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The Swiftly Writing Community |Closed Until Further Notice| by The__Tourtured__Poet
The Swiftly Writing Community | TTP
In my new book promotion community, I am dedicated to helping authors gain the attention and recognition they deserve for their work. Through constructive criticism rev...
book title ideas! | ✓ by spideymulti
book title ideas! | ✓by -𝕵♡
°a bunch of free titles that might help you write your book° (215 free titles)
Story Starters by xXTheTwinTerrorsXx
Story Startersby Cinder & Kitty
Just a bunch of random story ideas that all of u guys can use. If you decide to use them, please give credit :)
50+ Writing Prompts by 7275lula
50+ Writing Promptsby Lula
Do you have Writer's Block or looking for something to start a new story? Well, you have come to right place! Inside this book is many writing prompts created by yours t...
Story Prompts by gracelynpine
Story Promptsby Gracelyn Pine
Full of free ideas, fiction prompts, and words to inspire your next story! Thank you for 18.5K reads! Hope they help, or at least make you laugh here and there. No longe...
Story Ideas by EmilyFiliault
Story Ideasby Emily Filiault
Story Ideas to come back to
Story Prompts by -faeriefrvit-
Story Promptsby ⭒☾ soph ☽⭒
My job is to put a story prompt here, and you guys make up a short story in the comments. Have fun!! If you want to actually write a whole story based on one of my promp...
Prompt Book by princefirestorm
Prompt Bookby PrinceFirestorm
A book for stupid prompts that I may or may not use in my life. All of these prompts are thought of by me, unless stated otherwise. (Cover artwork does not belong to me...
✮ ꜜ 𝖮𝖮𝖱𝖳𝖲 𝖢𝖫𝖮𝖴𝖣. by ❛ 𝐆𝐎𝐉𝐎𝐒 𝐁𝐅 || 戈霍斯 ❜
✮ ꜜ オールトの雲 ٫ ✓˳ ׄ ⟡ [ book ten ] visionary and unique plots to use ! <3 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▔ ˗ˏˋ ꒰ ˗-𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐦 ︎☺︎ ꒱ ˎˊ-
Falling for him ↬jenzie by orlanxmas
Falling for him ↬jenzieby <3
Kenzie is being abused by her father and when her mother finds out she gets into a divorce meanwhile Kenzie is recording day and night with Johnny so they meet so Lauren...
Fantasy Prompts by Mossywater
Fantasy Promptsby Lady Moss
Some short and hopefully inventive fantasy story starter prompts. Enjoy! (I did not make the cover art, I found it online)
Book Ideas, Tips and Titles by Bookgirl531
Book Ideas, Tips and Titlesby The Wizard of Love
If you don't know what this book is about read the title again. I have more ideas than I can keep up with so anyone is welcome to them. If you do want to use anything j...
Story Starters by ContriteAnt
Story Startersby Virginia R.
Here's a collection of some story starters. Some were written years ago and some are more recent. I'll probably never finish any of them, so it would be cool if someone...
STORY IDEAS by The_Unamed_Commissar
STORY IDEASby The_Unamed_Commissar
So hear me out. This will be a book about some story ideas I have that I want feedback from you guys about. Depending on the opinion of the idea I will make a book about...
Stuck? Need Christian ideas? Click here!
Dialogue Promts by Heartbeatfourlife
Dialogue Promtsby dead acc
Stuck in writers block? Feel free to use and of These story starters or dialogue prompts. No rules no limitations. I only ask you comment the scene you used it in! (N...
101 short story's by ryan and the support group by ryanxxp
101 short story's by ryan and Motakirukushi
hello since my last disaster don't tell mother which I've decided to discontinue I've decided to make a series of short story's but me and the support group get to make...
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The Seventh Eye by kashleyym
The Seventh Eyeby kash
Will Elvira Williamson, an 18-year-old who took part in the game that caused the greatest suffering ever, be able to endure this? This is the story of a students who, af...
A collection of stories and prompts you're all free to use!!!
Plots For Stories by Adalaide_Marie133
Plots For Storiesby Adalaide Marie
Anyone can use these, if your interested. All I ask is that you let me know because I would love to read what you add onto it!