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The Blue Hearted Hero (bnha x undertail fanfic) by crimson518
The Blue Hearted Hero (bnha x Daniel Roberts
" why dont you just take a swan dive off a building and hope that in your next life you get a quirk " was the greatest advice given to the quirkless boy izuku...
(Discontinued.) HEROES OF DETERMINATION (BNHA X Undertale) by Spaghetti_Sensei
(Discontinued.) HEROES OF woot (:
discontinued. Frisk and the group wake up to find themselves in a different dimension. They soon find out that this is a world with Quirks, and they have to fit in. Firs...
Am I In the Bone-Zone? (Papyrus X reader) by Im_Gone_Dude
Am I In the Bone-Zone? (Papyrus Ashley Boio
Well... Obviously this is a Papyrus X reader.... So yeah. Interesting stuff might happen. Your human... And I may update frequently, but then at times I wont... So yeah...
Touretti Spaghetti by TyRanYouOverRex
Touretti Spaghettiby TyRanYouOverRex
A compilation of the funniest tics I have had so far (please keep in mind that these are completely involuntary and majority of the time I have no idea what is going to...
Kindness In Your Eyes(fem frisk and chara AU harem x male reader)  by Memolvania
Kindness In Your Eyes(fem frisk Memolvania
Y/n is a 19 year old boy who has the soul of kindness. However he heads to Mt. Ebott to get away from his horrible life. He meets Chara and Frisk along with everyone els...
The Boy at School (A Papyton Highschool AU) by Hayleyotp
The Boy at School (A Papyton Peter Pan
Mettaton is the most popular boy at his Highschool. Almost any girl would dream of going out with him, but Mettaton only has eyes for one student. Papyrus. Papyrus is j...
Another Time <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
Another Time by Shea_Butter
As Frisk is lead through the underground, where she meets a skeleton, who stops her journey drastically, to be with him and only him. Meanwhile, while Chara plots to ge...
You aren't even REDDIE for this(I am so sorry this is your first impression of this book). This is just a bunch of cringe/cute oneshots, run while ya still can.
But You're Beautiful to me (Frerard) by RosalindMey
But You're Beautiful to me ( Sweet Damn
Gerard Way meets a new guy in his school, and tries to guide him for the first few days. Of course, it all spirals downhill (and uphill!) from there.
Ask Papyrus by CoolSkeleton_95
Hi there! Feel free to ask anything you'd like! I, The Great Papyrus, will try my very hardest to answer every question I receive! Or... At least attempt to... A...
Raihan x Reader x Leon by Lemon_Heart_
Raihan x Reader x Leonby Champ
Y/n had made her way to the beautiful region named Galar. Y/n was a Pokèdex fanatic, going around each regions and filling in her pokèdex. But she had a strange encounte...
DHMIS art, one-shots, etc. by Bubble_Jellyfish
DHMIS art, one-shots, ..Princess..
Eh, like I said in my just One-shot book Im in a DHMIS mood! So this is my stuff I stuff my dhmis stuff and yea... ENJOY PEOple!
An unexpected God ( Undertale x male reader ) by Mecha_Luigi
An unexpected God ( Undertale x Mecha Luigi
(This is just going to be a fairly short story to give you the needed information for a future book.) This story will be very different from the normal plot of Undertale...
Genocide by GayLittleBrat
Genocideby Not Very Active Here
Brother gone, betrayed, friends dead. Rough times leads to your mind to turn. I don't own Undertale. Sans POV Enjoy :3 REALLY OLD. READ MY NEW STUFF, NOT THIS GROSS PILE...
Fairy Tail Truth or Dare [COMPLETED] by PB_Boss
Fairy Tail Truth or Dare [ i think i'm funny
⊱ - {⋅. ✯ COMPLETED ✯ .⋅} - ⊰ It's a Fairy Tail truth or dare book! Readers of this book can comment for a particular Fairy Tail character to do either a truth or dare...
Undertale One-Shots by trashy_Fandom
Undertale One-Shotsby fujo-san
Uh.... Author-chan here ♡ You're gonna read my Undertale One-Shots! Filled with lemons, fluff, um.....angst...? Is that a thing? I don't actually know all the genres... ...
Ejen Ali One Shots {CLOSED REQUESTS} by fangirl78123
Ejen Ali One Shots {CLOSED Łįńg
Just some random scenarios and written out of pleasure. -Requests are closed- WARNING: INCLUDES GAY SHIPS Cover made by Winter_Lim
Arranged What 2- You Want Me to...What?!?!?!?! by marilcat
Arranged What 2- You Want Me JT Morris
Getting married is the worst decision that Cody and Jason, the two richest teenagers on the planet, have ever made, but it's too late to change that now. In this seque...
Funny Bones: A Fluffy Undertale Fanfic by CatYounes
Funny Bones: A Fluffy Undertale CatYounes
When Frisk finds out one of the Bone Brothers are ticklish and tells the other, it starts out an entire hunt to see how far they can survive 'til they meet their tickle...