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Ugly Duckling ¤ Will Herondale by Chalant14
Ugly Duckling ¤ Will Herondaleby Chalant14
"Last I saw you, you were an ugly duckling. Actually, not even a duck should be insulted like that." A horribly infiltrating smirk played on his full lips as h...
Magnus' Shadow (Alec Lightwood Love Story) by _Tess_x
Magnus' Shadow (Alec Lightwood Lov...by Tess
[Season 1] Yasmin Wayland was separated from her Twin brother at the age of 10. Raised by Downworlds and searching for her brother she stumbles across Clary Fray who lea...
Famous: A Malec AU Fanfiction by lunaryy
Famous: A Malec AU Fanfictionby Lunary Quill
This is an AU (Alternate Universe) Fanfiction based on the characters from the amazing series written by Cassandra Clare. All characters belong to her. Magnus Bane is...
My One-Shots by bamistambiana
My One-Shotsby bamistambiana
My one-shots will be from these books: Harry Potter Shadowhunter Chronicles (TID, TDA, TLH, TMI) Keeper of the Lost Cities Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus The School for...
Stolen Breath by Caitlin-Herondale
Stolen Breathby Caitlin Herondale-Fairchild
Catherine Alyssa Rosehale is a Shadowhunter, daughter of 2 Shadowhunters who left the Enclave. When she is captured by the Dark Sisters and meets Will Herondale, a sarca...
Fragile Hearts (TID - Will Herondale fanfic)  by rebourntrees
Fragile Hearts (TID - Will Heronda...by absolutely-no-time
" 'Who is she?' Jessamine demands. 'She's my Friend,' Jem says calmly. 'My best friend, actually.' 'I thought Will was your best friend,' Henry says. 'She's...
TMI meets TID by Miss_Fairchild
TMI meets TIDby Miss_Fairchild
What if Henry made a portal that took the Shadowhunters from the London institute, to the New York one? In this book The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices mee...
You're Mine And I'm Yours by fangirlforever00
You're Mine And I'm Yoursby fangirlforever00
SPOILERS!! A Mortal Instruments fanfic set after City of Heavenly Fire. Lots of CLACE, Malec, and SIZZY moments!! What happens when something unexpected arrives at their...
Falling | Wessa by -tessaherondale
Falling | Wessaby p(hoe)be
"Disgusting pervert," she muttered. "But I'm your pervert," he grinned childishly. "Sure, like as if that's super romantic," she said, roll...
Wild Warriors: A Shadowhunters Fanfic by FloraFey
Wild Warriors: A Shadowhunters Fan...by FloraFey
{A Jace Wayland Fanfiction} ----------- Cara Freerose was born and raised alongside the Lightwoods in the New York Institute. Brooklyn was her home and the Lightwoods we...
Shadowhunters: Quotes and More! by Winsterry
Shadowhunters: Quotes and More!by •Winsterry•
Quotes from Cassandra Clare's book series, "The Mortal Instruments" and "The Infernal Devices."
The Infernal Instruments by I0Rainandme0I
The Infernal Instrumentsby ZainaB
A mortal instruments and infernal devices cross-over... When a mad man wearing Victorian clothes turns up at the New York institute cursing shadowhunters and predicting...
Sweetener ▹ The Infernal Devices by wylanvanecks
Sweetener ▹ The Infernal Devicesby 𝑲.
Evangeline Rosewell has too much love to give. Fortunately, the three people she loves the most are exactly the same way. ( THE INFERNAL DEVICES TRILOGY )
TID short story ( Fanfiction) by Bookish_penguin
TID short story ( Fanfiction)by ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ
Will and Jem got sent to the future by a demon, where they meet the shadowhunters of that time. Who will they meet and what will they learn?
Malec oneshots by cabeswxter
Malec oneshotsby cabeswxter
If all you need is a bit of Malec fluff, I'm here to provide.
When All Lose Hope (Kit x Ty Fan Fiction) by Marie10w0
When All Lose Hope (Kit x Ty Fan F...by Marie1qwp
To all who read the Queen of Air and Darkness must know the pain (spoilers!!!!) of Kit leaving Ty. Kit soon learns that he made a mistake. He regrets leaving Ty. Being a...
Quotes Part 4 by bamistambiana
Quotes Part 4by bamistambiana
Same as the last three, none of this art is mine. Also please note I am not any of the stories I quote authors.
After The Bridge- Jessa by BooksBBCandShips
After The Bridge- Jessaby BooksBBCandShips
This is Jessa smut that Cassandra Clare posted to her Tumblr. I DID NOT WRITE THIS. ALL RIGHTS GO TO CASSANDRA CLARE. Warning: Smut
Heronstairs: A Fluff Collection by Broadway_Bound_Baby
Heronstairs: A Fluff Collectionby Nat
Will and Jem are an undeniable truth no matter what world, what life, what scenario they find themselves in. As the wheel turns and life changes, so does the nature of t...
Lady Midnight by applepinegirl
Lady Midnightby Cheeky Taco?
This is just a bunch of TDA one shots :) This was written in 2015 before LM came out so all the theories/stories in here either aren't accurate or haven't happened yet s...