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Parallel [RusAme] by StoopyOOF
Parallel [RusAme]by Stoopy
After many years of hard work, finally, the key to reaching other dimensions had been found. America introduces the first ever inter-dimensional machine to the world sho...
newbies | beast boy x reader by bracexforximpact
newbies | beast boy x readerby time for beans
BOOK 3 of the Beast Boy Trilogy ••• Even though (Y/n) has healed and been released from the hospital, Gar is still hospitalized. Visiting every day does not seem to hel...
Forget Me Not (Eren x Reader) by LainaisntFunny
Forget Me Not (Eren x Reader)by Laina
Second Book to "To Be Normal" The body that lays here infront of me is my love we met when we were ten and she dreamed of going to a public school well you kn...
Rape,bullied, Yet I still love him(Cam fanfic). by Darlenecolbyrock
Rape,bullied, Yet I still love Shawnmendesfan
"He rapes me he bullies me he famous yet I still love him." Alex "I beat her I rape her yet I feel I love her but why she has hurt me but is that in th...
The Unknown (a bubbline story) by sweetie_potato_
The Unknown (a bubbline story)by Jackie
Marceline and Bonnibel... the perfect pair. If only they would realize it. (formerly called Oblivious) I do not own cover art.
Royals  by ponmque
Royals by ponmque
Anna Chaucer. Daughter of Former king Ace Chaucer and sister of King Brandon Chaucer. Harry Marlowe. Son of duke Jake Marlowe and brother of queen Alexandra Chaucer. T...
I Suddenly Married The Almighty Ceo by ARWrites020
I Suddenly Married The Almighty Ceoby ARWrites020
Isang pinakamagaling na doktor at isang kilalang Ceo ng isang makaling kompanya ay magsasama dahil sa isang kasunduan, magiging madali kaya ang lahat sa dalawang taong...
Mafia!Skeppy x BadBoyHalo +*Highschool Au*+ [SLOW UPDATES] by FoxHeavenUwU
Mafia!Skeppy x BadBoyHalo +* FoxHeavenUwU
❗️DISCLAMER❗️ This is a Highschool x Mafia! Au and I'm not shipping them irl, just their characters. If anyone of the people in the story feels uncomfortable with the sh...
Redeeming love by njhahmad_
Redeeming loveby Queen J
Redeeming love. It's the story of one girl name Adrienne Nelson who try to find her happiness. She never know who is her mother is because it's only her dad who's taking...
Short Dark Stories by Minecrafanz
Short Dark Storiesby Minecrafanz
I've been writing dark short stories, and I wanted to put them all in a compilation. Warning, they can get dark, hence the name. Minecraft isn't my only thing.
I Won't Fall for You {Klance} by garousjuicydickveins
I Won't Fall for You {Klance}by your dirty cum sock
ON HIATUS •High School AU• Keith and Lance really never talked to each other until one day they both got put in detention. Lance for a fight and Keith...well for being K...
 jungkook one-shot ff by JEONMARYJAE
jungkook one-shot ffby MARY JAE
OK so I am again here but this time with the new one so this story will be of jungkook one-shot request are open for all
World war 3 online, aka sword art online-fanfic by fireman123
World war 3 online, aka sword Bradley Turner
world war 3 online, it's fanfic for arma ww3 mod. it's just that it's like sword art online- the anime. it's not my main story right now, so you might see meny problems...
The witch by random_stories1122
The witchby random_stories1122
this story is about a girl that is forced to be normal by her parents what happens when she disappoints her parents will they kick her out of the house or will they fina...
Book of art |M'back :)| by DeadlyQueenYeet
Book of art |M'back :)|by JustyourDailymemer
Book of art do I dare say anything else? (Wtf happen to my photos I can't seem to get them to load) Also I can take requests if y'all want meh to :P Just pm meh. Ranking...
In Another Life (an SGE fan fic) by Dolphingamer989
In Another Life (an SGE fan fic)by Sophia.with.Ideas
A woman named Belinda despised Agatha and Tedros. Belinda was eviler than Sophie in many ways. She took over the throne of Camelot and claimed it for herself. By asking...
The Stolen Hero by TheOneWhereSheReads
The Stolen Heroby TheOneWhereSheReads
You would think that after the last time he was stolen(, lost, whatever), Camp Half Blood would increase security around the Poseidon Cabin, especially at the orders or...
Saying immediately about someone's biggest trait can be either worst or best. Sometimes, putting up your views without giving it a second thought turns the situation in...
"What's Inside the Wall?" by _no_1_else_
"What's Inside the Wall?"by Nobody
There was a "Young Boy" named "James Kitty" everyone bullies him because of his name. His parents also don't like his name but "Kitty" is h...