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and on the fourth day god created friendship - ❥ 𝐭𝐱𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐦 by lookateeznutz
and on the fourth day god created...by laura
wherein a mysterious person added five guys to a group chat claiming they would make a good group of friends. ranks 🏅 : #1 in txt (27 apr 22) #1 in taegyu (5 apr 22) #1...
Curious | Taegyu  by delulutaegyuist
Curious | Taegyu by Astronaut kkyukkyu
Friends since highschool, Beomgyu and Taehyun were almost inseparable. Despite the differences and conflicting personalities they had, they could never leave each other...
Rhythm || Taegyu  by hobakswag
Rhythm || Taegyu by 🍂
"ARE YOU INSANE?!??" "shush they'll hear you, so are you gonna hold my hand or not?" Started: 10-22-21 Ended: [ ongoing ] Highest Rankings: 🏅 #2...
My Runaway Vampires by DraftingComicBird
My Runaway Vampiresby DraftingComicBird
Hueningkai finds a vampire feasting in an alley. vampires are real??!! the vampire has three friends and they all need a place to stay while they try to blend the worlds...
Somehow || Taegyu ✔️ by waengingkaistwin
Somehow || Taegyu ✔️by Waengingkai’s twin
Beomgyu , a closeted gay and secretly a Wattpad fan fiction writer is in need of inspiration for his next story. However due to lack of love experience , he's stuck. Tha...
Lullaby || Taegyu ✔️ by waengingkaistwin
Lullaby || Taegyu ✔️by Waengingkai’s twin
"Sleep with me, Taehyun." "W-What?? Sleep... with you??" "Yeah as in side by side. Oh? Did you think sleep, as in me inside you? Y'know I'm up f...
Rent Boyfriend, Taegyu/Beomhyun by Junb07
Rent Boyfriend, Taegyu/Beomhyunby Junb07
Beomgyu's lonely life became interesting when he searched the Internet. "Is this website real?"
incorrect txt groupchat by scintill4ting
incorrect txt groupchatby andi
when i'm bored i'll write something here and sometimes my friend might write a chapter !includes cuss words! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀☆ this is not to be taken serious, i don't know an...
Aionia🦋♡|taegyu✩ by chbeombub
Aionia🦋♡|taegyu✩by 범규
Inwhich a broke student was casted to be a cameo on one music video of a popular celebrity named "Choi Beomgyu", How can he say no? He needs money. Started: Au...
h e l l o ! | TXT  by hypencore
h e l l o ! | TXT by ;
-New notification! . . Added to: the clowns🤡 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May include swear words!!
TXT group Chat by tinythyun
TXT group Chatby <3
Just random texts with TXT Usernames aren't the same in every chapter Swearing, flirting, fighting Mature/adult talks This isn't a continuation chat story Short & rando...
Separation Anxiety | Taegyu by samzramzbamz
Separation Anxiety | Taegyuby sam
A clingy Taehyun who suffers with separation anxiety becomes attached to an anti social classmate, Choi Beomgyu. Their natures are the complete opposite from each other...
My Celebrity🦋♡|taegyu✩ by chbeombub
My Celebrity🦋♡|taegyu✩by 범규
Inwhich Beomgyu is a Big Fan of an soloist "Kang Taehyun", His Entire Twitter Account was full of Taehyun, And Him Simping over his Idol, Just Like What Other...
Games- Jaywon ff by Sunoohugs__
Games- Jaywon ffby Sunoohugs__
The first person to enter the room was Jay's next victim to make them fall in love with him. What happens when that person is Yang Jungwon the school's president who is...
Eternally (In the Way) | Taegyu by blayzy
Eternally (In the Way) | Taegyuby Blayzy
Beomgyu suddenly pushed him back against the couch. He swung a leg over the younger boy's lap. "Do you want to sit on Heeseung like this?" Taehyun stared into...
Friends?- taegyu by imamazingggg1
Friends?- taegyuby taegyuuu
Taehyun and beomgyu start off as enemies but slowly their relationship gets stronger and they develop feelings for eachother
The nerd boy in the library by KangTaehyunBot
The nerd boy in the libraryby BOAMOA✨
Beomgyu is in love with a nerd guy in the library... short fanfiction #1
The only thought is 'you' by eternalmoatxt
The only thought is 'you'by eternalmoatxt
where taehyun can hear random people's late night thoughts. What happens when he hears his best friend, beomgyu's thoughts. [Completed] ✓ This is a Taegyu AU. ✓ It's pur...
DRUNK TEXT | TAEGYU [ c o m p l e t e d ] by elceline
"not a dildo probably, those are expensive as fuck" highest rankings : #1 in yeonjun #1 in tubatu #1 in drunktext #4 in beomgyu #5 in tomorrowbytogether #9 in...
tomorrow together by ;  TXT groupchat by -BEOMJUNS
tomorrow together by ; TXT groupc...by ⠀
tall ass mf : yo be together tomorrow by like 10 bighits ex top trainee : lmfao thats like our name but like switched HUENINGKAI(≖ᴗ≖✿) : the grammar ain't even right - a...