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Unknown Musician. by DestinyJiro
Unknown Musician.by DestinyJiro
Jiro was hanging out with the girls when she heard someone singing with her quirk doing a dare. After everyone was done, she was shock on who it was! (My Hero does not b...
Hero of Fate by PresidentThanos
Hero of Fateby President Thanos
Kyoka Jirou was sitting in class, she was a hero student along with her classmates when her teacher walked in and announced a new teaching assistant for their heroics cl...
The Vigilante Killer Queen by WereLich
The Vigilante Killer Queenby WereLich
It is not All Might who the people depend on. But the vigilante Killer Queen! Nezu wants him as a student, but first he has to find out who Killer Queen is. Author here...
Gamer's Choice by KinnPendragon
Gamer's Choiceby KINN PENDRAGON
Izuku yagi son of Toshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi or better know as the number one hero All Might and number 9 hero Lady Magnet, brother of Izumi Yagi. Born weak and quirkl...
Our Song To Remember by pnutbo1
Our Song To Rememberby pnutbo1
Izuku Midoriya, a young stud who wants to pursue his dreams in music decides to visit the music club but gets distracted when he plays the piano. Unbeknownst to him thou...
Love Feels Fuzzy - IzuJirou Crack Oneshot by Micromanaged417
Love Feels Fuzzy - IzuJirou Crack...by Micromanaged417
Izuku Midoriya finds himself hanging out with the class stoner, Hanta Sero. After being offered a chance to relax and try some plant, who will Sero dump an inebriated Iz...
The Rock Show by flamingwaffle86
The Rock Showby flamingwaffle86
Izuku is invited to a concert where he meets a certain purple haired classmate who will change his life forever
Daddy Deku (BNHA One-Shot) by Niera-kaichou
Daddy Deku (BNHA One-Shot)by wah
Class 2-A comes to a realization and a half about their resident cinnamon roll.
Izuku's Wrath // Izujirou by BurningFingers
Izuku's Wrath // Izujirouby BurningFingers
He was only a little boy. Already crushed with lose he is left to die by his hero and family at the age of eight. The young boy accepts death only to wake up above cloud...
Glamrocked (BNHA X FNAF) by SleepyUmbre
Glamrocked (BNHA X FNAF)by ㄩ爪乃尺乇
It was his birthday, Izuku was a kid tormented by ex friends and Yagis for being quirkless, though at least Shoto and Katsuki stayed by his side. On the day of his birth...
My Love For Music Is At 100% (A JiroXMidoriya FanFic) by kyoka004
My Love For Music Is At 100% (A Ji...by Westdoor31
*The art is made by hosimorii on twitter* Life in U.A. High School is hard for one Jiro Kyoka. She couldn't show her love for music to her classmates, as none of them ha...
The Voice Hero Zebra by WereLich
The Voice Hero Zebraby WereLich
Hello this is my first story so go easy on me please. In this fanfic Izuku has a voice quirk he basically has Zebra's powers from Toriko since this is a fanfic I of cour...
In this world 80% percent of the population have power called quirk but 20% of this world was born quirkless means they don't have power i was one of them a quirkless hu...
SPIDER DEKU by dekuistheman
SPIDER DEKUby dekuistheman
los hijos de un peli-verde by juaelsayayin
los hijos de un peli-verdeby Juan El Sayayin 21
un día como cualquiera mientras que nuestro protagonista deku o izuku entrenada le llega una llamada de su mama y los personajes no son míos si no de su receptivo cread...
MHA Room for revolution by redfuryninja
MHA Room for revolutionby redfuryninja
Izuku Midoriya, at the young age of four, declared quirkless, bullied and berated by all he was alone his best friend turned bully abused him on another level constantly...
Glyphed by SleepyUmbre
Glyphedby ㄩ爪乃尺乇
Goodbye. Izuku Yagi was kicked out of his home. Free from the abuse and neglect. When he went into the woods he found a portal to another world. Izuku was then part of t...
Delta Emerald (A Izuku Yagi Story) by SleepyUmbre
Delta Emerald (A Izuku Yagi Story)by ㄩ爪乃尺乇
Izuku Yagi abused and hurt from tormentors and family. He and his friends one day explore a abandoned Nintendo store in a forest. When they are there they find five Gree...
The Teigu Hero : CrossTail by NightmareFuel6666
The Teigu Hero : CrossTailby NightmareFuel6666
Inko dies when Izuku turns four. He is then kidnapped and held by villains until he turns ten. After being there for six years he starts to see how bad heroes are. Espec...
Blue Speedster by PresidentThanos
Blue Speedsterby President Thanos
Izuku Midoriya had it all. Friends, a good school, a mentor, and the most important quirk in the world. That would soon change. He would find that not all of his friends...