllieJoeMama
Sinning like a saint // BJAby Shittyb00ks
"You've been weird with me for days now!" I shouted, "Why? Billie what happened between us? You won't even look at me any more, do i mean nothing to you o...
Random Green Day Band Stuff by ImaInYourBasement
Random Green Day Band Stuffby ImaInYourBasement
A bunch of Green Day memes and pictures and whatnot... It just doesn't only have one picture on each part, like other stories... I don't know how I did over 100 parts...
Green Day - Imagines by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
Green Day - Imaginesby Marble's Magic Funhouse
Imagines about the members of Green Day! (As well as characters from American Idiot) Female pronouns unless requested ^^Currently taking requests^^ Happy Reading!
Extraordinary Girl: B.J.A. by j0liec
Extraordinary Girl: ✰ jolie ✰
A story in which 40 year old Billie Joe Armstrong finds himself very attracted to a very extraordinary 19 year old girl, Sloane Holmes.
Fell for You  || Billie Joe Armstrong  by Loves-Light-Blue
Fell for You || Billie Joe Loves-Light-Blue
Mae is a hard working woman from DC. Billie is a hard working musician from Oakland. Neither of them new that when they crossed paths that morning at the coffe shop that...
Is This The Dawning of My Life? by BlueLilyLilyBlue1
Is This The Dawning of My Life?by Grace
Harriet, an orphan, is waiting, just like every other orphan, for a family. But she's not the type of child everyone wants, so who has asked to adopt her? It can't be h...
My Stepdad, Billie Joe Armstrong (Daughter of Rage and Love) by ashesbvb
My Stepdad, Billie Joe Armstrong ( Serenity
Hope's dad died 5 years ago in a horrid car accident, but life goes on. Hope refuses to accept it, but her mother is intent on making her see that. And how does she do t...
Viva La Gloria, Oh Little Girl! by unnamedpieceofpaper
Viva La Gloria, Oh Little Girl!by Demolition Lover
Jaylen is a 14 year old girl. She's been an orphan for most of her life and she thinks she'll never get adopted. Jay loves Green Day and many other punk rock bands, but...
What a tragedy // Billie Joe Armstrong by BilllieJoeMama
What a tragedy // Billie Joe Shittyb00ks
"I write best when I'm falling in love, or falling apart." He muttered to himself, his gaze was on the guitar he had gently settled into his lap as he traced o...
Savior//Trillie// by dirnt-bag
Savior//Trillie//by sincerely,
Billie has trouble out in the street but Frank saves him. His savior. Will this friendship evolve into something else?
Don't ask, Don't tell.• Bike/Green Day  by lilalternativekid
Don't ask, Don't tell.• Bike/ jimmy
in which billie is transitioning to a man and moves to california, meets new people, experiences the teenage experience. • [not completed yet] (slowish updates) if you...
Be Quiet by BilllieJoeMama
Be Quietby Shittyb00ks
When troubled student Mallory Valentine is caught by the eye of her new music teacher Mr Armstrong, her life becomes surprisingly and quickly messy. Taking on the challe...
Youngblood by jalexinwonderland
Youngbloodby jalexinwonderland
1989 Lucy in a sky of diamond, and she shines the brightest.
Going psycho? (On Hold) [GreenDay FanFiction] by rocknrollgirlfriend
Going psycho? (On Hold) [ rocknrollgirlfriend
After an accident Billie starts to halucinate. Being afraid of what will happen when he goes to a doctor he starts to avoid going home and talking to his mom knowing he...
Silenced by shesarebel_
Silencedby Y'know
Ever since the death of his father, Billie Joe was told to not speak of it. Not a single word. Billie was trained to hide his feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It only g...
•Trike, Trillie and Bike roleplay• [CLOSED] by EclipsedDreams
•Trike, Trillie and Bike roleplay• L
The description is in the title... duh!!! I'm not actually sure if anyone will check this out but I wanted to give it a go since I haven't seen any of these on Wattpad...