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𝗧𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗢𝗢𝗘𝗗 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗧 ━ ❪ shawn mendes ❫ by dovegrande
・ 。゚☆ 𝗧𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗢𝗢𝗘𝗗 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗧 ❪ shawn mendes ❫ ↳ in which imogen bryant is tasked with tattooing shawn mendes ❪ shawn mendes x fem!oc...
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Bad News (Wattys 2015) by MissBridgetAnn
Bad News (Wattys 2015)by Bridget Ann
"You want more?" I nodded. "Say it." "Ian, I can't." "Like Hell you can't. Say it, or I stop." My mouth remained clamped shut. He...
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my little tattoo by emilybirminghammm123
my little tattooby emily <3
"Ouch!" Lily mumbled, clutching her wrist. The small tattoo on her right wrist started heating up. And then it hit her, he's here. --- There isn't a single per...
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spσílt by yaoiisme
spσíltby ♡ whαlєcum ♡
an au where harry is a tattoo artist and underage louis keeps coming to get tattoos. »this is mostly just fluff and smut«
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The Numbers on Her Wrist by KatherineHinchley
The Numbers on Her Wristby Katherine (Kat) Hinchley
Best rank: #1 in Action! Included in Action's Featured List! Amelia Reyes has been raised within an orphanage her entire life, but she just recently broke free of their...
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Personality Match (#wattys2015) by hello-people-goodbye
Personality Match (#wattys2015)by Iris Ray
Isabella Ford, A girl sweeter than sugar, takes part in her school's new match quiz, never thinking she'd be partnered with the towns infamous bad boy, Noah Bridge. Now...
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Death is My BFF (Book 1 of the Rewritten Death Chronicles) by katrocks247
Death is My BFF (Book 1 of the Katarina E. Tonks
(OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES TV AND 2014 WATTY AWARD WINNER!) The legendary Angel of Death has spared Faith Williams' divine soul. However, this merciful act comes at a pr...
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Not That Bad #Wattys2018 by Umberdiary
Not That Bad #Wattys2018by Umberdiary
In most situations, it's the bad boy who finds himself falling for the innocent girl. This is not that situation. Rori Villan (no pun intended) is notorious for her la...
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Please, Notice Me: Look At Me. by fletcher17
Please, Notice Me: Look At Taylor Fletcher
This is the second book to Please, Notice Me. This picks up and follows Harry in his third year (I don't like the second year.) Follow as Harry deals with his school lif...
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The Tattoo (zayn) by smileforsunshine
The Tattoo (zayn)by Rachel
After a chance encounter resulting in a matching tattoo, can Zayn forget about the girl who has a piece of him?
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Heat Of The Moon by TwistedDreams98
Heat Of The Moonby Sophie
When Ava's small town suddenly receives an unwanted visit from three strange, attractive men, she sets out to avoid them at all costs. Something about them wasn't quite...
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Danny Phantom Fanfiction - A Different Kind Of Trip by Lady_Luci_
Danny Phantom Fanfiction - A Luci~ 💕
A not-so stereotypical trip to the ghost zone story!!! In which Valerie has joined the trio, Sam has powers, Tucker has a robo-suit and Jazz had developed telepathy. Not...
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Teaching eachother - ddlb  by Limegrab
Teaching eachother - ddlb by Spicy Lemon
Billy was shy and reserved, he didn't get out much and hadn't even experienced his first kiss. But the Gold cafe changes his life, he meets some amazing new friends, gai...
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It All Started With A Tattoo!! ( Book 1 H.S. fanfic) (Slowly Editing) by sassygirl93
It All Started With A Tattoo!! ( Allie
{COMPLETED} What happens when Allie goes to her local tattoo shop, and she runs into the one and only Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Continue to read this story to find ou...
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Tethered Tats by SammiBSykes
Tethered Tatsby Samantha Sykes
[Completed] In a world where a tattoo decides your fate, Noelle Oakley is destined to find her soulmate. When dealing with trauma and the death of her parents, she is s...
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10 Things & Then I'll Go by bmasch
10 Things & Then I'll Goby Brooke
When my best friend Paige died she left me a letter listing ten things I needed to questions asked. Every item I check off her list brings me out of my shell and...
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Inked - Katsuki Bakugo by EveyNightmare
Inked - Katsuki Bakugoby Cordelia Beeghly
Maki Ishimura is a bubbly girl with a bit of a temper and a massive love for her brother. Her quirk is seen as offputting and usually disregarded in Japan. Knowing she m...
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Rivals For Breakfast by floralessence1
Rivals For Breakfastby floralessence1
I know if I get close to him I'll scathe not burn, I'll melt not soften, I'll shatter not break, but he has a glow so black it turns hematite into butterflies, there is...
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a r t || taegguk by softtaesoft
a r t || taeggukby sarbear
kim taehyung keeps coming back to the same tattoo parlour because the artist (jeon jeongguk) is very cute. lowercase intended started: 17 sep 2019 finished:
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The Gangster Family  by chaitali_14
The Gangster Family by Chaitali Mhatre
The Roy family. With a rough past now living under a roof with so much love, you could actually melt. The boys are gangsters or you Can say mafias, but their beloved si...
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