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The New Kid: A Noah Centineo Fanfiction  by strombergcentineo
The New Kid: A Noah Centineo strombergcentineo
To the world, Marleigh Morris has had a perfect, romantic relationship with her boyfriend Austin Jennings, but to Marleigh, her relationship was extremely complicated. E...
The New Kid (Frerard Fanfic) by PhoebeThompson9
The New Kid (Frerard Fanfic)by Phoebe Thompson
A Frerard fanfic. (GOING TO RE EDIT BECAUSE MY WRITING WAS AWFUL 5 YEARS AGO AND MAY ADD MORE) Frank is the new kid at school. He gets bullied on his first day and Gerar...
Rwby Chibi: New Kid Edition by -_ShadowMarked-_
Rwby Chibi: New Kid Editionby Shadow
Welcome to the friendly, death defying, chibified version of Rwby! But with my own twist by adding "New Kid" protagonist (Y/N) into the mix. Let's see how the...
The New Member by jordynnluvvsuu
The New Memberby jordynnluvvsuu
⚠️Drama, smuts, maybe trigger warnings⚠️
💚🧡 Heres some one-shots!!! I've been waiting to do this for a long here we go! I'll update whenever I'm bored or just feel like yeeting (autocorrect disagree...
The Totally Normal Adventures Of The New Kid by PineScentedSin
The Totally Normal Adventures Of PineScentedSin
He's just a normal new kid, in a normal boring town. or at least, that's what his parents told him but he stop believing them a long time ago... too bad he can't remembe...
The New Kid (Taemin x BTS){On Hold} by XxXBTSTRASHXxX
The New Kid (Taemin x BTS){On Hold}by 👼Loveliest Angel👼
Bottom!Taemin~ Top!BTS~ ~•{The New Kid}•~ Taemin Transfers to a new school... called Bangtan high school. which is owned by BTS the most feared and popular group. tae...
The New Kid in New England by wickthewriter
The New Kid in New Englandby wickthewriter
Sammy Hall is the new kid in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Born and raised a California girl, she struggles to adjust to the New England life that was forced upon her after...
You and I by zwhh_p
You and Iby Zoi Maria Petridou
The One Direction Series - Book #1 Meet Veronica. A beautiful and kind high school student, who is obsessed with One Direction. She has dated only one boy in her life, h...
The New Kid (a Steven universe fanfiction) by TheAlphaGirl379
The New Kid (a Steven universe TheAlphaGirl379
An accident has another gem join the team, then they figure out she's keeping a secret that's more than they can handle.
The New Kid: A Script by writesthetic
The New Kid: A Scriptby 🦋 ℍ𝕚𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕤 (𝕚𝕤𝕙) 🦋
Okay, so the title isn't the best idea I ever had but bear with me. Anyways...onto the description! Uh...yeah. No description yet. I didn't exactly plan this out but wha...
the new kid | why don't we✓ by -shallowseavey
the new kid | why don't we✓by lo. ♛
[bxb] four boys jack avery, daniel seavey, jonah marais, and corbyn besson make up the hottest pop 'man band' called "why don't we".. after two years of singin...
The New Kid by pineapplepiza
The New Kidby pineapplepiza
Will Harper Bennett fall for the new kid? READ TO FIND OUT
The New Kid by DustyDarkness
The New Kidby DustyDarkness
When new boy Marcel joins the school Emily believes he's just another nerd but she couldn't have been more wrong. Will she choose love over her popularity or prove that...
The Past of Zack by TrystenNaylor
The Past of Zackby Trysten Naylor
Zack was out adventuring in the woods outside of his house. He met a boy named Ryan. When a wolf attacks them, Zack does something that he'll never forget. They hunt dow...
The New Kid by CedrickPeavyJr
The New Kidby CedrickPeavyJr
The story of when a kid's new could be the beginning of a great adventure.
The New Kid by lilsavagekhiddd
The New Kidby Drina🤘🏻
In this story the new girl Tori Kelly, makes new friends and she might fall in love. Who will she fall for? What will happen if he falls for her first? Read to find out.