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𝑹𝒆𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒅...《BTS FF》✔️ by sweet_97_kookie
𝑹𝒆𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒅...《BTS FF》✔️by かなで ~hiatus~
What happens when a girl tells fake gossips about you to your best friends? Kim Y/n, a topical girl whose parents died in an accident when she was little, was grew up b...
Boy Hunter by badlucj
Boy Hunterby slutt
"Always." "That's what we were supposed to be, but you gave up on us." ... Percy and Artemis have been friends since they remember. They made the hun...
Replaced by Liya_ILY3000
Replacedby Nat
{COMPLETED} Tony adopted peter as a son and has a good life with the Avengers at the tower. Until one day tony is seen with another boy, Tom. The Avengers easily start f...
Avengers + their Spiderson | Book 1 by DreamShade_Sakura
Avengers + their Spiderson | Book 1by DreamShade
Just a few spiderson and avenger family oneshots no starker. no smut. but a few ships, no xreaders though and requests are open! just message me and i'll try and reply a...
Lil Spider & the Avengers | Book 2 by DreamShade_Sakura
Lil Spider & the Avengers | Book 2by DreamShade
This is Book 2 of my Avengers + Spiderson oneshot book! the same rules apply here: No Starker No Aunt May x Peter /this exists by the way/ No Thorki No Smut No xreaders...
HER REPLACED GROOM by shi_infinity
HER REPLACED GROOMby shi_infinity
What happen when you are getting married but your groom ran away from the wedding and you are waiting for him in your bridal attire, in place of groom a letter came and...
Betrayed And Chased (By Girls) by badlucj
Betrayed And Chased (By Girls)by slutt
Percy and the Romans beat the war without the Greeks and all of the girls and goddesses are talking interested in him. The gods cast Percy into Tartarus 3 times and he c...
Replaced (Jack Gilinsky) by caitgilinskii
Replaced (Jack Gilinsky)by tee
Jack's life come crushing down when his lovely wife, Paige, happened to have a car accident, a really bad one that she has to be on a coma. Jack's life changed, he doesn...
A rejected Mate by doves_love
A rejected Mateby doves_love
"You're such a slut! I am NOT your MATE! I Logan Edward reject Angel Smith as my mate." my mate said and walked away with my sister without a second glance at...
Replaced... by itl211
#10 itl211
A story about a girl, and her oblivious best friend. She has had feelings for him.. for four years now. He never noticed. She has seen him fall for other girls, she wou...
Assassination Classroom x Fairy Tail by mystorius
Assassination Classroom x Fairy mystorius
For the past 6 months everyone in the guild has been ignoring Lucy ever since Lisanna came back. Later on Lucy gets kicked off of team Natsu just for Lisanna to take her...
I'll leave you be by EmelieBryson
I'll leave you beby Emelie Bryson
I'll go away now if you want me to.
Replaced (Bts sad ff) by Bootae_jibooty
Replaced (Bts sad ff)by 🖤V🥀
I dont know what to put here but just letting you guys know that english is not my first language so there will be wrong grammars here and yeah HAVE FUN!!! please vote...
Pregnant By A Werewolf  by Shaz1254
Pregnant By A Werewolf by Shannon
-Completed- Hannah Stone is about to to have her whole world as she knows it change. A one night stand leads to pregnancy. What will she do when she leans the father is...
You Replaced Me | Namjoon FF by MinSugaGenius2020
You Replaced Me | Namjoon FFby ___________
Y/n has been friend with BTS since they started elementary school. Until the third year of high school when a new girl comes around. At first Y/n didn't mind but then BT...
REPLACED by wolfie_liaxxx_
REPLACEDby Lia_0570
This story is about a high school girl name choi Y/n she is 15 years old and she has Brother name choi yeonjun he's a doctor. Y/n has a group of friends name BTS there...
AFRAID, vinnie hacker.  by maddielance-
AFRAID, vinnie hacker. by — 𝑚𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑠𝑜𝑛 <3
IN WHICH, they're dating, and she's afraid of being replaced. "when i wake up, i'm afraid. somebody else might take my place" based off the song afraid ...
Replaced  by TeaFoolia
Replaced by Tea Foolia
What is the feeling of being replaced? One day, you find out you are replaced with Tzuyu by your best friends of 7 years (BTS). You are very hurt so you decided to go to...
Loving the enemy|Fangle fanfic (Old As Hell Stop Reading It) by FragileMistake
Loving the enemy|Fangle fanfic ( FragileMistake
Foxy staried up at me,locking his eyes with mine.Silence.That,was the only thing you could hear,silence.His hands where placed firmly on my hip,pulling me closer to him...
The Forgotten One// A Garrance FanFic by GarranceShipper
The Forgotten One// A Garrance Caesy
A young brunette, feeling forgotten by someone he thought he could trust. Everything starts going downhill.......until he finds... The light to his shadows, his trust, h...