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BLIND LOVE || JM✔️ by kookiebro
BLIND LOVE || JM✔️by 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓮
❝I'm jealous of everyone who gets to see you everyday.❞ - short chapters - short story ©kookiebro 2021
Glitch - Blackpink by TheIdler
Glitch - Blackpinkby TheIdler
By a twist of fate, Lisa Manoban, the mischievous maknae (youngest member) of the Korean girl group Blackpink, has acquired a device that enables her to gender swap from...
I need you badly by _Rachel_Dare_
I need you badlyby _Rachel_Dare_
Percy and Annabeth are in New Rome studying and trying to live life as normally as they can for two demigods from Greek parentage. And by finally being able to live 'nor...
i need u ; kim taehyung ✔️ by btstydia
i need u ; kim taehyung ✔️by bea
i rather you walk all over me than walk away.
Misc. Bits by TyborTigadoro
Misc. Bitsby Tybor Tigadoro
Misc. Bits is my collection of contest stories! As a result, these are short stories written for prompts and uploaded somewhat sporadically. However, because I'm me, it'...
Flash Fiction by AdrianneFitzpatrick
Flash Fictionby Adrianne Fitzpatrick
Twitter has a daily prompt using the hashtag #vss365. This thread will be for pulling those stories, plus other very short stories, into one place. There are a mixture o...
Back in life, back in love by klaine_merthur
Back in life, back in loveby STONY 4ever
Goten and Trunks fight. How to excuse? Ask his dad out?
sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ( Completed )  by MissKimTaenu
sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ( Completed ) by Taenu
Don't be sad I will find someone like you
Lucky Or Not | Kim Namjoon | BTS Fanfiction  by aleena992
Lucky Or Not | Kim Namjoon | BTS Army0613
An ordinary A.R.M.Y's day dream becomes reality as her fanfiction comes to life. She sees an opportunity to become Y/N. But she has to face the consequences. How will sh...
Hold My Hand by buggu_16
Hold My Handby buggu_16
Characters: - Lee Ji Eun - Kyle Park - Sung Gu (Kyle's bestfriend) - Yo Ri (Ji Eun's bestfriend) - Jae Min (Ji Eun's suitor) Ji Eun and Kyle were childhood friends. Th...
INNOCENT (ENGLISH) by queeenics
"Let's sleep together, Ai'Hia!" - Team. Warning!🔞 Charater name cr to LazySheep WinTeam 💕 BounPrem Highest Ranking : #1 Shortfiction (2020/02/10)💛
it won't be good by seashellpen
it won't be goodby seashell
bel, a media student meets his celebrity crush again at a cosplay event in his college.
✓ Forget Me Not by SuperSuspicious
✓ Forget Me Notby Rosalie Lovejoy
Aspiring Photographer Caleb is given the opportunity of a lifetime: taking pictures of pretty girl while traveling cross country and getting paid at the same time. What...
Our Life..(ONE SHOT)[COMPLETED ✅] Park Yura
One shot....hope you will like it.... Jungkook and Lily-ආආආආආආආආ Jungkook-මං ඔයාව බාරගන්නම් ඔයාට ප්‍රශ්නයක් නෙමේ නම්.. Lily-ඔව් මං ජේජු යනවා... අප්පා... මෙය fan fiction...
Read My Shorts by TheOrangutan
Read My Shortsby Gavin Wilson
READ my SHORTS! ('cos eating them isn't very tasty) - A collection of very short stories, micro-fiction, one-shots, drabbles, flash-fiction and other random stuff. Call...
sleep // calum hood by calumflower
sleep // calum hoodby @staphluke
"Why do you always sleep?" "It's the closest thing I have to death." - • short af •
#NewGirl by rvehall
#NewGirlby R. V. E. Hall
Don't mess with the new girl.
The Cedars of Lebanon by HC_Leung
The Cedars of Lebanonby HC Leung
A Sumerian portal device is unearthed in southern Iraq. No one knows how the ancients achieved such technology, or whether they found the gods on the other side of the u...
කෙලින්ම අහන්න අයිආ(COMPLETED✅) by YURA_MAKNAE
කෙලින්ම අහන්න අයිආ(COMPLETED✅)by Park Yura
නොනිම්-මේ මේකයි...මම..මම සඳූ-කෙලින්ම අහන්න අයිආ...ප්ලීස්🙂මොකක්ද ඔයාට අහන්න ඕන..
A Flash Of Light And Thunder by jlongbooks
A Flash Of Light And Thunderby jlongbooks
A collection of flash fiction stories from the innermost crevices of my brain. They range anywhere from fantasy and science fiction to my average thought process on a Su...