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April fools day Hetalia x Reader by Jada-Star
April fools day Hetalia x Readerby Jada-Star
*these short stories are based off of the April fools day episode in the anime and the manga of Hetalia. There will be different chapters for different countries.* If yo...
The Looking Glass (Book Two of the Valois series) by GemmaLawrence31
The Looking Glass (Book Two of Gemma Lawrence
Not every Princess lives Happily Ever After....Even once they marry the Prince of their Dreams... This is the second part in the Catherine De Medici trilogy which start...
Draken by CrazyArtaholic23
Drakenby CrazyArtaholic23
Jess Ross is just a normal college student who enjoys exercising. Her favorite thing in the world is climbing up mountains(Sarcastic voice). This all changes the day tha...
Drunk! England x reader-God I love it when Iggy gets drunk by Lady-Amathyst
Drunk! England x reader-God I Lady-Amathyst
Arthur foolishly accepts an invitation to go out to a v.i.p allies club. There's loud music, a huge dance floor, flashing lights, a karaoke machine, alcohol and Arthur...
~Countryhuman x Reader Oneshots~ by eeslin
~Countryhuman x Reader Oneshots~by Gay Aesthetic
Requests are open: This will contain: ~ Fluff ~ Soft Bois ~ Heartbreak :/ ~ Angst/Depression ~ Romance ~ Cussing ~ Self harm If you want me to create shippings just co...
The 5 Kirklands. by C-A-Martin
The 5 Oliver Ichinomiya Tachimiya
Scotland, Wales, England, N. Ireland, and Ireland are all siblings, but when Ireland finally wants independence, but loses her twin brother, because he decides to go wit...
Tall tales  by nightlight1025
Tall tales by nightlight1025
Ok this is a request of my brother who claims "their are not enough scoteng fanfics " so he begged me to write one I'm going to warn you now I might fail... Wa...
The Love Crossover(Ouat and Reign Crossover) by CCLovesRoses
The Love Crossover(Ouat and CCLovesRoses
Clara is Mary Queen of Scott's older sister. The longer they stay in court the more Clara discover a whole new world in the forest. Could this world be dangerous and why...
Hetalia England x Wales by Blueberry-GF
Hetalia England x Walesby Ashley Winters
My first hetalia book so ya hope you guys like it.
Fitz-Simmons After S.H.I.E.L.D by maysninjaskills
Fitz-Simmons After S.H.I.E.L.Dby Sophia Bishop
Whatever happens to Fitz-Simmons later on? Read this and you'll find out.
Our Land. Our Story. by WElivetoRUN
Our Land. Our WElivetoRUN
This story you are about to read is called Our Land. Our Story. and it's a Historical-Drama/Fan-Fiction about an Anchestor of Tom Hiddleston. I hope you enjoy it.
Days Go By. by americanidiot2004
Days Go Kat Campbell
Have you ever seen your soul? I have. I watched as it tumbled through my teeth and past my lips. Sabilla Donella is 15 and belongs to a coven of witches in the ye...
Whispers Of War by emilycate123
Whispers Of Warby emilycate123
Set back in time to the Scottish war of independence, this short story is told from the perspective of a Scottish man who has been into and seen the war with his own eye...
Five Nights at World War Pizzeria (Countryhumans AU) by VampirHybrid
Five Nights at World War VampirHybrid
"Hello, hello? hello there! I'm Poland, and I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Let's see, first there's an introd...
Splash of Time by BREADBREADLZS
Splash of Timeby Stella
June finds out some horrible news. Her parents have died and she must live in an old cottage in England. She finds out that her grandma who was supposedly dead is alive...
Tudor Vs Stuart  by AndreaDLCT2001
Tudor Vs Stuart by Andrea
(Fan version of season 4) Mary has returned to Scotland mourning for Francis and Lola. Bash has confessed his feelings still remain for her. Queen Elizabeth has still no...
What He Doesn't Know (bxb) by AbigailLennon51202
What He Doesn't Know (bxb)by Abigail Lennon
When a party turns bad and Sebastian blacks out, he expects to wake up in bed. He did not however expect to wake up in Scotland in the year 1557. Soon to be King, Prince...
Castle Bound by nimberley
Castle Boundby nimberley
"I Want you to listen to me Tamina, on your 21st birthday, please, please be careful, you must promise me that, and what ever you do, DONT trust yourself....Lie...y...