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Deku's World (bnha X jjba) by dontplsdont
Deku's World (bnha X jjba)by dontplsdont
Basically Deku with the abilities of DIO. I'm bad with descriptions. Jojo's bizzare adventure is owned by Hirohiko Araki My hero academia is owned by Kohei Horikoshi No...
Oshi No Ko; You are my World (SEASON 2 BAYBEH) by SadisticDrake
Oshi No Ko; You are my World ( [mAsQuerade]
Obviously from the title, it is a fanfic about a self insert Dio Brando OC getting transfered to the Oshi no ko universe after his death at Jotaro's hands and what would...
The Vigilante Killer Queen by WereLich
The Vigilante Killer Queenby WereLich
It is not All Might who the people depend on. But the vigilante Killer Queen! Nezu wants him as a student, but first he has to find out who Killer Queen is. Author here...
Awakening in a Yandere Dating Sim as a Side Character!  by AizenSosuke129122
Awakening in a Yandere Dating Dr.Pyromaniacpain(diet)
In the year 2015, in the United States of America, lies a quiet yet mysterious town called Morioh. Even though this town looks peaceful, it actually has multiple extreme...
SCP: Stand Power by jones5435
SCP: Stand Powerby
Many years ago, a strange boy unlocked a variety of dangerous and mysterious powers that he kept a secret for many years after. Unfortunately, when he is sent forward as...
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The Hero's Stand by Apinchofrats
The Hero's Standby Apinchofrats
It's MHA but Izuku has Star Platinum instead of One for all, plus a bunch of other shit that got written in as it progressed.
ZA WARUDO in my hands (Stand User!MaleReader! x SCP FOUNDATION) by JeSuiZenith
ZA WARUDO in my hands (Stand Zenith
(Y/N) was just a normal teenager, until he was hit by the famous Truck-kun and ended up reincarnating in the SCP universe. But one thing is different, he now owns STANDO...
I'm The Villain In My Story [Stand User X DxD] by TheAnimeManofYeet
I'm The Villain In My Story [ TheAnimeManofYeet
"I'm the bad guy, and I'm gonna be the best damn bad guy that I can be" Picture is just for cover. Cover is from: Villain to Kill
Dragged In a War (Jotaro!Reader X Fate/Stay Night) by ItWasJotaro
Dragged In a War (Jotaro!Reader ItWasJotaro
"It was the usual day for (Y/N) Kujo, the professional marine biologist. Fortunately, today it was the start of his vacation as he could pass a month with his famil...
Hotel of the hazbin crimson king  by Theswankyseal
Hotel of the hazbin crimson king by Theswankyseal
Y/N was an ordinary boy doing what he could to get by during a time of financial crisis. From mugging people on the street to performing small time robberies for gangs t...
"Stands" of the "Worthy" (Mato Seihei no Slave) by FuyukiEmiyo
"Stands" of the "Worthy" (Mato Sasageyo!
The demon-filled dimension known as "Mato" has opened. And a type of "peach" tree that grows there yields fruit that confers special powers to those...
The Stardust Man Joined The Gang (Jotaro!Reader X Kill La Kill) by ItWasJotaro
The Stardust Man Joined The Gang ( ItWasJotaro
"After defeated DIO, (Y/N) returned at home with only his Grandfather Joseph. After some weeks, Joseph explained that (Y/N) lefted school for joining the research o...
Is it wrong to be a stand user in the dungeon? by ThoughtfulForest
Is it wrong to be a stand user Thoughtful Forest
Okay, I have a stand. Thankfully I have one that can be used in daily life. Man, I just want to live a normal life. But why do I have main villain stands?! I just want...
Mafia's Young Women  by THVSgirl122
Mafia's Young Women by NANDANI
A teenage girl forced to marry a Mafia to save her mother not knowing how many difficulties she will face in future..... . . . . . . . . . . * This FF contains 18+ conte...
Just One Night by SomeoneLovesYou
Just One Nightby Amy :)
"Here's what I want you to do," I began, trailing my hands up his muscular body to wrap my arms around his neck. "I want you to do me, and do me hard. The...
Deku's King Crimson by Thyamest
Deku's King Crimsonby Thyamest
This is a Bizarre Adventure for Deku as he suddenly got a Stand for as King Crimson. As he obtained it, Deku suddenly gets a voice in his head from the original user him...
Jocelyn Kujo x Male Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Jocelyn Kujo x Male Readerby Victor Hernandez
Jocelyn Kujo, a 18 year old female teenager who has been in locked up in jail behind bars, but somehow she didn't even cared at all that she's behind bars, and yet she d...
Random JoJo stand ideas by observer213
Random JoJo stand ideasby observer213
Just my own ideas for stands, their abilities, and stats, and maybe more. Also the stands in this book are free to use, go have fun with them. You can use them for stor...
Giorna Giovanna x Male Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Giorna Giovanna x Male Readerby Victor Hernandez
In the year 2001, in the southern city of Italy, Naples, happens to be one of the famous tourist spot to be so beautiful that people say you should see it at least once...
Soul Bound (Completed) by Sophia_Heart
Soul Bound (Completed)by Sophia_Heart
*Formerly called Love Happened* Mila had an ordinary life. A cute boyfriend. Parents who were still happily married. From an outsider’s perspective, Mila had everything...