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A Little Good Influence | Max Thunderman x Reader by ShunsGirl
A Little Good Influence | Max R.M.Weasley
Every time over-achiever (Y/N) (L/N) meets constant-troublemaker Max Thunderman, a full-on snap fest engages. Everyone thinks that when they get together the world will...
The Thundermans: Stuck In The Shadow [1] by ICrzy01
The Thundermans: Stuck In The ICrzy
Still settling in Hiddenville, the Thunderman's are able to maintain a normal life as a normal family despite the fact they have superpowers. However, they aren't the on...
Another Thunderman  by Scarlet_Mischief
Another Thunderman by Alison
[A Thundermans fanfic] [I don't own any characters from The Thundermans apart from Eliza and quite a few OC's that will be appearing.] Elizabeth 'Eliza' Marina Thunderm...
Lilith Thunderman by eva_evi_n
Lilith Thundermanby Eva
Contains slight mature content like swearing, violence, death The Thundermans are a family of seven. It consists of Max and Phoebe (15), Billy (10), Nora (8), Lilith (5)...
Dark danger ( a Henry Danger fan fiction) by Twixich
Dark danger ( a Henry Danger fan FanFilled
Dark mayhem enemy of Thunderman has a secret child named Taylor. As Dark Mayhem is in prison he contacted her and told her to find out who captain man and kid danger is...
The Thunderman's Misfit by eharland04
The Thunderman's Misfitby erharland04
Barb Thunderman had a baby before Chloe and the baby posed as a threat to the family.
The Other Thunderman by fangirl548
The Other Thundermanby fangirl548
This is the life of Erica Thunderman, the other child of Hank and Barb.
Billy's New Super Power by aye_lali
Billy's New Super Powerby aye_lali
It was a normal day in the thundermans house until billy went inside max's lair and found an invention that can get you anthor super power, but when billy accedently tou...
Max Thunderman imagines  by Mrs_Mikaelson__
Max Thunderman imagines by Georgia
A series of imagines about Max Thunderman from the Nickelodeon TV show the Thundermans. • • Requests are open but keep in mind I do not use names I only use "y/n&q...
Nyctophilia Max Thunderman by supernaturalbae5700
Nyctophilia Max Thundermanby BTS ARMY
Nyctophilia: love of darkness; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness "Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness." Slight Supernatural crossover but...
Spying With The love 💕  by LolaLaurenLola
Spying With The love 💕 by LolaLaurenLola
Mrs.Wong hires Lauren,a 16 years-old girl,to go spy on the Thundermans. Lauren becomes good friends with the thundermans. but, the thing is,she's starting to have a crus...
S E C R E T S ||| max thunderman by thatAmeezygirl
S E C R E T S ||| max thundermanby thatAmeezygirl
---" I'll tell you my secret, if you tell me yours " ---" okay, but your not gonna believe this " ---" trust me, it's the other way around "...
The Silver Ranger by xo_Writingxo
The Silver Rangerby xo_Writingxo
Isabella Thunderman is the oldest daughter from Hank and Barb Thunderman. She has moved from Hiddenville to escape her superhero life and live like a normal teenager. On...
Max Thunderman Love Story by kittykez04
Max Thunderman Love Storyby kittykez04
Emma who just moved to hiddinville met a interesting family.She met a lot of people.But emma isn't a normal girl.Read more to discovered her life as she meet her soulmat...
Me And You《Max Thunderman》 by BionicThunderman
Me And You《Max Thunderman》by L
Ariel didn't know she liked him, but being a babysitter for one night might just change things • cover by @MarvelThunderGames •
The Fight That Can't Be Won (The Thundermans Fanfic) by PTMalvik
The Fight That Can't Be Won (The PT Malvik
On a cape mission, Phoebe is badly hurt. Max wants revenge, but does he want that more than his sister's recovery?
Bella And The ThunderMans by trayvonhaslam
Bella And The ThunderMansby Trayvon Haslam
When The Thundermans have to spend Spring Break in Texas to catch a escaped ghost, Max and Phoebe aren't that thrilled about it. Until they met the Bulldogs, but when t...
Henry Danger Oneshots by dj_tiger360
Henry Danger Oneshotsby Dj
A bunch of Henry danger oneshots
A Superhero in the house? (A Thundermans Story) by k00ki3123
A Superhero in the house? (A Adriana Montufar
What if there was another thunderman and she was also evil her name is Angel Alexandra Thunderman and she's the 3rd oldest of the family her best friend is Max they alwa...