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Hidden Wisteria (technoblade x fem. reader) by colorphyll
Hidden Wisteria (technoblade x colorphyll
"you're my little wisteria flower," y/n, a simple babysitter and maid for the castle meets this strange but attractive pink-haired man. well, of course, that's...
Happiness you never felt // Golden Duo by LanaFuri
Happiness you never felt // Lanafuri
-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Tommy was left alone, or so he thought. His family left him, his best friend replaced him and everyone seemed to hate him. He was promised to be happy...
Hotshot? ~{Tomboo}~ by dsmp_Ken404
Hotshot? ~{Tomboo}~by Ken.
Book Cover By: @AlliumNoah Tommy is a really popular kid. Loved by everyone at school....except the football players. He likes pulling pranks and making jokes. His best...
Monophobia - The Fear of being Alone by _DesperateEnuf_
Monophobia - The Fear of being
Dream gets sick of Tommyinnit and his attitude. By punishment, he decides to leave the scared boy out alone in the forest. A few days later, Dream decides to retrieve To...
Oɾρԋιƈ by Yume_wasfound666
Oɾρԋιƈby 夢 𝓨𝓾𝓶𝓮
Obnoxious teen, Tommyinnit lives amongst the people of the Dream SMP, seemingly causing trouble and war everywhere he turns especially after the death of his older ment...
Resolving problems is my job by YouWriteReallyGood
Resolving problems is my jobby YouWriteReallyGood
The SBI has some problems with eachother and Phil decides to foster another kid (definitely not Tommy) that understands a lot of things beyond his young age. Tommy has b...
My mum is a powerful witch | Reader x Dream smp by 8Bittersweet
My mum is a powerful witch | Helpless Sweettooth
Instead of heading into the cold snowy biome. Tommy head into a swamp. [No shipping, go read Reminiscence for that '꒳'] [Short story inspired by The Protector by @1XAli...
Why Didn't You Leave Me? by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Why Didn't You Leave Me?by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Tommy's mother works in a lab. She and her coworkers work on researching hybrids. No one knows where they came from or why, but humanity wanted to know as much as possib...
Betrayal, Such A Funny Thing// A Tommyinnit story  by honkingurmum
Betrayal, Such A Funny Thing// A Hailey
Tubbo, in desperate times, traded Tommy in, to dream to get his husband back. Tommy had been betrayed once again. By his best friend Again Betrayal Such a funny thing is...
Your Obedient Servant || Tommy (Dream Smp) Exile Arc : by Purpled_fromUFO
Your Obedient Servant || Tommy ( Purpled_fromUFO
What of after jumping off the pillar, Tommy stayed with Dream in exile. What would happen? --- TW: violence, maybe gore, cussing, suicide (mentions), death, uhh.. all t...
The Poisonous Feather // MHA x DSMP by LanaFuri
The Poisonous Feather // MHA x DSMPby Lanafuri
Welcoming death was something he was used to after all. But waking up in a whole ass different universe was something new. Being surrounded by people who called themsel...
Can You Speak Up? (Deaf Tommy AU) Tommyinnit x Reader by Ra1nWrites
Can You Speak Up? (Deaf Tommy AU) Ra1nWrites
Hey it's me again, my 4th story!!! Here's the rundown if you're new. Female reader btw ____________ Y/n helps teach a cute boy with his homework. And her knowing sign la...
The way you make me feel... ~Tommy x FEMreader~ by YOOOOOOSUCKIT
The way you make me feel... Brown M&M
It all started with a donation to my stream.. "Tommyinnit?" I said confused ... "WELL THANK YOU TOMMYINNIT FOR THE DONO!" I exclaimed ---------- Hel...
It's written on his arm. ✔ by kitcatnah
It's written on his arm. ✔by kitcatnah
'King Techno needs-' 'Techno.' Wilbur halted in surprise, glancing at King Techno with confusion. 'Not King Techno.' 'Sorry, sir-' 'No. Just Techno.' 'Oh.' Wilbur blinke...
Benched (Bench Trio and SBI Vigilante and Hero AU) by ChaoticzChaos
Benched (Bench Trio and SBI Toby
Tubbo, Ranboo, and Tommy are vigilantes. Being a vigilante is dangerous, but in a town that heroes fail to care about they have barely any choice. This story is poorly...
Cloak Boy ||Tomboo|| by dsmp_Ken404
Cloak Boy ||Tomboo||by Ken.
Book Cover By: @sootroyal Tommy, otherwise known as Simons is a- Well....It's hard to fit him into just one category. He's basically a criminal. No contracted killer has...
A Safe Place II SBI by aphroditesand
A Safe Place II SBIby Cookie_San DerE
Tommy had lived a harsh life. His mother killed herself and his dad was arrested for abusing and attempted murder of his own son. He has lived in the orphanage for a lon...
Problems and Personas by Avvocado_Toastt
Problems and Personasby Avvocado_Toastt
What else was he supposed to do when one TommyInnit shows up unannounced on his doorstep in the middle of the night? *I do not agree with any of the horrible things said...
Tommyinnt Oneshots  by Wired19
Tommyinnt Oneshots by Lee Rider
all types of oneshots, angst, fluff, and more updates are whenever I feel like it
new Brother (SBI Adoption Au) by alex_lxxser
new Brother (SBI Adoption Au)by
This is my second adoption au😂 In this Au Tommy gets adopted at the age of 5. Tommy was in the orphanage for 3years because his dad was an alcoholic and his mom didnt w...