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You've Got The Wrong Guy. [FALLOUT 4 x Reader]( MACCREADY x READER ) by Alcauter_
You've Got The Wrong Guy. [ Alcauter_
You seem to have trouble with men-- you don't know why but they seem to cheat on you. On a normal morning day, instead of staying at home-- eating away at your feelings...
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Fallout Preferences Collection (3, NV & 4) by sharpietattoos
Fallout Preferences Collection ( bleh ✫
UNDER CONSTRUCTION Parts might be a little messy. I'm trying to organize this to the best of my ability. Thank you for your patience! :) [𝓟𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓮𝓭] ---- This book i...
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Ad Victoriam by FandomGirl74
Ad Victoriamby FandomGirl74
Alyssa Lynn is nobody but a lost soul in the Commonwealth, a woman out of time. She's on the quest of looking for her son and finding the truth of why she was the only o...
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Likely Valentine And Other One Shots by ScarlettMariaRose
Likely Valentine And Other One Scarlett Rose
Likely Valentine and other One Shots. If you want one of these one shots to be made into a small fic, please let me know!
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Fallout 4 Companion Oneshots by DarkTragician
Fallout 4 Companion Oneshotsby DarkTragician
A collection of oneshots based on the player character (Sole Survivor) and the various companions in Fallout 4. I take requests, prompts, and I really appreciate any fee...
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Paladin Danse x Reader Oneshots by AdorkableMochi
Paladin Danse x Reader Oneshotsby lemme hit ur juul
Our favorite tin can decides to pal up with the amazing sole survivor to have some wacky and flirty everyday adventures during the nuclear fallout! (Requests are welcome...
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Fallout 4 on CRACK! by Kay-Likes-Pie
Fallout 4 on CRACK!by Local Disappointment
Follow the Sole Survivor as they cause mischief throughout the Commonwealth while OCCASIONALLY high on Jet. Hope you enjoy :3
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John Hancock by Boatachug
John Hancockby G R A C I E
For all of the people who love Hancock here is a fan-fiction, "Of the people, For the people!"
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SUNSHINE | john hancock | fallout 4 by ramblinxman
SUNSHINE | john hancock | fallout 4by rambler
john hancock x a female sole survivor oc [formerly titled "running"] 》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《 ❝ why do you keep calling me sunshine? ❞ ❝ because you...
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ErNick One Shots ❤️ by necronerd
ErNick One Shots ❤️by necronerd
Just little one shots filled with the adventures of Nick Valentine and Erik, my sole survivor. Will involve fluff, angst and MAYBE smut, not sure on that one yet.
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It's the End of the World by ALWinchesterWriting
It's the End of the Worldby ALWinchesterWriting
-The second installment after Crawled Out Through the Fallout- (Read that first.) After the Institute is taken down, life changes drastically for everyone involved. Sole...
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Travelers by flamesparrow
Travelersby Sara McCracken
Maxine hadn't seen her sister in years. She barely even remembers what she looks like. They were what they called travelers and both had been separated for awhile now. M...
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Boston relics  by TheHaremKing143
Boston relics by Motzelt Fox
Markus North is the sole survivor, the general of the minutemen and pipers lover but all that shifts when the molecular relay explodes sending him Piper, the entier minu...
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Fallout Headcanons Collection (3, NV, & 4) by sharpietattoos
Fallout Headcanons Collection ( bleh ✫
[𝓟𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓮𝓭] + UNDER EDITING See "Fallout Preferences" ---- This book is a 𝗳𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 of an accumulation of many Fallout pieces. There are two separate...
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H I G H (John Hancock x Reader) by GamerQueen2002
H I G H (John Hancock x Reader)by Gamer "Ri" Queen
"Game over." ••• After many years of being trapped inside of your own mind with amnesia making you forget your past, you decide to hunt down the one person who...
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Follow You: A Collection Of Fallout 4 Stories by DarkTragician
Follow You: A Collection Of DarkTragician
Title based on the Bring Me The Horizon song "Follow You", which implies, as seen in the music video, "love is blind, deaf and fucking dumb", and sho...
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Quirks by SimWoman2002
Quirksby Rosie2009
A series of short skits of the oddities of Piper and Nora (the sole survivor). All familial, friendship, besties feels.
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A Rose Among Thorns by xDRAG0N0VAx
A Rose Among Thornsby Jessica Piro
To keep her family safe in the event of atomic annihilation, Briar Rose signs up to live out a possible nuclear fallout in Vault-Tec's Vault 111. But Vault-Tec takes adv...
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Purple Horizon by cyndercrys
Purple Horizonby Gwen Agness
Stumbling out of Vault 111, Renee Jones has one thought: find Shaun. But when she meets Piper Wright, she finds herself whipped into a post-nuclear annihilation adventur...
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CoD: Soul Survivor by jacfred_9
CoD: Soul Survivorby jacfred_9
This story is based of of the amazing game series called Call Of Duty.
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