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Big Boss Is Pregnant[Layho] by Kakshu
Big Boss Is Pregnant[Layho]by HAVT
In 5 years of relation with Lay, suho never Felt the latter treated him like his boyfriend... He knows Lay never love him the way Like how he wanted him too... On other...
instagram//chanbaek by chanbaekisgay
instagram//chanbaekby chanbaekisgay
Chanyeol accidentally stumbled upon a porn video in the net, what shocked him was that the man in the video kept calling out his name. What's worse, was how he got hard...
Adopting An Alpha Bunny[Sulay] by Kakshu
Adopting An Alpha Bunny[Sulay]by HAVT
The omega school tyrant, legendarily known as "Xing Ge", Zhang Yixing's heat is approaching. He thought he had no other choice but to seek out an alpha strong...
Look at Me! (Hunhan) by taekookjin30
Look at Me! (Hunhan)by ordinary
after 1 month of chasing 20 confessions Oh Sehun finally said yes to Luhan but then Luhan realise that Sehun has set his eyes on someone else...
Exo Boy X Boy Smut 2 by Princess_Yeoldetort
Exo Boy X Boy Smut 2by 🖤αʆεXα 🖤
enjoy the mix of cute romance, hot sex and some sad times because this gay bitch doesn't know how to stop.
When I Saw You by Swagsnow
When I Saw Youby SNOW
Junmyeon is desperate to get to know his crush, Tae-ri, chose the dance club that she joined, but when he started to know the dance trainer Yixing, there came some twist...
Mafia's'Innocent'Baby (chanbaek/baekyeol/chanhyun)  by Koko_the_loco
Mafia's'Innocent'Baby (chanbaek/ Koko 🦋
byun baekhyun is on his path to 'restart' his life. Been through roughest times, he chooses to give up on his current life. He wishes to regain his innocence and give h...
Kpop Smuts (boyxboy)(REQUESTS OPEN) by Kpopruinedmehh
Kpop Smuts (boyxboy)(REQUESTS OPEN)by 달의 아이들
The title says it all featuring: BTS, EXO, GOT7, A.C.E ALL GAY SHIPS ON HERE I will try to feature every ones ships so please have patience with me, This is the first...
My Cinderella || Chanbaek || by Neighbourhoodauthor
My Cinderella || Chanbaek ||by Friendly neighbourhood author
Baekhyun lives under the cruel world of his evil stepmother and stepsisters. With both parents dead Baekhyun has to try and survive this cruel world alone. Until the ca...
Seducing My Boss. (Chanbaek and hunbaek) by mnopqrstq
Seducing My Boss. (Chanbaek and mnopqrstq
Baek Hyun and sehun are dating and they love each other so madly,,, What happens when baek got a visa to work in USA and he ask his friend luhan to take care of his boy...
"THE LOVER"(더 러버)  by TynyByns
"THE LOVER"(더 러버) by Tyny :D
Six different couples living on the same building, find out how hard and funny the cohabitation can be. {Sulay}-{Xiuchen}-{Kaisoo}-{Hunhan}-{Baekyeol }-{Taoris} Exo shi...
Who Loves More?[Season One] by andreapark6195
Who Loves More?[Season One]by andrea
Season one of Love Me More. (Unicode,Zawgyi) SuHo×YiXing M preg, Rated M Cover by #LenCo graphics
Mine (A ChanBaek Fanfic) by ChocoBabyKai
Mine (A ChanBaek Fanfic)by Alex
"You're mine Baekhyun, you are mine, mine alone."-Chanyeol "Only yours Chanyeol, only yours, yours alone." - Baekhyun
Sulay Mess Vol3 by Kakshu
Sulay Mess Vol3by HAVT
These are just Mess, totally mess which will make you mess. Don't blame me if u become sulay mess, that not my responsibility! So it's Volume 3 ; Vol1 & 2 you will f...
message request  • chanbaek by Deerbabolti
message request • chanbaekby 『アブ』
[COMPLETED] You have one message request. "Park Chanyeol ikaw na ba ang icing sa ibabaw ng kupkeyk ko? Hihi." - Byun Baekhyun ©DEERBABOLTI [ chanbaek convers...
What Is Love? | exo  by Anouskax3
What Is Love? | exo by ☆彡 luna ★彡
•Chanyeol thinks he's falling for his best friend •Jongin is madly in love with Kyungsoo and doesn't know what to do, especially with his two roommates teasing him •Luha...
EXO MATES by gukkktae
EXO MATESby bodota112
contains Boy x Boy ships The 6 wolf kingdoms that has a large university at the center of ExoPlanet And the 2 groups of unmated wolves How will faith bring them together...
Sweet And Creamy  by Kakshu
Sweet And Creamy by HAVT
What will your reaction when your crush come to you're café out of blue. Suho : Hyyyuunngggg did you see that! Xiumin : Yeah~ Lay : Hey like to hangout with me! Suho *s...
Remembering - Chanbaek  by Aeriya_Loey
Remembering - Chanbaek by Kiara
COMPLETED! We were so perfect together. But then you forgot me. But I won't give up. I will wait for you untill you remember me. - Baek Who are you? I don't know you...
𝙋𝙎𝙔𝘾𝙃𝙊𝙇𝙊𝙂𝙔 / Chanbaek. by sluggskin
"Murder? It was all just a mere coincidence."