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momentary synergy | alex turner one-shots | ongoing by b4tph0n3
momentary synergy | alex turner b4tph0n3
some lovely oneshots of our fav, mr alexander david turner ~
| Alex Turner Imagines |   by -lildalek-
| Alex Turner Imagines | by •vee•
❝ At least as deep as the Pacific Ocean I wanna be yours ❞ 〈 Reader x Alex Turner 〉 This book mainly contains random one-shots and imagines related to Alex. Requests...
In Denial | Alex Turner by ghostc0okies
In Denial | Alex Turnerby a
"This game we two have... It's killing me, Bella...„ Monica is an ordinary New York habitant that works two jobs a day, trying to win enough money to survive. What...
calm like you - (alex turner fluff one-shots) by magn0liacelebrati0n
calm like you - (alex turner magnolia celebration
A collection of fluffy, SFW Alex Turner x reader one-shots.
Everything That You've Come To Expect (Milex au) by IDEKTERBEAR
Everything That You've Come To IDEKTERBEAR
Singers Alex Turner and Miles Kane have been friends for years. Alex was shy. He was embarrassed. He didn't like himself when he spoke. Miles was clear minded. He knew...
Why No Answer? *ᴬˡᵉˣ ᵀᵘʳⁿᵉʳ* by imagine-that-100
Why No Answer? *ᴬˡᵉˣ ᵀᵘʳⁿᵉʳ*by imagine-that-100
It's New Years when Alex turns up drunk and high on your doorstep, and you find looking after him is a chore. But he's a shameless flirt, and trying to ignore the words...
Alex Turner - Songs Imagines by SweetDreamsCA
Alex Turner - Songs Imaginesby SweetDreamsCA
Short stories about Alex, inspired by songs and lyrics I will mention the song at the beginning of each short story. Enjoy 😊
I Wanna Be Yours (Arctic Monkeys Fanfiction) by bloodandbile
I Wanna Be Yours (Arctic Monkeys G
Leah never thinks much about the trip to California with her best friend, until a hotel room mixup with the arctic monkeys and hollywood drama chasing her tail for it. ...
Alex Turner One Shots by loveyellamo
Alex Turner One Shotsby loveyellamo
FINISHED FOR NOW! A One Shot Book About Our Favorite Frontman of The Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner! (No Smut) Requests Are Open! P.S. I changed my username and deleted the...
My Fantasy (Miles Kane one-shots) by prettyvisit0rs
My Fantasy (Miles Kane one-shots)by prettyvisit0rs
A selection of fluffy and smutty Miles Kane imagines x
⚜️ You Can Call Me Sir Alexander ⚜️  (Alex Turner) by SweetDreamsCA
⚜️ You Can Call Me Sir Alexander ⚜ SweetDreamsCA
Hazel learned that King Edward III's outpost would station a few miles from her village, and the anticipation made her flush with excitement. This was a small group of c...
I Wanna Be Yours - (alex turner x reader drabbles) by magn0liacelebrati0n
I Wanna Be Yours - (alex turner magnolia celebration
A collection of drabbles featuring a domestic Alexander living day to day life with you over the years.
Milex by mileskanethough
Milexby mileskanethough
Just another Milex Fanfiction
𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐫 🄾🄽🄴 🅂🄷🄾🅃 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐩𝐭.2  by cigarettesmokerkaite
𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐫 🄾🄽🄴 🅂🄷� cigarettesmokerkaite
the sequel to my alex turner one shot book if anyone has any requests they would like to see feel free to let me know these one shots contain (Fluff) (Angst) there's...
You're an angel- Alex Turner one shots by perfectsnse
You're an angel- Alex Turner one maizy ୨♡୧
"You're an angel, my angel" Variety of alex turner oneshots :)
Pattern {Milex} by milexallday
Pattern {Milex}by milexallday
"No, I don't fuckin' miss 'er..." Alex lazily laughed though the phone, taking another sloppy swig from his beer bottle. "Ya got tha'?" "Al, thi...
Barely Legal. [Milex] by kingNegan
Barely Legal. [Milex]by Lennon
Alex+Miles. There's a prologue so you should read that.
The Library - Milex by milexallday
The Library - Milexby milexallday
"How could something as simple as a book bring us together?" Alex always enjoyed being alone, sitting at a library minding his own business. He's not the most...
April Fools by mileskanegroupie505
April Foolsby mileskanegroupie505
A little bit of trickery that backfires... but on whom...? (Lmao I love these pretentious descriptions) in the photo they are half hidden in shadow bc they're scheming l...
Midnight In Sheffield | Alex Turner by BastilleWolf
Midnight In Sheffield | Alex Turnerby BastilleWolf
| Alex Turner/Reader | When a soon-to-be-wedded insomniac author heads back home to visit her parents, she comes across the likes of a mysterious musician on her sleep...