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The Judge  by RobertDowneyJr-13
The Judge by RobertDowneyJr-13
After you and Hank Palmer move from your home town, you are needed 20 years later to help fight a case between Judge Palmer. You discover secrets and feelings for a cert...
He seems sad..(Batter x reader) by metal-chan
He seems sad..(Batter x reader)by metal-chan
His icy glare was enough to freeze time, there was something else in them....but what..? An Off x reader probably one of the best out there...not your typical reader get...
Romancing The Producer (Robert Downey Jr. Love Story) by FanFicArmy
Romancing The Producer (Robert Laura [The Last Avenger]
This is a story about Robert Downey Jr. and his beautiful wife Susan Downey (Levin). Actor fell in love with Producer. What's going to happen? Well the question will be...
A certain Bonely man by Danish407
A certain Bonely manby Danish407
It's seem sans has been reincarnated after died at frisk hand but there's different happening
Far Cry 5/New dawn Oneshots/Headcanons (Mostly Judge) by RoladiaRose
Far Cry 5/New dawn Oneshots/ E
The title says it all. Inconsistent updates. Requests are always open. 1st fic, enjoy. <3 The Captain, as well as The Deputy/Judge, are both male in this fic. There...
RDJ x Reader // Imagines by FanFics-R-Us
RDJ x Reader // Imaginesby /‘ sādist/
Different Robert Downey Jr Imagines that I come up with out of the blue. ALSO: Down for suggestions, so if you want a certain type of imagine done I will go ahead and w...
A New Beginning (an Off fanfic) by Melonbird12
A New Beginning (an Off fanfic)by Arachnidz
The Puppeteer abandons the world of Off after siding with The Judge, leaving it a barren wasteland with few remaining. But hidden feelings spark a stranger to restore th...
OFF x reader oneshots  by Cha0s-Prince
OFF x reader oneshots by Cha0s-Prince
OFF belongs to Mortis Ghost Oneshots belong to me Art belongs to original artist
OFF Oneshots/AUs by JillytheFail
OFF Oneshots/AUsby WaxCandles
If you want to request something, then go ahead ^w^ I'll do xReaders, ships (Batterie, Sugarie, etc.), certain parts of the game, alternate endings, and things from fang...
Saturday Night Live by sebirdowney
Saturday Night Liveby Birdie
Be careful what you wish for. Struggling actress Penny Gandhi couldn't get a role even if her life depended on it. On a Saturday night, she sits in front of the TV like...
Hey Batta Batta! - The Batter x Reader One-Shots by LilBombBeLit
Hey Batta Batta! - The Batter x fuck
Off is owned by Mortis Ghost. All art I used does NOT belong to me. - - - - - - - - - Ehh,one-shots basically
The judge {Robert Downey Jr} UNDER EDITING by chadwickslaugh
The judge {Robert Downey Jr} Stark
What if, during the shooting of "The judge", Robert actually falls in love with the youngest girl in the cast: Leighton Marissa Meester? He had many demons, an...
The Judge - Joshler [POSTPONED DUE TO REWRITE] by -zerogravity
The Judge - Joshler [POSTPONED 1-800-273-8255
Tyler is dead. In Purgatory, he meets Josh Dun, who is the judge of whether he goes to heaven or hell. Josh and Tyler have to go through hell, battle inner (and not-so-i...
The Judge by RiverShrewsbery
The Judgeby River
John Filman stands before his father, the local judge, having done disgusting deeds. Someone must pay, but his father has an idea.
My Art by KuruOnyx1
My Artby bin diddy sans
just my sketches, really.
The Judge by littleclownz
The Judgeby Salazar Lee
"The Judge" Fanfiction This fanfiction is based on the movie “The Judge”, however it starts in the late 1980’s when Hank Palmer was in his teen years. Phrases...
Autumn Tunes  by spiritphire
Autumn Tunes by spiritphire
Tsukishima has a ukulele.
Piosenki Na Ukulele by ttylersmom
Piosenki Na Ukuleleby førest
Songs with chords on ukulele ~ Okładka od @lucifri
Blurryface by Lyrics-101
Blurryfaceby Lyrics-101
These lyrics and videos do not belong to me! They belong to Twenty One Pilots! If you do not like anything about Twenty One Pilots or their music, please do not read.
Blurryface Album Lyrics: tøp by insanityVShumanity
Blurryface Album Lyrics: tøpby littlemissPSYCHOtic
Blurryface album lyrics by top with a bonus song (heathens). Fan fiction coming soon!