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Blooming Iris by iiLoveydoveii
Blooming Irisby A N G E L
WARNING!!! This was one of my first books on Wattpad so please spare me. I know it isn't high-quality reading as it was very rushed so don't be triggered when we jump fr...
Lockers  by BlayLynn
Lockers by blay_lynn
What happens when Blay Lynn jumps off the lockers and accidentally lands on Xavier James? You see Blay Lynn is very goofy 17 year old, she was trying to jump off the loc...
A black queen  (REWRITING) by Hinatahoe
A black queen (REWRITING)by Rocky Blue
Blake has always been the black sheep of the family and her brother bullied her for it but one day she had enough so she decided to run away and live with here aunt. fas...
His by nutellar0se
Hisby Mamas
Jaida was twenty almost twenty one when she was raped and she hasn't been the same since. Since it has happened, she has tried to forget and wanted to move on but that d...
SUGAR -Stephen James by lone_noodle
SUGAR -Stephen Jamesby lone_noodle
He never spoke. I've never heard his voice, ever. But...he was so kind to me. He bought me as property, and was so kind...despite his bloody reputation, he never was mea...
The Right Wrong Number (ON HOLD) by AMichelle_Writes
The Right Wrong Number (ON HOLD)by A. Michel’le 🥰
Mia is a nonsense, tell it like it is woman. Her idgaf attitude makes her the girl every other woman loves to hate and every guy just wants to love her. Eli is well kno...
His Purple Heart by LadyAltagracia
His Purple Heartby Lady Altagracia
Debra doesn't need anyone to tell her that going from one relationship straight into another is never a good idea. Despite knowing this, she finds herself staring at a c...
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Surprise...Baby&Problems by KiraHanif
Surprise...Baby&Problemsby Kira Hanif
..."Is she going to be ok doctor" "well Mr.Matthews if she just rest with no more stress they will both make it through"... Kimberly Jones shy,quiet...
The streetfighter meets the gangleader by Camifuen12
The streetfighter meets the IamAGoddess
Violet Starr was a streetfighter. Her streetfighting name was The Shining Devil and she was the most feared streetfighter. Her dad abused her because her mom dies when s...
Little Tendencies by littlebaby_05
Little Tendenciesby Kittyalley
"Ka-" Jay was cut off by a smack on her butt. Tears threatened to spill at the impact but she held it in. "If you want another one, call me anything else...
•𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐞• by Bratziy
•𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐞•by 𝐌𝐌𝐁
After my parents died and I was separated from my older brother I thought everything was over for me. After being in foster care for over a year I was shipped back to th...
Insane by Daddyshrekky
Insaneby Daddyshrekky
And you thought 'Crazy' was weird...Welcome to Insane IM BAD AF AT DESCRIPTIONS! Description~ Amber Willams is known as the new crazy bitch at Northbridge High School...
Crazy by Daddyshrekky
Crazyby Daddyshrekky
Highest rank: #8 in Stephen James One criminally hilarious girl and one sexy ass beast. So different, yet so perfect for each other. They just don't know it. This stor...
Amnesia by lollitagirl21
Amnesiaby αɴɢie
Young Cameron Black fell into a dizzling summer romance with Catalina while in boarding school in Germany. It was a mad, crazy love full of kisses and happiness-- but a...
The Devil's Heir by AMichelle_Writes
The Devil's Heirby A. Michel’le 🥰
"Did I not warn you? Why won't you just do as I say?" "Fuck you! You don't control me..." "Your mouth says that but your body says something dif...
A Man For Mommy #Wattys2018 by OneFnger_2wrds
A Man For Mommy #Wattys2018by Aviaonna
Twenty-five year old Destiny Jameson lives alone with her six year old daughter Elizabeth after the man she thought loved her left after she broke the news to him that s...
The Nanny by BriFlare
The Nannyby -BriFlare
When she appears on the doorstep of wealthy single father Maddox Maxwell's New York home, the stripper "Cardi B" (Cardi Almánzar) unexpectedly gets a job as th...
The Mafias's Boy (BxB) by Lost-onthe-moon
The Mafias's Boy (BxB)by Croissant
Noah Nova was a boy who had no idea who he really was after an fateful accident, he was only left with one memory. But he grew up, he made his own identity and had a fa...
text by the_love_of_weird
textby the weird girl
One wrong number One girl One well known guy Love? A Stephen James fanfic
Colores Verdaderos by nopalabras
Colores Verdaderosby s
A gangster who just wants to love a girl and bring out her true colors again. A stripper who just wants to feel loved and appreciated. PUBLISHED: Jul 27 17