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The Video by kenzLyn13
The Videoby Kenz & Lyn
*short story* A babysitter finds a disturbing video at her employers house...
Pleasure Tape | Jikook | by SeirenityWolf
Pleasure Tape | Jikook |by SeirenityWolf
Jimin gets a little too close to Taemin and Jungkook decides that enough is enough - it's time to show the world just who Park Jimin belongs to. Includes: Smut? More Smu...
Caught Up In the Media  by Jamesdk3
Caught Up In the Media by Jamesdk3
One conversation in the hospital after a friend gives birth sparks a new relationship. Apollo's and Griffey's story will take you on a new journey of their lives. You wi...
Juego erotico by Zethgcia
Juego eroticoby Zethgcia
Una breve historia que despertará tus emociones
draco malfoy : arrogance  by lauzzie5
draco malfoy : arrogance by lauzzie5
a draco malfoy x reader one part smut story you arrive to a party only to see someone you haven't got along with for some time is there, draco malfoy. you end up walking...
Threatened by bitchindolxn
Threatenedby Dolan Twins
You have it all wrong Ethan Dolan, now the love of your life is gone?! - Inspired by @adoreeedolan ! Make sure to chuck her a big follow on twitter, instagram and she go...
The Ultimate British Orgy by TheAmazingTree
The Ultimate British Orgyby ahegao
Featuring Memeulous, ImAlexx, James Marriot, WillNE, and Stephen Tries The boys are just hanging at Memeulous' house when they discover ImAlexx's sex tape and things get...
Cameron Diaz by rainbowunicorn93
Cameron Diazby rainbowunicorn93
Kurzer Einblick in das Leben von Cameron Diaz. Mit ihren wichtigsten Filmen.
Sex Life of teens by MatthewAlly
Sex Life of teensby Matthew Ally
Me My girlfriend Having sex like crazy
The tape by Whushiun_
The tapeby Whushiun_
Yumeno still lives with his cousin Fyodor and his best friend Ayumu comes over, they go into Nikolai's room and find something,,,gruesome
My Dirty Little Secret by Keli22
My Dirty Little Secretby I'm not a boss I'm THE BO$$ ;P
Diana Bradey is the most popular girl at Mona Reyes High School, but guess what, she was also the biggest whore, but she wanted to change. She almost got expelled once b...
To Kill Like Santa by _eyewrite_
You woke up in a mysterious place, heaven for all you care, but you didn't hear any angelic voices singing praise. You would wonder how you got there, you would wonder w...
Sextape||l.h. by fxckin5esohes
Sextape|| fxckin5esohes
He said "come on it'll be fun". He said it would be our little secret.He said it wouldn't get out. What he said was a lie.
RACHE!  by creyleen_
RACHE! by creyleen
Schwache Menschen nehmen Rache. Starke verzeihen. Und schlaue Menschen ignorieren. Ich bin kein besonders starker Mensch und war anscheinend in diesem Fall auch nicht s...
Isn't He Lovely? {Larry Stylinson} by LeStorieDiEuropa
Isn't He Lovely? {Larry Stylinson}by Le Storie Di Europa
Tratto dal capitolo 3: Mi avvicino ancora. La sua voce si è ridotta ad un sussurro nell'ultima frase e sento che il cuore mi sta battendo sempre più forte. Ora sono da...
The Innocence  by kayla_reads2005
The Innocence by kayla_reads2005
This book will tell the life of how a former school girl with strict parents , begins to rebel and break rules. She is later kidnapped and sex trafficked ...this is her...