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Pledis Hotel  by Daddykwan69
Pledis Hotel by Daddykwan69
Welcome to Pledis Hotel the most luxurious hotel in all of Seoul also known as the hell hole officially named by Mr. Choi seungcheol Pledis hotels manager The only probl...
Rurouni Kenshin One Shots by xXBree66Xx
Rurouni Kenshin One Shotsby Angel•Bree
Here are some stories about the characters of Ruruoni Kenshin. If you have any requests then don't be scared to ask! Enjoy! I do NOT own Kenshin or any of the characters...
Different Times Saito X Reader X Hijikata X Souji X Shinsengumi by Blackcat_Lilla
Different Times Saito X Reader X Blackcat_Lilla
I didn't ask for this, nor do I regret it. I am happy I met you, but now it's my turn to return the favour.
Boyfriend to Death [Reader Insert] (Request Are Open) by Music-Death-Note
Boyfriend to Death [Reader Insert] Music-Death-Note
When my friend told me about this I immediately wanted to make a story of them, I am slow with request I'm sorry about that but I will get to it. Anyways I hope you enj...
Boyfriend To Death! Gangster AU by SenpaiMelly
Boyfriend To Death! Gangster AUby Pup's Bottom B*tch
Characters made by Gatobob/Gurobob, electricpuke, and darqx. The BTD game series was made and released by these three beautiful creeps! Go support the game itself by cli...
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Warrior Wife by Misfit801718
Warrior Wifeby coon-GNARR
She is a legend amongst the Shinsengumi. But, to Harada Sanosuke, she's his wife.
Boyfriend to Death fan stories by RhapsodyFire
Boyfriend to Death fan storiesby Ara💜
!!!18+ horror story!!! Random stories based in the Boyfriend to Death World. I do not own character ideas or pictures. Some parts of the story are taken from the game bu...
16th division  by DesiCakes219
16th division by Desi Cakes
A unknown group of 5 are calling themselves the 16th division of the shinesgumi. This wouldn't be a problem if such a division existed in the shinesgumi but however it d...
Time Vault (Hakouki) by DesiCakes219
Time Vault (Hakouki)by Desi Cakes
What if not only did you travel back in time and were able to meet the shinesgumi but something was wrong with time itself and everytime you woke up it was a different t...
🔪// Boyfriend To Death / BTD Roleplay. //🔪 by DrunkenNerd
🔪// Boyfriend To Death / BTD yo momma gAy
Boyfriend to Death / Boyfriend to Death 2 roleplay! Sorry, haha, I'm a sucker for that game n fandom- OCs are allowed! Boyfriend To Death is a visual novel created by Ga...
Y.P.B.G. by --Sano
#11 --Sano
A young women Nela Park, who's in an agency most of her life, Which the agency Y.P.B.G (Your Personal Body Guard)helps people do missions, with in the law. Once your in...
time traveler  by moon-nia
time traveler by moon-nia
it's about a girl who find herself in XIX sentries with of course our beloved shinsengumi and she is determined to save them from their awful fate will she be able to d...
Minami Nanba x reader (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) (Finished!) by Curseblood17
Minami Nanba x reader ( Curseblood17
This is the story about Akiha Y/n, daughter of principal Akiha Tsubaki. The principal of Osaka (the school). Y/n is a cold, sarcastic, lazy girl. During the time she is...
Sanos Little Sister: A Crossover Of Inuyasha And Kenshin Himura by Achnologia_Dragneel
Sanos Little Sister: A Crossover jaydyn nicholson
as sanosukes parents are slaughtered by the battosi, SANOKU watches in discust. 11 years younger than her brother but still hates kenshin, when she finds out that sanosu...
Hakuouki: Dragon Circles in Quiet Summer by Chancere
Hakuouki: Dragon Circles in ...
After her "death" the Shinsengumi continue to mourn their loss until by miracle and luck she is returned but on certain conditions set out by a mutual agreemen...
Sania's crhonicles  by OctaviusCrowley
Sania's crhonicles by octavius crowley
Hey i just want to make you smile. it is from the depths of my heart that I say: if this story will put a smile on a face it does not matter if it is mocking or pure adm...
Sano x 2D {boyfriend till death x Gorillaz} by Jbruh_exe
Sano x 2D {boyfriend till death ° × M a c c a × °
Hello there ! why I'm doing this u ask me I guess! this is my second shitty fanfiction! please send as much help as you can ! My YouTube : Jess The Mong My Instagram : J...
Produsen Jual Baju Pdl Pdh Mahasiswa Sano Nggoang, ✅ HP/WA: +62 813-1606-1118 by produsenkemeja
Produsen Jual Baju Pdl Pdh Produsen Kemeja Pdh Outdoor
✅ HP/WA: +62 813-1606-1118, Produsen Jual Grosir Baju Pdl Pdh Mahasiswa Sano Nggoang, Baju Persatuan Mahasiswa Sano Nggoang, Grosir Baju Himpunan Mahasiswa Mesin Sano Ng...