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Watered Down by Shelby_Painter
Watered Downby Shelby V Painter
**shortlisted for Wattys2017** Technically speaking, I died when I was seventeen. What should have been just another typical day out on the water with my friends, turned...
Sea Of Treason, Pirate's Bluff #1 by Trombolii
Sea Of Treason, Pirate's Bluff #1by Stacey Trombley
When Whitley winds up on the top of a pirate hit-list thanks to her con-artist father, she must hide her identity and board another pirate ship, trusting in one shape-sh...
Secrets of a Pirate's Heart by Victoria_Brooks
Secrets of a Pirate's Heartby Victoria Brooks
Scarlett lives in the Golden Age of Piracy. And despite the fascination she has with them, they also come with their dangers. But when Scarlett is swept into the midst o...
Love Wins (lgbtq+) by notbackingdown
Love Wins (lgbtq+)by T. Gray
I disregard the stares that follow me toward that cottage on the edge of the village, their judging eyes boring into my back, my legs shaking harder with every step I ta...
Ocean Storm by VictoriaLachac
Ocean Stormby Victoria Lachac
Eva did everything but follow the rules. No one seemed to understand her. Suffering domestic violence, she used humor to hide how alone and unwanted she truly felt. Howe...
The Island Curse by heater0387
The Island Curseby Heather
[Complete] Isla Halloran has dreamed of visiting her father's birthplace, Merrow Island, since she was a child. Her grandfather would fill her head with stories of its b...
Sun Kissed by CocoNichole
Sun Kissedby Coco Nichole
"They become like us, but beautiful. Dangerously beautiful. Oh yes. And they can make the sky do their bidding. They cast spells with their music that can take away...
Mermaid Believer Book by MermaidStory808
Mermaid Believer Bookby MermaidStory808
For mermaids believers out there: we all have faced problems and annoying people who are nonbelievers! We all have faced those "real" spells that work, to find...
Beautiful Cries by Lyssagirl7686
Beautiful Criesby Alyssa Anne
*Currently Revising!!!* *Book One in the Broken In Times Series* The tale of Persephone is well known throughout Greek Mythology, however, the real tale hidden beneath t...
Reborn as a Sea Spirit by butterfly_effect
Reborn as a Sea Spiritby butterfly_effect
Sassy university student turned Sea Spirit × Saintly Mysterious Royal Sorcerer I am a normal university student. When I opened my eyes from my nap, I became a side cha...
The Siren's Song by Squeaks7
The Siren's Songby SJ Moquin
Finnec falls in the love the first time he steps aboard a ship. In love with the sea, that is. When his dreams finally come true and he is made captain of his own vessel...
The Calling by JacianaSuzy
The Callingby Jaciana Suzy
What if the sound of the sea was accompanied by a voice? What if that voice called your name and asked you to come to it? Would you dare to go?
Fantasy Contests by WattpadContests
Fantasy Contestsby Wattpad Contests | Ambassadors
Where you can find information about all the Fantasy contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Crossing Oceans  | ✓ by WackyMinx
Crossing Oceans | ✓by Valerie Walsh ™
#1 The Diamond Awards #2 Butterfly Fly Away Awards #2 The Golden Awards #3 The Quill Awards #21 in Historical Fiction Featured by @HistoricalFiction @talesofthedeep @Pr...
Stranded - A Pirate's Tale - part 1 by OliverPrattAuthor
Stranded - A Pirate's Tale - part 1by Oliver Pratt
There is nothing worse for a pirate than dying on dry land. Except, maybe, swinging two feet above it. When their captain is imprisoned, facing the gallows, the men and...
Blue, A Subnautica Story by RampageThaPlagueDoc
Blue, A Subnautica Storyby Ur local PlagueBoi
(Slow updates) A Subnuatica story of a 12 year old girl named Anna, she was a code commander and a messenger. She crash landed on a alien planet: 4546B, from the ship na...
Fintastic Authors by talesofthedeep
Fintastic Authorsby Tales of the Deep | Ambassado...
Here Fintastic Wattpad authors share a few of their favorites with the Tales of the Deep community. Whether it be movies, books, candy, or secret places to write, Tales...
Sara In Atlantis [#JustWriteIt] by MoonshineNoire
Sara In Atlantis [#JustWriteIt]by MoonshineNoire
"Time travel exists, ghosts are real, and magic isn't an illusion. Forget everything you are told to believe, believe what you see." Sara becomes...
Writer's Lagoon - Writing Prompts by talesofthedeep
Writer's Lagoon - Writing Promptsby Tales of the Deep | Ambassado...
Writing prompts and mertastic contests from the sea. Seeking inspiration? Tangled in writer's block? Up for a challenge? Join the writer's lagoon! Every month our resid...
Sands of Time - A Tales of the Deep Anthology by talesofthedeep
Sands of Time - A Tales of the Dee...by Tales of the Deep | Ambassado...
Do you love mertastic stories just as much as we do? Can't get enough of your favourite ocean-based characters? Then you have come to the right place! Sands of Time fe...