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Sinning like a saint // BJA by BilllieJoeMama
Sinning like a saint // BJAby Shittyb00ks
"You've been weird with me for days now!" I shouted, "Why? Billie what happened between us? You won't even look at me any more, do i mean nothing to you o...
Church On Sunday {Billie Joe Armstrong} by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
Church On Sunday {Billie Joe Marble's Magic Funhouse
Trying to deal with the death of her father, (Y/n) thinks that her life will never be anything more than what it is now until she meets Billie Joe and after that her lif...
Be Quiet by BilllieJoeMama
Be Quietby Shittyb00ks
When troubled student Mallory Valentine is caught by the eye of her new music teacher Mr Armstrong, her life becomes surprisingly and quickly messy. Taking on the challe...
Savior//Trillie// by dirnt-bag
Savior//Trillie//by sincerely,
Billie has trouble out in the street but Frank saves him. His savior. Will this friendship evolve into something else?
Saved//Green Day by Victoria_Rose1267
Saved//Green Dayby Billie Hoe Armstrong
Chelsea was brainwashed by her homicidal mother, who killed Chelsea's father right in front of her. Not only had she tragically lost her father, she also had lost all co...
Angel Blue {Billie Joe Armstrong} by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
Angel Blue {Billie Joe Armstrong}by Marble's Magic Funhouse
When (Y/n) meets Billie Joe, she's just a lonely girl who needs friend and Billie Joe vows to be there for her no matter but before they know it, their relationship beco...
One out of a million girls in the crowd {A Million Girls #1} by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
One out of a million girls in Marble's Magic Funhouse
{COMPLETED + UPDATED} - Part 2 ~ 'He's a family man', published! Billie Joe Armstrong: Lead Singer of Green Day. You're a major fan and has listened to every song Green...
Billie Joe Armstrong Smut by Saint_Nimrod
Billie Joe Armstrong Smutby Saint_Nimrod
*PG13* You meet your favorite bands lead singer, Billie Joe! ....Let's see what happens when you two are left alone backstage....
¡Unexpected! by Gloria_BeeJ
¡Unexpected!by Gloria
Green Day FanFic !!! I'm not good with introductions but please just read it !! if you have any questions just kik me at ZGrady
Hopeless- A Trillie fanfiction  by justiceofficial
Hopeless- A Trillie fanfiction by Justice
"Is there no way to get out of the mind?" This is a Trillie fanfiction set in the year 1990. It might reach up to the Dookie era, or maybe the Nimrod era. Plea...
green day // imagines by strawbilliesss
green day // imaginesby maya🎭🖤
read the title, hoe. - - - - ily thank u for reading - - - - 🌸🌸🌸🌸
Dream and differ by Rovingambler_bj
Dream and differby Mathilde
I'm enjoying my first Green Day concert, this is gonna be the best day of my entire life, but something suddenly happens... Something goes terribly wrong, but I'm here j...
He's a family man {A Million Girls #2} by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
He's a family man {A Million Marble's Magic Funhouse
{COMPLETED + Currently updating} You and Billie Joe have four kids together all now teenagers and despite his very busy career, he always makes time for his family, even...
Trapped in Active Depart // Billie Joe by BilllieJoeMama
Trapped in Active Depart // Shittyb00ks
Can you imagine what's it's like, to have your heart not only broken, But stamped on and ripped to shreds by a boy who's face you can not go a day with out? His voice co...
Inner Demons || Billie Joe Armstrong by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
Inner Demons || Billie Joe Marble's Magic Funhouse
"Let's be angry at life together." (Y/n) has never had much luck in life and was always the one that was left behind. Thinking that she is never going to be a...
Before The Lobotomy by starrystjimmy
Before The Lobotomyby starrystjimmy
'Listen to me. You may have been famous before all of this started but now you're just like the rest of us. Doing what you can to survive.' - EDIT, 2019: hello all! this...
I'd Lie When You Come Around by wearep0tato
I'd Lie When You Come Aroundby wearep0tato
Taylor, a new popstar phenomenon returned to Oakland, California- a familiar place that holds the remnants of her childhood only to be reconnected to Billie Joe, the onl...
Say Your Prayers and Light a Fire by huttonsmercury
Say Your Prayers and Light a Fireby — killer queen
Mike will do anything just to see Skarlet smile. But once something happens to her, Mike tries everything he can do just to see her live one more day.
We shouldn't but we should ;) (A Green Day Fanfic) by Tres_RAWR_Love_Slave
We shouldn't but we should ;) (A Rae
Green Day travel to the UK together, to get away and have a break from it all. They rent a small house just outside of a city, the owners are away but their granddaughte...
Along For The Ride by Cesili
Along For The Rideby Cesili
A girl goes to school, unknowing of who waits for her there. Meeting the people she has idolized for as long as she can remember, they offer the chance of a lifetime.