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The Survivors (ORIGINAL) by WynterReign
The Survivors (ORIGINAL)by WynterReign
A plane crash lands on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Only twelve survivors. No adults and no parents. The island itself holds dark secrets. Battling nature and t...
Motive Gone Wrong (Danganronpa V3) by _Celestial-Shadow_
Motive Gone Wrong (Danganronpa V3)by _Celestial-Shadow_
"How dare you!!" Kaito seethed aggressively in Kokichi's direction. Kokichi just smirked, holding his hands up in an 'I don't give a shit' gesture. "Let's...
The Girl Raised By Wolves  by its_lozzy
The Girl Raised By Wolves by hisokaslut
A girl named rose is four years old and got abandoned by her parents in Alaska, she is hungry and cold and just when it seems all hop is gone a pack of wolves pick her u...
Out Lasting Romance - Eddie Gluskin x Reader by CringyFanGamer
Out Lasting Romance - Eddie Gamer
A story that takes place in the world of Outlast with the player as a female and Eddie Gluskin.
Guiding Her Home | ✔ by Fallingstars99
Guiding Her Home | ✔by That one star
•In Which He Writes Letters To Guide Her Home• ❝How can you think of kissing someone, whose wrists had been kissed by blades? ❞ Tears fell down her eyes, as he grazed h...
The Blood Of An Alpha  by DarianOBlanc
The Blood Of An Alpha by Darian O'Blanc
To move forward sometimes you have to look at the past. Claire, a young 24 year old girl originally from the deep south in a small Louisiana coastal town moved to the mo...
I promise  by xeroxi666
I promise by Xeroxi666._.
Nora Dixon is the younger sister of Daryl and Merle Dixon. Her mother died when her and Daryl were young so they lived with there father. Everything was going ok with he...
Levi x Ghoul Reader by GothicQueen16
Levi x Ghoul Readerby candy
Hi this is my first fanfic, please don't roast me, I struggle at spelling as my friends know, if I have any mistakes, comment them please so I can work on them, this wil...
Choices Of The Apocalypse by IllusionaryDeath
Choices Of The Apocalypseby Lux Vermillion
A joined story I write with my friend @Nerdlittleneko , we are the ones who'll run the story
Twin Stars Alined (on Hold) by Makosaphoto
Twin Stars Alined (on Hold)by Ikta Solork
Benio and Rokuru have been decided to marry each other. One day Rokuru disappears, no one can find him. Five years later a mysterious exorcist is exorcising all of the...
The SMP by Noah_Cosplays
The SMPby ♥️ᔕᕼOTᗩ ᗩIᘔᗩᗯᗩ♥️
A survival multiplayer made up of people on this app and some of their OC's. I've questioned these people on which side they wanna be on and have made teams based off of...
The Rebellious-Soul Camp by 1S0meoneS0mewhere1
The Rebellious-Soul Campby Someone
This is story is written from the perspective of Lily, who got herself into an interesting situation after being "invited" to the Rebellious-Soul camp.
The QATAR by BA_cool
The QATAR crash on a island, that is not on the map. Five people survive the plane crash. Two girls that are sister, and one boy that is a complete stranger. The other t...
The Survival/ Still editing by smalllemon345
The Survival/ Still editingby smalllemon345
A group of girls never hung out together stuck in a world of destruction.... A bomb... Discovering powers.... Australia.... A plan of need to 2 survive
Private threapy kind of ❤️ by mental-health
Private threapy kind of ❤️by mental-health
This is a safe place where we talk about daily struggles around mental halth, it is also where we share experiences ❤️
Blue Lagoon by Anoe_Chavez
Blue Lagoonby Anoe_Chavez
Emily and David got stuck on a island and they never got off.
My Zombie Apocalypse (Chose your own adventure)COMPLETE by AllyKat5678
My Zombie Apocalypse (Chose your AllyKat5678
*I do not own any of the pictures in this story and expect spelling mistakes* highest rateing #1 in survival will you survive a zombie apocolypse that came without warn...
The last known royal by CarlyWilkerson
The last known royalby Carly Wilkerson
A secret hidden from her for years brings tears if it wasn't for her friends John,amber andColton she would have gave up. : Their thoughts : Jess: I ne...
my  possessive ex Boyfriend  by AmnioticAcid
my possessive ex Boyfriend by Sugdej
"What do you want from me Jack?"i said " We have already broken up. " Angela Clay and Jack Anderson were boyfriend and girlfriend for 7 years. One...
School of god by ChildofJesuss
School of godby ChildofJesuss
Love story between a godly son and simple mortal innit bruv