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Opposites || Seoksoo by 17svtxt
Opposites || Seoksooby :0
The popular boys were split into two very different groups. The pretty boys would dress up nicely, with slight makeup and dyed hair. They would talk about their crushes...
SEVENTEEN TWEETS || A Fun Fic by soulofbts
SEVENTEEN TWEETS || A Fun Ficby soulhere
A fun social media au Mostly texting Impressive Rankings 🏅 #1 out of 32.1k stories in #seventeen #1 out of 127 stories in #funfic #1 out of 2.12k stories in #soonhoon ...
colors • sh by celestialhao
colors • shby rest
❝ i'm seeing ϲοℓοяѕ... ❞ ➳ the world is a dull black and white until you meet your ѕουℓмατє eye-to-eye. jihoon did not like it at first, but soonyoung just might change...
independent • soonhoon (completed) by wannabemushroom
independent • soonhoon (completed)by ◟gray◞
jihoon can do it himself. he wants to do it alone. he doesn't need help from his lacking baby daddy. but he realizes rather quickly that it's not that simple.. • #1 in j...
Seventeen Group Chat by StotisOssa
Seventeen Group Chatby Bonesy
When the Seventeen members are too lazy to get up and actually converse with another human being. Probably Hoshi's idea. Idk. Randomness here. I might have actual chapt...
Not The Plan (SVT Chatroom au) by what_in_the
Not The Plan (SVT Chatroom au)by No
13 dorks dorking it out and making plans that all seem to fail. HuiJun: shut up you insolent goblin ass ChewHansol: I had plans, and they did NOT involve ducks fucking...
DESIRED LOVE by Zoyabanu
DESIRED LOVEby zoy@b@ñü
A love story where a alpha desired for a certain omega's love
Where does cheese come from? ~ Seventeen groupchat by pleaseacceptmylove
Where does cheese come from? ~ iDKimbadat_usernames
The idiots named seventeen in a group chat. All gay or lgbtq+ maybe even Chan. Warning: Cussing, a lot of memes, i don't know what else Disclaimer: I'm sorry if i take...
Rocket | Seventeen Littles | by YourThursdayLovin
Rocket | Seventeen Littles |by 💌 qt 💌
ouuu! Zoom! Pairings: Verkwan, Meanie, Junhao, Seoksoo, Soonhoon, Jeongchancheol Content: Fluff, Smut, Ddlb, Agnst
In which SVT boys are all bunch of misfits and rebels that one day are unfortunately placed in one class. posted: May 26, 2018 (COMPLETED) The8-author
✓ bittersweet.  by -byyinn
✓ bittersweet. by yin
minwon | romance :: social media au wonwoo is bitter, mingyu is sweet, together they're the sweetest couple on social media. word count :: 8, 868 [ lowercase intended...
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Say the name SEVENTEEN! by gungunindra288
Say the name SEVENTEEN!by Gungun
Daily chaos in svt dorm, interview, going seventeen, concerts and many more
💞Isn't It Lovely💞 Seoksoo  by starrynightlife23
💞Isn't It Lovely💞 Seoksoo by starrynightlife23
Jisoo is a new employee at Lee Enterprises, the biggest company in Seoul. He's excited to start this new job with new opportunities, people, places and things. The catch...
Adore U || Soonhoon by minyyg
Adore U || Soonhoonby TRASH 😝
A story about the journey towards Soonhoon's relationship after being trainees. There won't really be much drama, considering I suck at writing drama scenes, but I hope...
psithurism | svt au by mooniehui
psithurism | svt auby dana🌙
one traumatic night changes thirteen teens forever.
It was suppose to be a dare (Seventeen SoonHoon Fanfic) by AestheticPlayboy
It was suppose to be a dare ( Fxck
"It was suppose to be a dare.. They told me to do it as a prank but.. why am I suddenly getting this weird feeling? Like, I don't want to be away from you even for...
The chaos we got into | SVT by four_inception
The chaos we got into | SVTby °˗ˋ🦋ˊ˗° 𝕱𝖔𝖚𝖗
When 13 chaotic guys were added into a random group chat. What's gonna happen || 💬 ━━━ °Everything intended in this is fictional. If you do not like such genres please...
Falling in love / seoksoo  by cheolieshannieeeeee
Falling in love / seoksoo by carat
seokmin and wonwoo are twins who are about to start their second last year of high school with their friends what new is coming for them. it's really nothing special i j...
Are you shy? by -Two-Ghosts-
Are you shy?by Vernon’s my papi
He's a shy baby, but then this ray of sunshine enters his life.
anti-carat . by urichilz
anti-carat .by 🐮
[ rewritten ] jihoon hates seventeen so damn much. ©urichilz 2017/2019