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All I Need [SasuHina] by Mina_Ray
All I Need [SasuHina]by Mina_Ray
Hinata loses her memories while on a mission and is found by someone unexpected. He saved her life and now she devotes herself to him. As they embark on a journey to ful...
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A Marriage of Convenience by Kitaoblaze
A Marriage of Convenienceby Kitaoblaze
Perhaps we can still be saved.
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Husband Switch? by honey_mustarddd
Husband Switch?by Honey Mustard
It all started with a small little game...
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Raven and Lilly by xsqueepx
Raven and Lillyby Usagi-T
It was all over for Hinata Hyuga the moment she saw Naruto propose to Sakura in front of the Ichiraku ramen stall. She should have stayed in bed like her instinct had to...
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The Best Kind Of Love Is The First by shineeCupcakes
The Best Kind Of Love Is The Firstby ShineeCupcakes
After 10 years, Hinata is reintroduced to Sasuke, they don't recognize each other at first, but once Sasuke does he stops at nothing to rekindle the flame between the tw...
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Entangled by EKnucks
Entangledby EKnucks
"To capture a predator. You can't remain the prey. You have to become an equal, In every way" Become the Beast, Karliene ------ Left broken and alone Hyūga Hin...
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stuck in an alternate timeline or just a dream?? (Completed) by MLC888
stuck in an alternate timeline MLC888
Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki had complete there mission and travel back from Iwagakure to return to Konohagakure but thats when something weird happens...
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The Heir and The Heiress by Eevee_Erin
The Heir and The Heiressby Erin Parker
This story takes place after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and everyone is struggling to find their place and purpose in this new era of the ninja. Naruto and all h...
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✴Falling For My Best Friend {SasuHina}✴ by SasuHina_
✴Falling For My Best Friend { Kris_Uchiha
Sasuke and Hinata are best friends and they do everything with each other. Sasuke still hates his fangirls but he became friends with Hinata because she wasn't one of th...
The Uchiha Boys by Sunflower_Tae_Tae
The Uchiha Boysby Sunflower Tae 🌻
A SASUHINA/NARUHINA STORY "I will not stand by and watch him be happy while ,because of him ,my whole life has been pain!" "I doubt he'll stand by and wat...
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Sasuhina family  One shots by rhackbitch143
Sasuhina family One shotsby rhackbitch143
So this story takes place Sasuke and Hinata with their childrens, yes childrens XD with S Sooo yeah, hope you like em
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Reborn As The Hyuga Princess {Naruto Fanfic} by Callella19
Reborn As The Hyuga Princess { Callella19
I was just a 7 year old girl that was reborn into the world of Ninjas. Who knew I would be the Hyuga princess? Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or the Media I use I only...
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Sasuke's obsession how an Uchiha loves(Incomplete) by MLC888
Sasuke's obsession how an Uchiha MLC888
an insane Sasuke with only one thing on his mind... what could possible go wrong? Warning: may be too dark for some readers you have been warned.
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Merging Schools {A SasuHina Story} by TheLovingOtakuKid
Merging Schools {A SasuHina Story}by FairyHatOtaku
Konoha Academy For Young Women and the Land Of Fire Boarding School For Men have merged into Konoha Boarding School For The Youth and with it the students have to adapt...
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another dimension by Dedeekerr
another dimensionby Adina Kerr
Sasuhina kids back in time. inspired by littlebear9297
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You and I (Sasuhina)  by imizushi
You and I (Sasuhina) by Kurosakichi
U. Sasuke, the famous celebrity is having hardest times of his life. Hinata, just happened to be his neighbour a few days ago.
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Lost & Found by mcloser_x
Lost & Foundby Mcloser
"I'm in love with my childhood friend."
Decision by ConfirmSweetness
Decisionby ConfirmSweetness
It was another normal day in Konoha High 'till a young girl named Hinata came to the school catching eyes from Naruto, Sasuke, and even Itachi...
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My Little Sunflower (SASUHINA) by __aylen__1
My Little Sunflower (SASUHINA)by Aylen
It was a normal day, until Hinata came across a boy who claimed to be her future son, Suki. Yet his last name didn't seem to please Hinata. What will lie in Hinata's fut...
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In The Light 18+ (SasuHina) by Taytay91
In The Light 18+ (SasuHina)by Tay
Due to some unforeseeable event, Hinata Hyuga and Sasuke Uchiha are both imprisoned in a cell together. The bonds that form from their captivity are formidably unbreaka...
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