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Our Phantom's Shadow by DestinyStories_
Our Phantom's Shadowby Des
With a small warm smile, the phantom offered them a hand. A hand promising refuge from the cruel world. Two dimensions collided and now Earth is at its apocalyptic end...
Cruise by n0ctifer
Cruiseby charlotte
"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was begi...
Angel's Wings by MayWeMeetAgain07
Angel's Wingsby MayWeMeetAgain07
My parents were shot 6 months ago when we were at church. I was so scared, standing there, holding my step-sister Jade's hand and watching them crumple. The last thing m...
Dariel  by CatOppp
Dariel by Cat
An imaginary friend created to love his little girl unconditionally.
AKA I've Been Thinking by Bisous_Lizzy
AKA I've Been Thinkingby L . B l u e b e l l
In which I take on the nonsensical and awkward moments of life, with quotes and prose, a few (sort of) poems and some definite randomness.
Black Butterfly by Kayla-Writes
Black Butterflyby Kayla Smart
It was easy to fall apart. But what made you get to that point? So easy to give in to the turmoil, and feel yourself give up. What about fighting for a new day? There we...
Embrace | in love, you drown by roohaniyat
Embrace | in love, you drownby مہک
〝Dear Ava, You were made to create, to love, to grow, to be infatuated with life and sharing pieces of yourself with the universe. You were made...
Cursed Tomb by SaraRBA
Cursed Tombby Soul Fairy
Sara is an adventurous and funny girl, after her long waited graduation she goes with her parents and her sister on a holiday in her favorite country, Egypt. There they...
Wings by Kiaceofyourlife
Wingsby Kiaceofyourlife
"Like a butterfly, I am growing, and changing, and finding my true colors in life. I am finding my wings so I can fly and soon be on my way." And this tells it...
Spread Your Wings  by _Smol_Little_101_
Spread Your Wings by _Smol_Little_101_
Just a random story I thought about. Bleh. Don't like it too much.
Behind The Closets: The Admins™ [Apply now/Open] by Remember-LGBT
Behind The Closets: The Admins™ [A...by OHANA
Le introduction to the team, a family, who you can trust, lean on and support through kind messages. We wish to spread kindness into Wattpad and help the negative spread...
Unexpected Expectations by SonyaBraid
Unexpected Expectationsby Sonya Braid
A Cloudcatcher short story giving some information about the Cloudcatcher universe for the sequel. *** Six years prior to the events of The Cloudcatcher. Six-year-old As...
Everydays A New Beginning by Music_Is_My_Life1762
Everydays A New Beginningby Kat
I feel things. We all do. This is how I deal with it
Beneath The Waves by -EMILY--
Beneath The Wavesby Emily Kland
Ever since I was young, I believed in mermaids. In fact, I have seen one before. Not any of that fake stuff you see on the internet, I saw her swimming in the ocean. No...
Glass by elise_in_wonder
Glassby E. Thomas
Adrik wished he was living a nightmare. His grandpa just passed away, his parents are getting a divorce, and he has to move to a completely foreign part of the country...
Reflection [ON HOLD FOR REWRITING] by richesinfinite
Reflection [ON HOLD FOR REWRITING]by Riches.infinite
How would you react if you saw someone else in the mirror instead of your own reflection? What would you do if your 'refletion' decides its time to come out of the mirro...